Sleep, My Love

Sleep, My Love

A woman wakes up in the middle of the night on board a train, but she can't remember how she got there. Danger and suspense ensue.

Alison Courtland wakes up in the middle of the night on board a train, but she cannot remember how she got there. Danger and suspense ensue. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Roger H (mx) wrote: This movie is a parity of relationships and underscores the meaninglessness of marriages, at least as practiced by western society. It reminded me faintly of "Husbands and Wives" by Woody Allan, but I didn't find it nearly as funny or interesting as Woody's masterpiece. Also it dragged quite a bit. By the end I had become mildly annoyed by the ridiculous melodrama and was hoping they'd just wrap the sappy mess up soon. Still, I did laugh quite a bit during it, sometimes with the plot of the movie and sometimes at the absurdity of the plot, so I'll be generous and give it 3 out of 5 stars. You could do worse for an evening of melodrama.

Mike C (mx) wrote: As much as I love Springsteen, and as neat as it is to see the genius at work, they could have picked a better album. Springsteen is like Hemingway for me... I don't like all his stuff, but his good stuff is as good as anything out there. And he has plenty of good stuff. Regardless of the music on this album, his follow-up try after the smash Born to Run, I know what Bruce does down the road, so it's fun to watch him at work. It is obvious The Boss is all about passion. Even in 2010, his concerts appear to be the best ticket out there. Maybe only Garth Brooks can compete with intensity. That is one reason I like Springsteen so much, and some of that passion is evident here. It takes a lot of energy and a lot of something else to put yourself out there artistically. Frankly, some of what Springsteen did on tape back in the day seems silly and childish. If I didn't know his other stuff, I'd write him off as half a quack. Instead, that passion and silliness are somewhat inspiring. Even on the bad songs, it seems, Springsteen gives a song his all. Imagine what he must have acted like on the good songs. Secondly, I like Springsteen because of the attitude. Few, if any, have written about the working class better than the Boss. Even fewer have done so believably. I don't think it is as present on this album (but who knows, I don't really know the songs), but a collection of his greatest hits reveals a true genius in telling the story of the working man. Part of this documentary was the struggle of a man/band that was working class, then had a lot after a big first album. How could he still write about those things? This docu doesn't really get into that as it stays mostly on this album, but it's obvious he was able to hold on to those roots and still does today. To keep the passion and still making moving music through all these years is what makes Springsteen the one and only Boss.

Maridia B (de) wrote: It's annoying. Plain and simple.

Kevin R (kr) wrote: What's the worst that can happen?A mixed group of eight Australian high school students go on an adventure on the other side of a huge ridge called Hell by the locals. When they return, their town appears to have been invaded by Asians. They band together to try and discover what is happening and survive the situation to ensure they are not captured also. "You shall not pass!"Stuart Bettie, director of I, Frankenstein delivers Tomorrow, When the War Began. The storyline for this picture is very straightforward but fun to watch unfold. The characters are pretty good, though frustrating at times, and the script was average. The acting was poor and the cast includes Caitlin Stasey, Rachel Hurd-Wood, Lincoln Lewis, Phoebe Tonkin, and Chris Pang. "She wasn't much older than I was but she was just as scared."We were scrolling through Netflix pictures and decided to give this one a shot. The characters were just okay and really lacked the depth to grab the audience. The script was just okay but the action scenes and drama were well presented. Overall, this is a very average picture that isn't a waste of time."Hell was the only place for us now."Grade: C

Aaron B (us) wrote: Awesome Documentary that is equal parts hilarious and dramatic. Very inspiring also. This was the first I'd heard of Tim Minchin and am so glad, he is a very funny guy.

Gabriel H (es) wrote: A really touching Taiwanese film about the relationship between a webcam girl and a female tattoist which touches on various themes such as identity, abandonment and sexuality. Though I generally hate roamce films, this is actually very good and deals with the topics in a relaistic and involving way. Rainie Yang makes it very easy to watch too, the only downside being the silly street thug sub-plot.

Andrew C (es) wrote: For a low-budget movie, this pulls together a decent cast and gives them a fast-paced and adventurous script, mixes it with some bloody effects and nihilism, and produces one of the best zombie films of recent years.Apart from a couple of impenetrable accents and an unlikely (and overly topical) mad-cow-disease-causes-zombie-outbreak, this keep the pedal down, pretty much following the Romero template. The mob of zombies towards the climax is impressive, especially unexpected in a film of this budget, and all the better for it.

sveta p (au) wrote: Interesting....very interesting....

Deanna B (gb) wrote: I lost some brain cells trying to watch this

Sara C (ru) wrote: ohh, it will prolly make me cry

Ian M (au) wrote: A dense but hypnotic essay on time, memory, Japan, Hitchcock and "the dreams of the human race".

Brandon S (it) wrote: Weak and unconvincing. When watching this movie I wasn't concerned about the well being of any of the characters. Not only does the movie neglect to make the viewer care, but it also neglects to grasp the hardship and horror of going-to and returning-from war. This movie just proves that a star-studded cast doesn't ensure a satisfying delivery.

William Z (jp) wrote: A beautiful compilation, and while not quite as good as "Fantasia" or "Fantasia 2000" it still is able to stand on it's own two feet and deliver a fun, musical performance.

Tony B (es) wrote: Quite possibly the most unfortunate pairing of terrible special effects with a really good script. Suspend disgust with the cheesy effects and you get a great little movie.

Franois M (jp) wrote: Chaque fois je passe un agrable moment visionner ce film. Les comdies romantiques amricaines sont nombreuses, mais peu russissent charmer autant que You've got Mail. a se passe dans les dialogues, la chimie entre Hanks et Ryan et la musique. La magie opre encore, mme plus de 16 ans plus tard.

Shantel D (br) wrote: I may be the only one, but I really like this movie! I was even surprised and that rarely happens.