Sleeping Bear

Sleeping Bear


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Farah R (ru) wrote: A cool comedy but it's hard to take seriously as Miss Meadows is obscurely innocent and insane at the same time.

Praveen N (au) wrote: 7aam Arivu, a novel attempt. Surya may be the main name in the credits, but Murugadoss's story is definitely the star of this film. The fact that nobody even knew who Bodhidharman was until the trailer first shed light; is testament to Murugadoss's research. On the whole, the overdose of certain songs did not help the flow, two less songs would have rendered a tauter screenplay. Bodhidharman scenes are excellent. Surya is solid as always and in Johnny Nguyen, we finally have a villain who doesn't just scream and shout dialogues. Shruti has performed commendably, showing that acting chops also passes through genes. She shines in many scenes and has a bright future ahead of heroines beware, a real actress has arrived.

Scott M (us) wrote: An unknown little gem of a movie. Story about a child that is abducted and how a private detective couple (who are married) go looking for her. Really well directed and edited. The producers really know what Boston's lower class of society acts like, and how they look. One of my all time favorite movies.

Andrea V (kr) wrote: A brief recap on what it's like being in secondary school in Italy. Wonderful performance by Sergio Castellitto.

Anna Q (es) wrote: No Brenden Fraser? NO. WAY.

Annie B (mx) wrote: I saw this movie on HBO when I was up late one night. I really liked it but haven't been able to find it in video stores.

Jrmie A (es) wrote: Stupid and stereotyped movie. Boring as hell, most overrated movie of all time. 3 hours and 14 minutes wasted, better use this time to watch The Return Of The King.

Donald P (kr) wrote: This, to me is Robert Redford's best movie. The photography is beautiful and a very realistic look at a time gone by.

Ian S (ru) wrote: The film relates the story of Operation Dynamo, the evacuation of surrounded British and French troops from the beaches of Dunkirk. It does so principally from the viewpoints of two people: a newspaper reporter and a soldier.

Chris M (mx) wrote: It was a really interesting, really cute and funny Disney animated anthology movie. It had really great animation, really great cinematography, really great characters, really great music, plenty of laughs, really great adventure and really good stories. This is just as good as "The Three Cabelleros." I really recommend this movie to Donald Duck fans of all ages.

Ken D (ca) wrote: Not very interesting story/characters and the documentary styled visuals takes me out of the movie, instead of pulling me in as intended.