Sleeping Car to Trieste

Sleeping Car to Trieste

Spies pursue a stolen diary aboard the Orient Express.

Spies pursue a stolen diary aboard the Orient Express. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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frida d (es) wrote: Just because I love Oksana...

Jennifer X (kr) wrote: I am a sucker for films like these. It's almost impossible that I was not going to like "Murderball." Anything that involves sports and rage and physical disability and empowerment (empowerment in the awesome, beat-yo-ass way, not empowerment in the "encouraging dialogue" kind of way) is A-OK with me. Mark Zupan is an excellent choice of a hero, all outspoken and solid yet full of rage.

Paul D (us) wrote: Clever use of stigma and fear of the unknown to reflect an unjust society. It is also a personal journey for all of the main characters who interact directly to the camera about the lead. The film does neglect the societal prejudice in the second half of the feature after primarily using it to fuel the story in the first.

Justin B (ca) wrote: How can you screw up the simple boneheaded awesomeness of a terrorists on a plane movie? Too little too late and simply rather dull.

Westleigh Q (kr) wrote: I really did not care for Oliver Stone's directorial style on this film. It was just odd and jarring, and distracted me from a lot of the dialogue. And that eyeball scene was both disgusting and unnecessary. With such a great cast and a pretty straight-forward sports plotline, I'm actually surprised how bad this turned out.

Carol Ann M (fr) wrote: This was my all time favorite of Tom's..... Next to Magnum anyway:)

Ken S (ru) wrote: This strange fantasy time travel movie is wonderful Terry Gilliam fun. The cast is strong and the story is strange. Gilliam's fantasy work in the 80s was some of the most creative inventive stuff in adventure filmmaking. He has this unique eye for visuals, and his work has always been a little different. I enjoyed it quite a bit for its completely weird visual and storytelling choices. A huge step up from Gilliam's first solo effort, "Jabberwocky". The ending is kind of scary for kids I would think, beyond that though, I would totally recommend this for the whole family.


Loren R (gb) wrote: Ich gebe ja schon zu, dass ich ein grosser Comic Nerd bin!Vor allem liebe ich die Comics aus dem Hause Marvel und DC.Aber was frhere Produktionen von Marvel geleistet haben, drfen sie sich nicht rhmen. Da haben nicht nur Daredevil und Elektra schlecht abgeschnitten, sondern auch dieser Film.Wie man schon von dem Titel herausfiltern kann, mssen ja die Fantastic Four, fantastisch sein. Leider ist alles zur Mangelware verkommen. Sicherlich versuchen die Darsteller alles solide zu gestalten und machen nicht einmal schlechte Arbeit.Aber die Geschichte ist so etwas von dnn und viel zu einfach abgedreht. Viel zu wenig Tiefgang, das Ganze. Auch gegen den charismatischen Bsewichten Victor Doom ist vllig unspektakulr. Dabei macht Doom in den Marvel Comics, manchen Helden das Leben schwer. Am besten haben mir in diesem Film Chris Evans und Jennifer Alba gefallen. Wenn man denkt, dass Jahre spter Evans noch einmal zu den Marvels zurckkehrt und dabei noch eine sehr gute Figur macht. Als den Titelhelden Captain America. Alba sieht hier gut aus und macht eine gute Figur. Sie sieht man Jahre spter leider nur in einem schwarz/weiss Comic von Frank Miller wieder: Sin City.Fazit: Schade eigentlich, dass man hier nur Durchschnittsware geliefert hat. Aus dieser Heldentruppe, knnte man eine viel bessere Story machen!