Sleepless In Seattle

Sleepless In Seattle

A young boy who tries to set his dad up on a date after the death of his mother. He calls into a radio station to talk about his dad’s loneliness which soon leads the dad into meeting a Journalist Annie who flies to Seattle to write a story about the boy and his dad. Yet Annie ends up with more than just a story in this popular romantic comedy.

radio talk show, a undreds of women write to Sam, the father. One of the women is Annie. She';s engaged to Walter, but he';s a bit strange. Annie goes to great lengths to meet Sam. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Noah H (nl) wrote: At least there is no hangover in this one. However, the entire plot is collateral damage from the last two films in the franchise. Even John Goodman can't help this film.

Irene A (br) wrote: that's a true romance!

Noname (nl) wrote: This is one crazy action movie on steroids with insane / incredible scenes and who will fit in a movie like this ,,, Jason Statham of course ! He have turned up the tempo with 100% since the first Crank movie and its very amusing to watch actually despite being so unrealistic as it can be. Storywise it continues with Chev Chelios (Jason. S) and this time some chinese mob steals his heart and replace it with some electric heart which need some juice time to time to stay in order.. pretty similar to the first Crank but more of everything you may say. Amy Smart is back once again and a few other actors aswell. Anyway Crank 2 are a solid sequel but these movies are not quite my favorites ones with Statham ,, still very cool flicks.

Michael T (ru) wrote: Pleasant teen musical with nice performances.

K W (de) wrote: Great story. The 3 guys really fit the roles. Definitely worth watching.

Roy C (ru) wrote: Well, at least Virginia Madsen was a good choice for voicing The Beast.

David L (it) wrote: Men in Black has terrific special effects that aged like fine wine, the performances from Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are superb and the two are a great duo and the plot is entertaining, but that story is also too silly, the action is overwhelming and this is the perfect example of a bad genre classification - just because the movie has a couple of funny scenes does not mean it is a comedy and that genre mix is typical of its time and did not age well. But it is overall a fun and solid film, albeit nothing too remarkable.

Joshua L (nl) wrote: I was impressed at how well everything connected and brought it to its conclusion. The circular plot devise worked well. Was nominated an Oscar for Best Foreign Film.

Alexander C (ca) wrote: Good cast good title.

Hunter W (ca) wrote: Thanks to the fantastic addition of Sean Connery; The Last Crusade adds a more emotional core not quite seen before in the series and adds a satisfying, though not lasting, conclusion to the series.

wild willie n (kr) wrote: what a boring disappointing flop. Susan George is still fricken red hot sexy though... BUT NOT NAKED!?!?

Edam A (nl) wrote: Alan Arkin deserves more praise for this role

Sutthirak P (br) wrote: "Red Beard" is now my first favourite film of the grand master Akira Kurosawa. This movie is my dream and inspiration. The story has a lot of details and characters that sometimes need to be cut, anyway, they are still good altogether. Just the music is so bad it's obviously great, because Western score doesn't fit to the old Japanese movie.

Daniel A (ca) wrote: Unlike anything I've ever seen before, Women Without Men is a daring film of jaw dropping beauty, but sadly lacks the narrative force required to make one see anything beyond the beautiful images that saturate the screen. In Women Without Men debut director Shirin Neshat cleverly uses her photographic roots to exquisite effect. Viewers will undoubtedly notice the stunning art she creates on the screen, as the four leading actresses are framed in an almost melancholy beauty that represents their struggle as women during the turbulent 1950s in Iran. As such the film has a strong political context and successfully recreates an era in Iranian history that is often overlooked in favour of the even more troubled years that followed. However this is not your standard political drama. Neshat's preference to depict the film entirely through female eyes sets it apart immediately. Each woman has her own story, from the depressed wife of a military official to an anorexic prostitute, however almost predictably these women share a bond of having been mistreated in some way by men. Thus the women find solace and companionship in a beautiful orchard and the film, steeped in rich cinematic beauty, develops from there. Unfortunately while the premise appears promising, Neshat's inexperience as a director is quickly exposed as the story crawls at a ridiculously slow pace. Time spent on lingering photographic shots and extended periods without dialogue have replaced scenes that could have fleshed out these sparse characters and given the audience women they could perhaps relate to, or at least care about. Regrettably none of the characters, though each well played, managed to spark much of a reaction in me, proving a major flaw in giving any weight to the drama on show. Furthermore there are a number of moments where the film experiments with the supernatural; a risky move that leads primarily to confusion. While I eventually picked up the gist of what was happening in these scenes, Neshat does not make it easy for her audience to follow such events, and unless you embark on this film with a lot of patience and a certain level of intellect, then you may find it a rather restless 90 minutes. Thus while visually brilliant and politically resonant, Women Without Men's accomplishments are marred by an underdeveloped plot and unfortunately thin characters.

Adam B (mx) wrote: Tom Hanks carries this film as child trying to figure out the adult world. A great reminder to never take anything too seriously

Roo l (mx) wrote: awesome. .need more fast movies