Sleepless Knights

Sleepless Knights

As every year Carlos (Raul Godoy) is spending the summer in the country with his family in order to help out with things. Perhaps he won't even be returning to Madrid, as economic prospects are hardly rosy there. In addition, his father's health is failing and he needs Carlos to help. In this town, where the elders still celebrate the medieval rites, Carlos meets a young policeman Juan (Jaime Pedruelo) and they fall in love. A friendship ensues amidst age-old rituals and a crisis of a nation, all this set against a spectacular backdrop which seems somehow not of this world.

As every year Carlos (Raul Godoy) is spending the summer in the country with his family in order to help out with things. Perhaps he won't even be returning to Madrid, as economic prospects... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brad S (jp) wrote: I really didn't like this one at all, and based on reviews, I seem to be in the minority. It's a satire/spoof of romantic comedies, but it essentially takes the romantic comedy standard plot and makes it slightly more extreme. There' into enough going on to really make it funny in my opinion. There are a million cameos, but nine are great. Seems I just don't get the director's style, I also didn't like his "Wet Hot American Summer" which everyone else did so much that Netlfix turned it into a series 10 years after the film. So, all I can say is see this and decide for yourself.

Kyle A (fr) wrote: "Towelhead" is controversial, but not in any of the ways you would expect a movie with that title to be. In fact, within the first fifteen minutes the filmmakers tell us not to expect a movie about Muslim-Americans living in a post-9/11 America. You see, the Arab-Americans we follow are Christians. And that's where the intrigue starts, and where it builds from. The controversial nature of "Towelhead" is much darker and on a much more universal level. All I'll say is this, Aaron Eckhart is creepy in the hardest of ways and "Towelhead" will make you understand the complexities of different parenting strategies and the puzzle that is growing up. Alan Ball, the creator of the hit series "True Blood" and writer of "American Beauty" makes a fantastic directorial debut.

Emily M (gb) wrote: There was something mesmerizing in the delivery of this film; the cast drove their plot lines home admirably. Channing Tatum was a particular standout, making his Antonio a gritty, tangible mass of testosterone and regret. Although the script may have been lagging in places, the confidant cinematography was pleasing.4/5 stars.

Dylan T (us) wrote: Delightfully brief. Schwimmer does a great job, but the hangdog put-upon look only goes so far. And my God is Atlantic City a depressing place in the autumn?!

Daria M (ag) wrote: I felt different game and movie. And, I felt good to that found in the majority of sci-fi films.

Karel J v (nl) wrote: Vooral Simcha stal ons hart. Prachtige verfilming van het boek van Carl Friedman (1 januari 1999).

Jason S (ru) wrote: Sound good. I wonder if it'll be on lifetime anytime soon?

Alexander P (kr) wrote: Light, Tender Sentimentality.

Jay R (de) wrote: One of the greatest epic movies ever made. Having seen over 10,000 films in my life, I would rate this among the top 10. If you want to know about communism, and why so many hundreds of millions of people supported/support it, this is the film to watch.

mike d (jp) wrote: Disappointing...but did have a scene that had me crying with laughter...Harpo really is very funny in these movies. Something we noticed was that there was no chico on piano and no Harpo on harp...which is interesting...and, didn't help it.

Nick D (mx) wrote: Absolutely hilarious. ???

Kara F (ag) wrote: Very stupid...why would anyone value snakes that much to being them on a plane?

Bailey H (br) wrote: Overall: If I could I would give this movie a 4.5/5 stars but I guess that's not possible. There was so much depth to this film. I was in shock that most people said they did not like it. Please do not let the reviews convince you not to see it--the thing is, I think this is just one of those movies where some people will take away nothing from it because they couldn't connect with it, or somebody will remember it for a very long time because they really related to the theme or characters. I would give the characters and the acting a 5/5 stars. Every character was complex and convincing, none of them were just boring extra additions to the cast. All of the characters had their own unique struggles and conflicts, yet they were all somehow connected in the end. I would also give the plot a 5/5 stars. It may seem somewhat predictable at first, but even if you do guess what will happen, it still shocks you and is set up very well. Also, the ending has a huge twist, so even if you are great at telling what's coming next in a movie, several aspects of the plot will still leave you thinking after the move is over. This is one of my favorite things about the film--you don't find the answers to all of your questions. You really have to think, interpret, and read in-between the clues and lines to understand the film. The only thing I would maybe give a 4/5 on is how some of the stories were mixed together. If you haven't already heard, the movie focuses on 3 different stories and how they are all connected. Most of the time I was actually very pleased with how the stories mixed because some films mix very poorly. My only complaint with the story mixing would be that there was a bunch of information explained in 2 of the 3 stories, but in the 3rd, I would have liked to learn a little bit more so I could possibly connect with the character a little bit better. Anyway, some other great things about this film were the themes and the script. There are several different things you could take away from this movie. Each character learns their own lesson, so there isn't one big theme, but a few small ones that all blend. The script is MAGICAL-so many quotes that I repeat to myself to this day. It leaves you in wonderment without being cheesy, and it is just simply beautiful. --- Once again, don't judge this film based on what others say or what you see in the trailer. Believe me, the movie has many twists and turns that people are forgetting to mention! Please watch it.

Justin B (ca) wrote: Reprehensible characters (Dupree aside) but overall a cut above an average romcom.