As their first year of high school looms ahead, best friends Julie, Hannah, Yancy and Farrah have one last summer sleepover. Little do they know they're about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime. Desperate to shed their nerdy status, they take part in a night-long scavenger hunt that pits them against their popular archrivals. Everything under the sun goes on -- from taking Yancy's father's car to sneaking into nightclubs!

In the summer before their freshman year in high school, Julie has a slumber party with her best friends: Hannah, Yancy and Farrah. Desperate to improve their social status, they enter into an all-night scavenger hunt against the popular clique in their school. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sophie P (au) wrote: wanted to like it, but it felt confused as to what it wanted to do and was nowhere near as compelling as the game's actual plot... whoops

Mo B (au) wrote: Rating: 100%With thrilling action sequences and a powerful performance from Keanu Reeves, John Wick successfully delivers on a solid premise and great script.

Allan N (it) wrote: Instead of making a safe film, asking some questions by interviewing some people, Mads Brgger does it himself! This is one of the most entertaining and yet nail-biting documentaries I've seen. Brgger is actually a fine actor, at least he fools everyone to think he's something he's not, the Liberian ambassador to Central African Republic. It's eye-opening in the fact that, we're shown how the old colony powers still has the power in there former colonies.

Geo T (es) wrote: Wonderful performance by Stiller who brings to life a weird but interesting character. However the story line is weak that needs more better added scenes. Overall this film is just average except Still performance that is great

Jason C (es) wrote: Like the life of its incredible subject, it's heartbreaking, beautiful, exhilarating, and far too short. A great place to start if you're curious about or even if you've never heard of Arthur Russell.

Brian D (nl) wrote: One of the worst movies i've seen in a long time....The first 2001 was ok not a masterpiece but was fun enough to be good.This one just seem so low budget and low rent.The acting is the worst ive seen in years and Bill Moseley got to be one of the worst actors around at the moment..Just stay clear of this turkey at all costs...I just cant believe this was made be the director of the first 2001 Maniacs..

Gareth D (ag) wrote: Gritty urban London drama, makes me glad I got out of the council estates.

Ryan T (gb) wrote: Absolutely horrible movie, I love Mafia flicks but this is one you must avoid at all costs. Bad story with bad acting makes for a combination that makes you want to just fall over and die.

Tigger R (de) wrote: very god film well recoemed to all not as scary as you think it is or by looking at the cover it not scary at all it's a really good film

Sancar S (mx) wrote: Excellent Watkins + all his works.

Fran H (de) wrote: The only reason to watch this movie is to see the uber-hot Raquel Welch in her prime. She's was perhaps the hottest looking female film star of her era. Or any other. Otherwise, it's a waste. Rex Reed, who at the time was nothing more than a film reviewer, somehow got cast as one of the main characters. And he masked his dreadful lack of acting ability by a phoned-in, "I'm so above all this" attitude in the movie. The movie came across as something dreamed up by a transgender who wanted everyone to think he was so cool and ahead of his time, with tons of "Hollywood insider" references and gags, as well as some intentionally shocking (for the time) scenes to prove how cutting edge he was. But it came across as a pompous piece of crap. Except for Raquel. Who was gorgeous.

Albertus A (br) wrote: Unrealistic, boring at times, poorly acted, and a waste of money. Why do they have to make everything so complicated and weird?

Howard H (mx) wrote: One of the biggest wastes of time and money...

Brooke S (it) wrote: This is my new favorite guilty pleasure. I love movies about strippers because I love the choreography for solo dances (particularly Magic Mike!) and the costumes they wear (one woman wore a live snake!). Demi's dance scene in her bedroom was really cute, I will forever try to imitate that head whip she did with her towel. But is this a good movie? Oh, no. This is awful, and I love it. Burt Reynolds is a riot, the plot is greasy burger bag thin, and the movie is downright wacky in the third act's big chase scene. Nothing makes sense, nothing needs to make sense. Also really great to watch Demi Moore when you are in diet mode... looking at her abs made me want to do guilt crunches. I need to watch this movie drunk and with friends... who is with me?

Cian O (es) wrote: It's refreshing to see a unique perspective on an outdoors-centered movie. With a hella strong storyline, brilliant direction and wonderful acting, Deadfall Trail is a must see! 3 men set off on their version of a camping trip only to face their inner-demons, their mortality and their will to another. This is psychosis in its natural state and it's scary as hell. Let's go camping.