A mother-and-son team of strange supernatural creatures come to town to seek out a virgin to feed on.

When newcomers Charles (Brian Krause) and his mother, Mary (Alice Krige), settle into town, the local residents do not suspect that they are strange supernatural creatures moving there to seek out a young virgin to feed on. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Sleepwalkers torrent reviews

Ruair C (au) wrote: Joel Allen Schroeder was extremely successful in crowdfunding to make this documentary, which is as more to the film's detriment than triumph.I get the impression that the vast majority of talking heads on this are maniacal fans who paid big money to be included, which would explain why their input is frequent and of zero value. Where a typical documentary might have a brief introduction where some interviewees praise the legacy of their subject before getting down to some actual documenting, Dear Mr Watterson is still waffling on about how great "Calvin and Hobbs" is over twenty minutes in to its 90 minute run time, and continues intermittently thereafter. Add to this Schreoder's insistence on taking centre stage as uber-fan and pseudo-philosopher, filming himself reading C&H strips and spewing pretentious rhetoric, and it just becomes irritating. The eponymous Mr Watterson, an already media aversive figure, gets completely lost in the incoherent ramblings.

Sonny K (gb) wrote: Brilliant movie with a brilliant message! I have never laughed so hard while there are tears of sadness in my eyes too. I love the actresses who played the women of the village, just brilliant!!!

Dean M (kr) wrote: I am an avid fan of Asian martial arts movies, but this one was actually a decent movie, the acting and dialogue was a bit cheesy, but overall it was a fun action movie with martial arts, techno-music, some comedy and a pretty heroine.

Serge L (it) wrote: Relatively typical thriller with a different point of view. The killers are revealed past half the movie. The suspense starts higher and slowly abate during the first half. We get to know the characters a little more. We follow a couple that is not as sympathic as your regular film hero along for a walk along a scenic trail of Hawa. Well, of course the end is excessively violent. How else to end the movie, unless there is a part two coming? Got to have a movie that stands alone. I definitely love to watch Milla play. Hence, I was perfectly fine following her and her chosen mate on the trail. I did not find the time long. Perfect little scary/slasher/love story. Bring your little psychopath girlfriend or boyfriend to watch it with you. Bwahahahaaaa!

Jed D (nl) wrote: Terrible effort put forth in this one.

Jacob R (de) wrote: One of the greatest filmic experiments of all time

Mark L (it) wrote: Great under-rated movie.

Sherry M (fr) wrote: Quite possibly the most violent movie I've ever seen. Surreal. Dreary. Did make you wonder how much was true.

George C (ag) wrote: Another masterpiece from Meadows. It was interesting to see Considine in such a different role to Dead Man's Shoes. His character can make for awkward viewing at times. The interaction between the characters is brilliant, a must see.

Jacob S (es) wrote: Anyone want some pizza?

Ahmed A (kr) wrote: classic underrated Jackie Chan movie, liked this way better than Young Master & Snake in the Eagles shadow

Said C (gb) wrote: lol this movie was really about how crappy people were and how crappy they STILL are.

Scott M (ca) wrote: "We're not gonna make it to scene 2""YOU ARE!"

Ryan S (ca) wrote: 4/5. Beautifully made and well written. ParaNorman has an awesome setup, and although the 3rd isn't as good as the rest of the film, this is still a great film and a true work of art.

Joshua F (es) wrote: A fun production to be apart of...