Sleepwalking Land

Sleepwalking Land

In the midst of Mozambique's devastating civil war, Muidinga, an orphaned refugee, wanders the countryside in search of his mother. His only companion is an elderly storyteller, and the ...

In the midst of Mozambique's devastating civil war, Muidinga, an orphaned refugee, wanders the countryside in search of his mother. His only companion is an elderly storyteller, and the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Erik B (us) wrote: Some of Woody Allen's best stuff is jammed in between some of Woody Allen's more forgettable affairs. Still though, Gene Wilder humps a sheep. Brilliant.

mnth d (us) wrote: OMG, I LUV THIS MOVIE! JAKE T AUSTIN IS IN IT & I LUV HIM!!!!

Florent T (kr) wrote: completement a chiier

Luke S (us) wrote: A refreshingly old-school sci-fi horror film with really well executed practical effects and makeup. A fun watch.

Kevin R (nl) wrote: Aloha, cousin!Stitch, and his alien friends, now lives with Lilo and her sister and they are trying to adjust to life in Hawaii. Unfortunately, Stitch is experiment 626, meaning there are 625 experiments just like him out in space someplace and one of Stitch's creator's colleagues wants to know where the experiments are. People will be sent to Earth to extract that information. Are Stitch and his friends safe? "You had coffee today, didn't you?""Coconut cake and coffee!"Tony Craig, director of Mickey's House of Villains, Mickey's Magical Christmas: Snowed in at the Mouse House, Mickey's Around the World in 80 Days, and Leroy and Stitch, delivers Stitch! The Movie. The storyline for this picture is just okay and the animation style wasn't as good as some of the other films from this era. The action and characters remain interesting and well delivered."I'm not gerbil like. I'm hamster like."My daughter and I watched this film off Netflix since she was such a huge fan of the original picture. We found this film fun and entertaining but a huge step down from the original. The premise had potential but the individual experiments could have been better portrayed and delivered and I can't say I loved the hamster villain. Overall, this may only be worth watching once but is not worth adding to your child's movie collection."We're going to name all of the experiments."Grade: C+

Luke W (fr) wrote: While it's no cinematic masterpiece, this is an entertaining action film that did just that...entertain.

Alexei G (nl) wrote: This film actually has a nice presentation of the story of Buddha's life between his birth and the day he attained enlightenment, though I find one of the central premises, a Tibetan Lama being reincarnated in the body of a young boy from Seattle, hard to believe, and I don't think I can shake off that disbelief. In general, the Seattle setting somewhat irks me, though I like how the director uses the opportunity to evoke childhood fantasy (things like "Lama Thunderbolt" and "Land of the Thunder Dragon" should evoke a child's imagination easily).

Mike B (kr) wrote: Fine cast, not such a good film.

Mark D (ag) wrote: awful sequel to an average film.

Giovanny T (jp) wrote: Nothing special at all and not even funny.

Paul C (ru) wrote: Intelligent take on the Jack The Ripper story this time pitting the world's greatest detective against him. Christopher Plummer and particularly James Mason make a great Holmes and Watson in this intelligent and darkly brooding thriller - the inspiration for the Johnny Depp starring 'From Hell'.

Kitty M (it) wrote: This is another movie I would like to see again, it's been a very long time and I don't remember if I liked it or not.

Mei Li L (mx) wrote: Cute fun! Lindgren should've just allowed Miyazaki to make Pippi Longstocking.

Sean S (us) wrote: Topaz takes its inspiration from the real-life Cuban Missile Crisis and the Cold War setting of the time, but while displaying Hitchcock's flair for telling compelling thrillers at times, the screenplay and source material feels jumbled and the film ends up overloaded and convoluted. Could have been simplified, but not outright unwatchable.

Manch F (br) wrote: An okay at best superhero origin story but unmemorable at the end of the day.

Jude P (br) wrote: Fairly good thriller.

Benjamin O (gb) wrote: Inter-specious ravings.

Rangan R (gb) wrote: A tale about not love at first sight.A romance comedy that begins with two people meeting in an unusual circumstance during their college year. Later the story moves forward to the present where their life status was revealed, particularly romantic life and relationship issues. This story seems familiar, but the filmmakers tried narrate it as much as possible from a new angle. So the majority of us know how it all ends, yet watching how the film is to reveal to us all those contents is not quite bad.This is a different kind of romance film than I thought. There're more about sex than being romantic or emotional. But still nice film with some good performances and length of the film was also good with decent pace. Both the lead actors were quite interesting. They're not as popular as those we see regularly in this kind of theme, but their roles were justified with their fine efforts.The first half was okay type, but the next half, particularly the last half an hour makes the film at its best. Whatever the opening was, but it ends well. It is not a greatest love story ever told, still enjoyable one. You can blame many things and/or scenes of it, but it entertains on its own way. So I think some people would consider it a good film, but most won't. For me it is an average, maybe a slightly above that. The film is not worth suggesting, even though not a waste of time.6/10

Bjorn O (ru) wrote: Mysig och trevlig rysare, tror Krister Bergman skulle uppskatta den hr, om du lser det hr Krister s skicka mig ett PM s postar jag filmen till dig.

Paul K (ag) wrote: So glad to see that I'm not alone in rating this film as poor. it's hard to put a finger on what's wrong with it: in theory it's interesting, and it's well shot. However it has poor characterisation, wooden acting and an implausible plot working against it. Not worth the time spent watching it.