Sleepy Eyes of Death: A Trail of Traps

Sleepy Eyes of Death: A Trail of Traps


The Son of the Black Mass returns in this ninth installment in Daiei's longstanding Nemuri Kyoshiro series. This time Raizo Ichikawa as Nemuri is called to see that a gold statuette of the Virgin Mary gets safe passage to Kyoto from the prying hands of a sect of murderous Christian ronin that call themselves the Black Finger Group. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chris S (jp) wrote: 5 stars, because most people underrate this movie. I found this movie quite entertaining AND frankly it has more logic than the "hunger games" and far less plot holes.

Thomas T (us) wrote: Boring, it is just so boring.

Ingela A (gb) wrote: The plot unravels slowly with little hints as to its central theme dotted about sensitively. It has you asking the question, what has happened to Jackie? How does this figure Clyde she has recognised and recoiled from on the CCTV monitors at work impacted on her lonely and monochrome life ? The answers come quite slowly as she puts her head into the lion's jaws of proximity to this danger man. A bit like the pantomime responses I felt like saying, " No, don't go any closer,he's behind you; you'll be recognised.", failing to recognise myself that something in her wants exactly that. In fact she receives from him perversely, what no viewer might possibly expect, but then she has us asking, is this payback time ? The raw,down-at-heel, desperate, littered, high rise and windy Glasgow streets and housing estates as the backdrop. Ordinary everyday people get on with their lives oblivious of the drama being enacted in Jackie's life and culminating in an protracted showdown. But this is not the end. No, for all the unresolved grief, anger, erotic fascination and damaged lives, there remains a hope born of the unlikely. The film leads you away from the possibility, but ultimately there is life after death in Red Road. No cheering music soundtrack intrudes to romanticise what cannot possibly yield to only to the mawkish. There is just silence, sounds of the street, machinery, public transport and some well chosen tracks to create mood when required. This is what the vintage among us identify as continental cinema, no wonder they loved it at Cannes. This is not a film for audiences to remain detached from; the sheer intimacy of the camera work and the evolving personal destinies involved get you involved too, uncomfortably. A home grown vignette of humanity wrestling with the s..t that regularly happens !

Frank J (nl) wrote: Fanny Ardant interprte peut-tre merveille la comtesse de Blayac, il n'en demeure pas moins que j'ai t un peu du par ce film que l'on me vantait depuis des lustres. Leconte dpeint les moeurs et les habitudes bourgeoises de manire assez cocasse et nous offre une assez ridicule conception de l'aristocratie. Enfin, peut-tre est-ce moi qui en a dj trop entendu parler avec Molire, Rousseau, Voltaire & cie... Sinon, les dialogues sont merveilleusement bien crits.

Jose Luis M (ca) wrote: Increibles las actuaciones, hasta Jennifer Lopez se salva

Ricky V (us) wrote: watch in littlegiants on rotten tomatoes

Gary S (au) wrote: Good performance from Peter Lorre playing his usual, creepy parts. Shows how easy it is to get wrongly convicted of something if you are in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Andrew S (de) wrote: Just watching two besties fighting for a location for their wedding. What do you expect?

Daniel S (fr) wrote: I've always been a fan of Terry Gilliam, I've liked everything i've seen of his, so i was def looking forward to this, also cuz i really like waltz, it's got a real disorienting vibe to it, a lot of times you dont know whats fully going on, especially by the end, but it's not about being able to figure everything out, it's more a visual sensory experience, with several memorable scenes, several supporting actors do good jobs-thewlis, thierry and the boy, plus several other big actors in cameos, def recommend for gilliam fans