Sleepy Eyes of Death: Full Circle Killing

Sleepy Eyes of Death: Full Circle Killing

Kyoshiro demonstrates his skill by slicing the clothes from the body of a female opponent, and gets involved in a plot that could spell his doom!

Kyoshiro demonstrates his skill by slicing the clothes from the body of a female opponent, and gets involved in a plot that could spell his doom! . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Sleepy Eyes of Death: Full Circle Killing torrent reviews

Dsire S (de) wrote: Refreshingly crazy funny comedy. Tons of swearing, though - Typical James Franco.

Sean M (us) wrote: was one of the best horror movie's I had seen when I watched it a while back it had really good acting for a horror movie and a half decent plot

Tyler B (fr) wrote: A lame kiddy film that subtracts from its animation and plot twists bland villain ugly animation and 0% thrills which means its all predictable and dull and seems too unnessary everything seems like a quick pace mess

Sandra D (us) wrote: "I scream, you scream, we all scream for the..."Cheesy as hell! I saw this movie a long time ago and I still remember the scenes. Once you've seen this movie you'll always think of Clint Howard as the creepy Ice Cream man. He is perfect for this part but this is a low budget movie so the quality isn't really there.

Neil K (de) wrote: Highly entertaining film with well-portrayed characters tossing neurotic dialogue around a roller-coaster soap opera plot. Buried in the comedy are moments with heart and depth which brilliantly counterpoint the outrageous situations devised by the writers. In short: this is a fun (if lightweight) ride.

Stuart K (ru) wrote: For the 19th Carry On film, producer Peter Rogers, director Gerald Thomas and writer Talbot Rothwell took on the Tarzan films. And it is a very funny film, using plenty of double-entendres and knob gags, which are apt for this setting, even it it was all done on soundstages, it doesn't spoil the enjoyment. This one, set around the turn of the century, follows an expedition into darkest Africa, it has ornithologist Professor Inigo Tinkle (Frankie Howerd) looking for the legendary Oozlum bird, they're aided by explorer Bill Boosey (Sid James) and African guide Upsidaisi (a blacked up Bernard Bresslaw), also with them are Lady Evelyn Bagley (Joan Sims), who years earlier lost her husband and baby son, and has returned to the area to look for them. They find Lady Bagley's son, now a Jungle Boy (Terry Scott), and they stumble upon the Lost World of Aphrodisia, a land populated by beautiful ladies. This is another funny addition to the Carry On series, with good humour and smutty dialogue. Frankie is at his camp best, it's a pity he only did two Carry On films, he suited their humour. It's an enjoyable way to pass an hour and a half, and humour like this is needed again today!! :D

Maciek b (es) wrote: A story about small time con men told in the style and a rythm characteristic of Fellini. It has is strong and weak points but ending is truly astonishing.

Andrew I (nl) wrote: Mogambo looks almost nice in wide-angle Technicolor, but nothing happens and even that happens slowly. Anything set in Africa with wild animals all around - as well as dense jungle, storms, guns, disease, natives, traps, heat, drought - must surely show some promise for an entertaining story, but this could just as easily have been set in a Bethnal Green chartered accountants' office for all the excitement and intrigue that Mogambo delivered. Not even worth watching if you're a fan of the three leads and some of the animals appear to get a raw deal too :-( Just about a 6/10

Jennifer S (mx) wrote: I love this movie, there are so few war comedies and it's by Spielberg! The cast is fun it's so silly and has so many homages to other movies and the era of the film it's a lot of fun to watch.

Chandra H (au) wrote: Nice depiction of Explorers' psych in a cosmic expedition.

Jack P (jp) wrote: A butchering of a classic children's book. Lifted into being average by Andy Serkis's entertainingly hammy performance and the always endearing Jim Broadbent.