Sleepy Eyes of Death: Sword of Adventure

Sleepy Eyes of Death: Sword of Adventure


Wandering samurai Nemuri Kyoshiro (Raizô Ichikawa) finds a bulls-eye on his back after befriending the shogunate's tightfisted financial adviser, Asahina, who's earned the wrath of the shogun's self-indulgent daughter for cutting off her allowance. The enraged princess promptly hatches a scheme to have Asahina bumped off -- along with his protector, Kyoshiro. Shiho Fujimura also stars in this installment of the enormously popular film series. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joshua C (br) wrote: Funny, action filled, and withholds a deep meaning that others might not be able to grasp outside their bubble.

Laimis Z (it) wrote: i say 'meh'. it is somewhat engaging till the first turning point and then it kinda gets lost in its own intentions. a sort of play pretend game of house and family. puberty is never easy. duh! but it is dull, at least in this story about tulips :)

Robert V (jp) wrote: great film but def not 4 everyone

Christina E (es) wrote: Awesome premise. Bad execution. Interesting minor twists. You stay interested but bored at the same time.

Mark N (us) wrote: Some really neat ideas and fun characters are limited by a tiny budget and one too many scenes that just don't quiet hit the mark. Dorff again shows he will take on a fun role over a high-paying one and lends a great deal towards the movies charm. Hopper really walks through his role and it's a shame he didn't commit as his co-stars did as it might have raised things up a few important notches.Not a bad movie just not one that's easy to recommend.. budget sci-fi fans will get something from it but no one else.

Rick H (br) wrote: Timeless; is one of those watch over movies; again and again and again

Sebastin G (es) wrote: Gran pelcula, una historia quizs usada hasta el cansancio, pero puesta en escena de forma slida y atrayente. Ahora que lo pienso, era algo predecible, en fin, mientras la vea no lo note. Sper linda Emma Surez.

Steve S (ca) wrote: **1/2 (out of four) Entertaining, but just passable Agatha Christie mystery with Peter Ustinov reprising his role as the Belgium sleuth Hercule Poirot. Everyone is a suspect at the beach front resort when a stage star is strangled. Not bad, but a definite comedown from both "Murder on the Orient Express" and "Death on the Nile."

Allan C (kr) wrote: Pretty good seedy crime drama was fairly edgy for it's time, but comes off kind of silly now. And it's not exactly a grindhouse classic, like the similar "Maniac" or "Vigilante", but hey, you get Wings Hauser at the villainous Ramrod (plus singing the theme song), Nina Blackwood, and Kurt Russell's ex-wife.