Sleepy Eyes of Death: Sword of Fire

Sleepy Eyes of Death: Sword of Fire


Fifth film in the series. When Kyoshiro, in a moment of weakness, saves the life of a woman being attacked on the road, he quickly finds himself entangled in a conspiracy involving a corrupt chamberlain, a wily merchant, the survivors of a pirate gang, and a missing treasure trove. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Sleepy Eyes of Death: Sword of Fire torrent reviews

Mark T (gb) wrote: Sadly, this has more in common with yawning than howling.

Timothy A (mx) wrote: An almost painfully slow and uninvolving adaptation of the novel, provind that you can't simply shorten a tour-de-force by dropping entire sequences at random.

Des S (ag) wrote: I loved the action and storyline in this.

Lucas Z (ag) wrote: Solid movie. It seems to drag on a bit, but the ending is rewarding. As I watched the beginning I felt like "deja vu," then I realized I had started the movie before, but fallen asleep. By the end of the film, you realize that it was worth the wait.

bill b (ag) wrote: amazing story amazing actors amazing director

Marc F (de) wrote: awesome gangster film ... surreal and beautiful imagery... flawless performances....

Jon C (kr) wrote: the film that defined the term 'deadly roommate'Bridget Fonda and David Weber are in a strained relationship so Alison figures a new roommate will be the perfect outlet to get away from the emotional complicationsHeddy seems like the perfect applicant; kind, caring, and sympathetic but things as you would imagine take a dark turn as Heddy becomes more obsessive of her roommate and her personal lifethe film slogs a lot but the leads stunningly bounce off of one another creating that uneasy afraid-of-living-with-someone vibedeeply unsettling

Jim M (ru) wrote: I watched this movie not knowing what to expect. The theme of relative time slowly dawned on me as I basked in the glorious camera work and amazing direction.

Cameron G (fr) wrote: Story/Screenplay - 30% - 28/30Cinematography - 30% - 25/30Acting/Characters - 15% - 14/15Production/Costume Design - 10% - 8/10Effects (Visual/Sound) - 8% - 6.5/8Music - 7% - 7/7Final - 90/100