Sleepy Eyes of Death: Sword of Satan

Sleepy Eyes of Death: Sword of Satan

Tsurumatsu, a young boy, is supposed to be a new Lord but he's not really interested, he would rather be a carpenter. So he gets kidnapped and it's up to Nemuri Kyoshiro to save him.

Sixth film in the series. A little boy who just wants to be a carpenter is at the center of a plot that might topple -- or save -- a mighty Clan, and while the swords of some angry samurai may not cause Kyoshiro much trouble, the deadly wiles of two women may be more difficult to survive! . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rick T (au) wrote: While I am not a fan of wire work, as a practitioner of Tai Chi, I am extremely thrilled to see a lot of very excellent Tai Chi action. These movies are well worth watching just for those parts, not to mention the very good quality of the cinematography.

Navin J (br) wrote: Impressive movie, considering that it used little no special effects and basically just told a really good story. I could have done without the musical numbers but it was worth watching.

Kristina K (jp) wrote: Brilliant. New favorite.

Phil M (au) wrote: Really really good thriller. What the hell was that ending though

Viktor B (mx) wrote: An anime fantasy thrill ride that is as brutal as it is elegant. From the truly impressive battles, to the beauty of the visual presentation, this one pleases the eye in the truest sense. Some western critics may not get it, but it's a great fantasy film for those who actually bother to see the film for it's true essence.

Chris H (ru) wrote: A rather generic and bland western that is kept interesting simply because of a well known cast.

Cody J (jp) wrote: Think of it as Ghostbusters with kung-fu. This is a great blend of comedy, action and horror, with some pretty good fight choreography. A good example of some of the great films that came out of Hong Kong around this time.

Chris P (mx) wrote: If you see only one movie about Linda Blair killing rapists with a crossbow, make it this one.

Trent M (ca) wrote: A classic of 70's TV movies. I don't think I fully bought Ronnie's descent into madness, as it seemed to happen quite fast, but it's still effectively creepy in that "it could happen in MY neighbourhood" way. And it's only 74 minutes long!


Greg W (jp) wrote: this plus 'lemans' plus 'days of thunder' r my favorite auto racing trilogy

Jo D (kr) wrote: I was excited to watch this documentary about one of my favorite bands of all time but was disappointed when it turned out to be a story about Arnel Pineda and less the band its self and it's members past and present, certainly Neal Schon had drama going on with his much publicized relationship with Michelle during the time they filmed this but it's not shown . Interesting story but the end I ended up loosing respect for Journey and saw this group touring like a karaoke Journey tour and I felt sad for Arnel.... Arnel seems like he sold his soul to the devil, forced to sing like Steve Perry and not dance on stage as he wishes or be allowed to feel sick. Arnel clearly carries this band for the rest of the has beens in this band who if it weren't for Arnel wouldn't be in this century. Arnel seems to have a strange cold relationship with the band members, manager and vocal coach which reminds me of reading how Steve Perry said he felt like he never fit in and wad never really part of the others in the band. Arnel never seems happy. The Journey of today is ArnelI. I either see Arnel having a break out career for himself or becoming the next Rodriguez and dropping out of sight and fame for a normal family life. Money and fame can not buy happiness and the other Journey members should retire at this point.

Michelle S (br) wrote: I personally liked it better than the first one. The songs were catchier. Loved the cameos.

Brian B (au) wrote: I really like watching weird films. It's interesting to see all the imagination that Directors can put into their films. In fact, Eraserhead (1977) is one of my favorite films of all time. Seeing that Pi was a low budget debut film, I was curious what Aronofsky would be able to do with it, because I heard that it looked very good despite its budget. The film looked very good, and I found it to be a very interesting film.A paranoid mathematician named Max attempts to find a pattern in the Stock market which will also unlock the universal patterns found in nature. However, hallucinations continue to hinder his path and as the film continues on, it becomes more difficult to tell what's real and what isn't.Max goes through internal and external conflict in the film. His internal struggles are the hallucinations he experiences and the first phase of a deterioration of his body starting with a bump on his head. These symptoms often come into effect when he's at crucial points in his objective. If he's getting info from Lennie, he might have to rush home before it takes its toll on him. Also, if he's attempting to find the 216 digit number on his computer, the hallucinations and pain can make him lose his mind, scream at the top of his lungs, or try to destroy his equipment in a fit of range. If the hallucinations didn't effect his experiments, one could argue that they felt a little tacked on. However, director Darren Aronofsky was able to work them into the conflict he faced in the film, and he avoided having them feel gratuitous.The external conflict he encounters mainly comes into the film near the latter portion of the film. When it happens, it changes the film entirely, and it makes a lot of events make sense which we saw earlier in the film. It's a very interesting way of showing you how his simple task turned into something much, much more. It also makes the ambiguity of the films ending have a great impact on the viewer and it leaves you thinking about it, and what exactly Max did. The film takes a common weird trope for weird films, hallucinations, and it creates conflict in the film out of it.The hallucinations in the film are really well-done. The main reason why they work so good is because we are able to feel Max's pain during them. The sudden and striking sound effects which the viewer hears plays a main role at making the viewer feel these unpleasant emotions with Max. Sounds can sometimes effect our emotions more than visuals. You could always remove the sound and hope for the viewer to connect the dots at what the protagonist is feeling. However, a simple loud sound effect can frighten the viewer even more. This movie does a really good job at using this technique to terrify the viewer who's watching the film.Having a low budget can really take a viewer out of the movie if the director is not thrifty. Poor scenery and effects can be a real withdrawer and it can kill immersion quickly. However, despite having such a minuscule budget, the effects and scenery looked top notch. The computers and the setup of Max's room that Max uses look convincing and realistic, and since there's so many machines around his apartment which look high-tech, it looks like a believable work station for something so complicated that he's doing. Also, the effects looked very good as well. They looked realistic for a low-budget film, and they still hold up today pretty well. It's a great trait for a director to be able to do so much with so little. That's exactly what Aronofsky did here, and by doing so, he proved that he was a talented director.When some people watch a movie, they often like to kick back and relax. This movie doesn't let you. Sometimes, the movie can be hard to watch at times. It's not for everyone. Some people dislike Eraserhead for that reason. However, I love these kinds of films. I love the sprightly feelings that they evoke from the viewer. I feel like I can revisit them again and again, and every time I do so, they still impress me as much, if not, more than my first viewing.

Mark M (nl) wrote: Strong women protagonists working for more that just love of a man. Refreshing and welcomed.