Farmer slim joins a group of workers who are building power lines. Foreman Red teaches him all he needs and soon they become friends. When they are fired because they protected their boss in a case when another worker died by falling from a mast because he was drunk, they go to Chicago, where they spend their money and visit Red's girl friend, Cally. Cally, who Red doesn't want to marry because he doesn't want to make her a widow if he has an accident - also falls in love with Slim. On another construction site, Slim is stabbed by a personal foe of Red, when he accused him of sabotaging a ladder Red was going to use to 100 feet. Cally, a nurse, comes to the hospital near the construction site and gets Slim back on his feet. Cally proposes marriage if Slim stops working, but he refuses and joins Red on a dangerous job, keeping the power during a blizzard on the northern Eastcoast. Working next to 88,000 volt power line means taking a deadly risk, as Cally, Red and Slim know....

A veteran lineman takes an awe-struck young farmer under his wing, but problems arise when he introduces him to his occasional girlfriend, a pretty nurse. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Hitesh H (ru) wrote: A good thriller with decent performances (the negative character is too good) and a good music album. Mohit Suri is a winner. Definitely one of my favorite film directors.

Brett B (gb) wrote: Hard hitting Glaswegian drama with some fantastic performances and a gritty plot line throughout. Highly recommended

Nick M (kr) wrote: It's a marvelous achievement, one that's beautifully well-composed but completely despairing. Not an easy sit, but a bold piece of cinema. I'm not sure I loved it or even completely absorbed it but I was often intrigued or mesmerized by it and it won't leave me for awhile.

Dustin I (ag) wrote: The Tinker Bell franchise keeps getting better and better! On its third outing, this maybe the most endearing and most gorgeous of the lot!

Stephanie G (ag) wrote: Want to watch...LOve all of Amanda's films.

David W (nl) wrote: Good Concept, but wasted potential

Onkel B (mx) wrote: Predictable and an awful cast, With crap effects make this movie one of the worst movies i've ever seen!

Chris G (br) wrote: If the measure of a classic is that you like it even more the older you get, then Local Hero is a classic in my book. Watched it for the first time in 20 years tonight and I could watch it again tomorrow.

Paul L (de) wrote: Kind of like and un-funny Annie Hall that takes place (mostly) over a 24-hour period.

STCENTERPRISE (ca) wrote: No Time for Sergeants is a movie that was made before Gomer Pyle U.S.M.C. but is very similar to that show. If you like Gomer Pyle U.S.M.C. then you will love this movie. It is very funny and has great actors. It(TM)s a funny military comedy for the entire family. It has a great scene with Don Knotts which helped Don get the role for the Andy Griffith Show.

Tyler R (kr) wrote: One of the few sports movies I really liked. Great message and good acting. The ending was depressing but overall movie was very well done.

Baurushan J (kr) wrote: Before director John Woo made his Hollywood Classics that involved Face/Off, Mission: Impossible 2 and Broken Arrow, his first Hollywood movie was Hard Target starring Jean-Claude Van Damme. The story is about Chance played by JCVD who is a merchant seaman who after saving a young woman named Natasha played by Yancy Butler from a gang of thugs, he helps her search for her father who is a homeless Vietnam veteran. Meanwhile, they learn that her father has become the victim of Emil played by Lance Henriksen who along with this cronies hunt homeless men as a form of recreation. After Emil finds out that the girl is investigating the murder of her father, he arranges for she and Chance to be ambushed, but they manage to escape into the backwoods. Now they must find Natasha's father and destroy Emil and his cronies before they cause any more trouble. This movie is sick and needs a huge fuck yeah! Jean-Claude Van Damme kicked ass as Chance, Yancy Butler was hot, Lance Henriksen was a great villain and the climax was one of the best endings in the past action movies. Hard Target gets a 9/10.