Slim Susie

Slim Susie

When Erik, a Stockholm urbanite, learns that his beauty-queen sister, Susie, is missing, he goes to their country roots to look for her. But after talking to the eccentric locals -- including a shy video store clerk and a corrupt police officer -- Erik finds a woman who is not at all like the girl he left behind. Award-winning director Ulf Malmros helms this black comedy infused with hipster flair.

A young man returns to his hometown to look for his missing sister. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Carolyn D (mx) wrote: I Co-produced this movie

Miia K (jp) wrote: The movie looked AWFUL but it was pretty nice Christmas movie.

CW R (nl) wrote: Good movie. interesting plot, good acting.

Tom B (br) wrote: Something for everyone here, intrigue, WW II spys, historical accuracy and locations, and plot twists with a stunning ending. I thoroughly enjoyed it, finally got to watch the entire movie after having come in late, but still found it a fantastic film, just bided my timee until it showed up again. Don't listen to anyone who gives it a rating of less than 100%, they're just being pickers of nit.

Anthony B (jp) wrote: It's got a lot of energy and an interesting message, but at the end of the day there's just not that many laughs - or, except in its basic premise, much originality.

Kathleen K (br) wrote: For the simple reason that it isn't the original Benji.

Branham N (gb) wrote: The acting is an embarrassment not to mention its thin script and unconvincing attempt at an action/comedy, simply said its similar to something the Coen Brothers would direct, only much worse.

Marco M (mx) wrote: Rossellini's attention to historic detail concerning beliefs, credences, customs, and practices add a surprising depth to this biopic. The lop-sided showdown with Descartes is fun, too, but ultimately anticlimactic."

Bo S (ca) wrote: A jewel, the first of a series of four collaborations with Randolph Scott, director Budd Boetticher and writer Burt Kennedy. This film is lavishly photographed with a compelling story and spare dialogue showcasing Randolph Scott at the peak of his career. If you're a western fan, this is an absolute must-see, equal to or better than most of what are regarded as classics of the genre. Follow up with THE TALL T, RIDE LONESOME and COMANCHE STATION.

Oj H (nl) wrote: A very hard look at the street life. All too real, and put together, as a "day in the life". But there is no reward for this film. There is no point to it, no catharsis, and you have no love or care for any of the characters. Not an easy watch, nor entertaining, as it is a love train wreck, you just want to get through, to say you got through it. The film itself was extremely flat, with nothing really memorable to remind you of what you watched... and ultimately, something this hard to watch, is forgettable, in the end.

Roxana A (ca) wrote: Hilarious!! But that's to be expected when a film involves madea

Jed D (nl) wrote: It started off very well with some unique film effects and I was getting into it but ultimately fell apart around the 5 min mark.

Robin T (de) wrote: In my mind,the best Charlie Chaplin's movie!

Tim S (ca) wrote: Based on the novel of the same name by Irvine Welsh. Set in the late 1980s in Edinburgh, Scotland, this film tells the story of Heroin addict Mark Renton (McGregor) as he tries to clean up and get out, despite the allure of the drugs and influence of his circle of misfit friends.