Slime City

Slime City

A student moves into a run-down building in New York City. His bizarre neighbors make a concoction in their apartment they call wine, but when he takes some of it, he turns into a deformed, murderous monster.

A student moves into a run-down building in New York City. His bizarre neighbors make a concoction in their apartment they call wine, but when he takes some of it, he turns into a deformed, murderous monster. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lee C (mx) wrote: Superbly acted, gritty (read as miserable), drama with a very small soft centre. The outside shell is nuclear warfare though. Excellent stuff.

Dilara O (ag) wrote: its one of my fave love stories

Katie M (es) wrote: This may be my favorite Michael Moore film.

Brad S (ag) wrote: Saw this around the time it first came out and decided to watch it again to catch Robin Williams' work, who is good but used sparingly. The film has a good message, but the story just didn't keep me interested. Tim Curry was a standout. Can't recommend this one.

Derek D (de) wrote: Another go-round with the Bandit and Snowmand transporting goods cross-country illegally. This time it's a pregnant elephant and it plays out very much like the first, so not much is really new. The laughs and action scenes are here, but it seems like we've seen all this before.

Terence (nl) wrote: directed by Luigi Cozzi and originally titled simply Contamination this italian cash in on Alien is actually pretty good. basically these throbbing eggs from mars (the sole link to Alien are these eggs which resemble the eggs from that film) reach a certain point and then explode and squirt juice on their victims whos insides explode. pretty nonsensical but good fun.

Jimmy C (jp) wrote: Irrsistible, sympathique, mais surtout, poignant.

Aj V (kr) wrote: For the most part this is a really good drama, but it was probably better as a book. You can see that the film makers were trying to push the limits of what they could do on screen at the time, and it's interesting to see how this movie deals with its controversial topics, but the movie is also pretty boring in some scenes. Plus, it's kind of long. Overall it's pretty good, but it could have been better, if they made this movie in the seventies it would have been better i think.

Greg W (mx) wrote: In this Ford's Western, part of a trilogy that also includes She Wore a Yellow Ribbon, Wayne gets to play the tough biological and sociological father of his recruits, which include his son.

Tony P (ag) wrote: Action film from 1988 that launched the Hollywood film career of its star man Bruce Willis. An acting career which until that time mainly involved US television shows. Moonlighting springs to mind.Willis plays New York detective John McClane who visits his estranged wife Holly (Bonnie Bedelia) at Christmas time at her place of employment Nakatomi Plaza, a skyscraper HQ for the Nakatomi Corporation.Whilst visiting the building just happens to come under attack by a ruthless gang of terrorists led by Hans Gruber (Alan Rickman).Rickman is excellent as the villain Gruber. I was reminded of his excellence by seeing an image of him falling to his death from the 30th floor of the building a few days ago. An iconic Christmas moment!Rickman would revel his villainous role snd go onto similar as The Sheriff Of Nottingham in 1991s Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves.It is Willis who steals the movie with his never say die attitude whilst half undressed. Barefoot and vested. Even he remarks it is better than being caught with your pants down.Whatever happened to Bonnie Bedelia. I think she starred in 1990s Die Hard 2 and that's it?The skyscraper holds millions of dollars in bonds in its vault hence the thieving terrorist angle.Willis has a full head of his own hair. It was 1988!Excellent caper.

Jenna G (br) wrote: This feels like an NFL feel good movie, especially at a time where the NFL has been under heavy scrutiny with concussion policies & domestic violence punishments. But it just wasn't that good. Football is my favorite sport and while Draft Day is somewhat interesting to see a behind the scenes look at one of the most important days for the NFL, the script is pretty awful and this solid cast is, for the most part, wasted.

Lansden S (jp) wrote: Few laughs. Plot overdrawn with many holes