A small town is taken over by an alien plague, turning residents into zombies and all forms of mutant monsters.

The Wheelsy, a small city in America, is very peaceful and silent. But under its peace, there are many unpredictable dangers. A lot of residents of the city suddlenly behave strangely and disappear ureasonably. To save the city, chief of police Bill Pardy and his crew have to try their best. Will they succeed? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Slither torrent reviews

Michelle P (es) wrote: bad acting, terrible special effects, and horrible storyline make this a waste of film.

Mark W (de) wrote: Morgan Freeman acting as Nelson Mandela, South Africa's first democratically elected president, remains memorable.Clint Eastwood's sentimental piece narrates the unconventional leadership shown by the great man in bringing a racially divided nation together through the sport of rugby, once the preserve of race-obsessed white Afrikaners.When I first saw Freeman play the part of the ground-breaking school principal in Lean On Me years before Invictus, I believed that he would play Mandela. Not only because of his acting talent. Freeman bears a remarkable resemblance to Mandela. And in Invictus he played his part to near-perfection. He nearly perfected Mandela's gravelly voice.Clint Eastwood's team researched this project very well. Invictus, which takes its title from the book by John Carlin and the poem of the same name, is an accurate account of those heady days when Mandela united a nation, if only for a few days, and inspired a beleaguered home team, far from favourites, to win the rugby world cup. And of all the cup finals I've seen, this one takes the cake.

ClaRita C (au) wrote: Some of the scenes were cheesy and too theatrical but overall it was pretty vivid and realistic.

Lori B (gb) wrote: Awesome! Sick! Love it! Especially because my brother, Rick Burks, is Michael!!!!

Eric H (jp) wrote: Wolfen" is based on the Whitley Striber novel.A police detective(Albert Finney)is investigating a series of brutal murders in New York City that point toward a wolf-like killer,or possibly a whole pack of them.Director Michael Wadleigh uses the horror movie backdrop as a venue for commentary on class,environmentalism,industrialization and Native American reality and myths.The mystery surrounding bloodthirsty creatures is excellent and there are some truly intense and bloody scenes of hunting.The use of a polarization effect and a steadicam to represent the wolves' POV is stunningly eerie.The film is loaded with the atmosphere of urban decay and the score by James Horner is particularly memorable.

Art S (au) wrote: Giancarlo Giannini seems to be hamming it up comically in his part as a wannabe macho loser in Naples during Mussolini's rise to power. But director Lina Wertmuller puts him through the meat grinder instead. First, he accidentally kills his sister's pimp and gets 12 years in the insane asylum. Then, after raping another inmate, he is freed in order to fight in WWII but deserts and is captured by the Germans and placed in a concentration camp. In order to survive, he decides to seduce the queen bitch female commandant but she has other tortures planned for him. Wertmuller cheerfully ignores the boundaries of good taste but manages to say something about shame and degradation. Is it better to humiliate oneself (and even commit atrocities) in order to walk away alive or should one sacrifice one's meaningless existence for a moral principle, even when the sacrifice will have no effect? Maybe we'd all choose the latter (or we'd like to think we would) but not Giannini. He suffers instead. There is a Fellini-esque flavour to the proceedings but things get much darker than the maestro chose to go.

X T (ru) wrote: A lesser film by Fellini during his neorealist period, but still an underrated gem. Broderick Crawford convincingly portrays a disillusioned lowlife who realizes he had lived a worthless life and decides to make something out of what's left of it. It's a sore but powerful story about redemption and the inner goodness of the human soul.


Scott M (ru) wrote: Scarlett Johansson's famous skinnydipping scene notwithstanding. Just a terrible movie. Its like the producers wanted to make a romantic comedy and decided to include as many famous people they could afford. Well, they succeeded. It made a boatload of cash. Still sucks.

Barney o (ca) wrote: WHAT I LIKED: A fairly formulaic venture by marvel - by far the highlight of this film is the developing relationship between Thor and Loki. Outside of that, we do at least get some beautiful world building and one of Marvel's best scores yet.WHAT I DIDN'T LIKE: Sadly overall it's just pretty dull - not only in a visual sense (the dark visuals get very tiring on the eye), but the samey action scenes are in over-abundance and the bizarre plot is hugely disengaging. Oh, and Natalie Portman? Not her finest hours...VERDICT: This film brings Thor and his friends onto a whole new level of battle and war, but somehow steps backwards in the end because of it's heavy plot and meaningless action. It's not terrible, but it's by no means Marvel's best.

Mark H (fr) wrote: Ah, to be young and good looking, and really young and really good looking. Who said that? Richard Linklater has a near monopoly on the nostalgia of being young. He captured it perfectly in his 1976-era, end of high-school day-in-the-life movie, Dazed and Confused. D and C is not really a cult classic, it's more of a mainstream classic. People loved that movie, especially anyone who was a child or young person in the 1970's. I was 2 in 1976, but I feel like I can TRUST that it felt like Linklater tells us it felt like. He is so comfortable with natural dialogue and finding funny and touching moments in seemingly unimportant scenes. Both of these movies consist of a mishmash of scenes that feel improvised, though I believe Linklater is more deliberate than that. His perception and grasp of what it feels like to experience freedom and independence at the age of 16-22 is astounding. He brings that feeling to the screen and for 2 hours we FEEL like we are back in college for the first semester, with all the excitement and possibility and adventure that holds. I remember that feeling, and I miss it. D and C was better in that it was a bit more meaty, and felt more substantive than Everybody Wants Some!! But this is a fine film too, and who knows, if this movie came first, perhaps this would be the favorite son, and not the other way around. I doubt it, but either way, this is a very good attempt at recapturing that same feeling, by simply turning the calendar pages ahead 4 years to another memorable period in time. I hope he's not done...