A women moves into an apartment in Manhattan and learns that the previous tenant's life ended mysteriously after the tenant fell from the balcony.

Carly Norris, who is a book publisher, moves into the Sliver house building in New York city. At there, she meets three new neighbor, author Jack Lansford who writes thriller novels, Zeke Hawkins the handsome owner of the apartment building and a snooper who set up hidden cameras in the building. Carly soon falls in love with Zeke and accidentally becomes the target of a serious killer. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Evan M (ru) wrote: Seemingly more comfortable in its own right than the previous installment, Fred 2 creates more interesting and funny scenarios with new characters and surprisingly scary moments.

Jonny H (jp) wrote: breasts, sex, a few cute girls.. whats there not to like? annoying characters, dumb storyline, a waste of time. :-(

YowLong L (jp) wrote: Couldn't understand the humor, and its overly exaggerated style. However I agree with the beauty of Kyoto in the movie.

Brian S (kr) wrote: Mundane, occasionally amusing horror flick that never quite gets its act together.. The premise is familiar territory; some people are possessed by demons, but not everyone can see them. A young man can, though, after a head injury and reunion with his long-lost brother (who can also see them). Nobody believes either of them, of course. Th same head trauma that has given the main character this ability has also turned him into a phenomenal super-genius who can predict people's thoughts and read books by flipping the pages. But the demons, who maintain tastefully-decorated apartments when they're not mutilating people in public restrooms, want him gone. The demons are so obviously actors in poorly-fitted plastic suits that they're more humorous than frightening and Christopher Denham's mopey, woe-is-me character gets old fast. There are some good ideas at work in Headspace but the execution fails when it comes to direction and dialogue. Udo Kier is underutilized, though he does die the film's most memorable death, and the overall gore content is one of the film's saving graces.Remember, kids, wear that bike helmet lest you end up a haunted genius pursued by rubber demons!

Ethan P (de) wrote: 50 First Dates is a sweet, light and harmless romantic comedy that I really enjoyed. It made me laugh hysterically and I was amazed by the joyful chemistry between Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore. They were fun to watch and their quirky romance was believable. Most Sandler movies focus on bullying and gross out gags, but this film was much less crude and offensive. Yes there are some dumb jokes that don't land, some ridiculous characters that subtract from the films impact, but if not for those flaws, this would be a pretty damn good movie because it was so easily enjoyable.

Jen B (us) wrote: Yeah...well people shouldn't touch other people's refrigerators! LOL

Christopher B (kr) wrote: I remember this sweet baby from when I was a kid. It was constantly advertised on Super Channel and seemed like the holy grail of horror films. I would hate this today (much like I hated the compilation Boogeymen, a lot of horror doesn't work unless it's given time to develop, not just show random clips!) but at the time it was like a greatest hits album where I would then seek out my favourites.

Steve K (fr) wrote: More Corman cheese, with plenty of (attractive) flesh on display and silly, generic sci-fi plotting. You'll even recognize the sets from other Corman films.

Blue D (ag) wrote: I liked it. Old and kind of cheesy to watch now but still a classic Kung Fu Movie

Jacqui C (gb) wrote: This has immediately been added to my re-watch pile, principally because of Turturro's quietly lovely performance, but also the Vanessa Paradis character, who I fell a little bit in love with.

Adam R (us) wrote: (First and only viewing - 3/23/2013)

Lucas A (es) wrote: The idea of having this all-star cast (I really do mean all-stars, plenty of fun cameos) playing themselves in a wild wacked out comedy is what makes this movie intriguing. The first half of the film is great. You will really enjoy what seems to be a glimpse into these Hollywood celebrities' lives. I actually enjoyed the movie more as just that then when the extremely weak plot goes into fold. However, you excuse the plot along with the poor CGI because it is just a comedy. Unfortunately, as the plot gets weaker with time so do the jokes. The second half of this movie is awful. If you don't find the idea of a demon devil raping Jonah Hill or Danny McBride making Channing Tatum his sex slave funny, you will despise the second half just as much as I. Much of the humor really goes downhill deeper into the movie, I cannot reiterate this enough. The plot continues to piss you off and by the end of the film, all you have is an extremely sour feeling regarding the stupidity you observed.

Kieren d (br) wrote: Not as good as other comedies