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Slow at Heart


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Johnny L (nl) wrote: A very comprehensive and engaging documentary that tells the Bobby Fischer story wholly and with honesty.

Allyssa E (gb) wrote: Not exactly the most exciting production, but still quite informative and interesting. I certainly recommend it to woman for watching, but i'm sure men could gain some understanding from it too. It's amazing what industry is prepared to do to people, just to make a buck.

Nicky N (mx) wrote: Well I Didn't Like This Movie.C

Auli H (nl) wrote: A sort of road movie, pretty funny.

Joe A (mx) wrote: Despite the presence of heavy hitter Gary Oldman, pic is slow moving and very uninvolving. The story of the assassin with the sense of honor choosing to protect someone has been done to death and this version adds nothing new. Lead Kippei Shiina sleepwalks through his role as the ex-special forces op turned hired killer and Oldman is reduced to standing in a control room and continually yelling at his subordinates who appear incompetent at times. Female lead Kyoko Hasegawa also plays her role as if in a trance and has no chemistry whatsoever with Shiina. As a fan of Oldman I was hoping for a hidden gem... not so much.

Matthew C (us) wrote: Stylish, but ultimately lacking, this Eastern European horror film features a lot of mean nuns, creepy townsfolk, and, well, water. It looks nice, and I think a lot of good elements went into the film, which I can only imagine was done on the cheap. Perhaps it needed to be shorter. Perhaps it needed more story. I'm not sure. But the random murderous nun attacks became almost laughable, and nobody seemed especially interested in doing anything, be it evil or good. OK, but not great.

r a (au) wrote: La cancin del camino no ha empezado a sonar y ya nos damos cuenta de que estamos ante una pelcula grandiosa. Y como suele pasar, lo es porque es capaz de emocionar con los mimbres ms sencillos, sin aspavientos ni trucos de ningn tipo. Con la claridad del agua pura nos acaricia con sus imgenes poticas y una historia que cualquiera podr sentir dentro. Porque todo el mundo ha sido nio alguna vez. Porque cualquier padre y cualquier abuelo no podr sino estremecerse ante el desarrollo de la vida que se nos muestra. Pather Panchali nos cuenta la historia de una familia india, su travesa cotidiana por ese camino que llamamos vida y todo lo que pasan y hacen, la cancin que nos indica el ttulo. Y la cancin, como bien sabemos, puede ser la ms hermosa del mundo o puede golpearte sin piedad con su horror. No hay ms. No hay menos. Sufrimientos, alegras, hurtos, risas sinceras, sueos y eso que a m me parece tan hind como es acogerse sin quejarse a la providencia divina. Todo puntuado de manera colosal por la msica arrebatada, meditativa y sublime de Ravi Shankar y la fotografa prodigiosa y ultraterrena de Subrata Mitra. De verdad que hay que sumergirse en ese blanco y negro para entender a lo que me refiero. Y tras su visionado, agitaremos la cabeza para sacudirnos el hechizo, y aparecer as sanados por el dolor y con un brillo extrao de esperanza en los ojos. Porque de una vez por todas habremos comprendido lo poco que dura la victoria y lo mucho que duele la prdida.

Zack F (de) wrote: Damsels in Distress has some supporting characters and moments that take the humor a little to ridiculous, but Violet, played by the ever-charismatic Greta Gerwig, is such a unique, complex, and hilarious character that really propels the movie forward.

Philip S (kr) wrote: 'Horton Hears a Who' is one more example of an animated feature that while it's impressive, deciding whether or not to buy it--either in standard or blu-ray--is problematic. The reason behind that is that even though it isn't listed on Amazon's website, it's included on the deluxe edition dvd of 'How The Grinch Stole Christmas'. Considering that, it makes one second guess buying the standalone dvd. The onlyreal benefit to owning the standlone lies in the dvd's bonus features. A lot of people in the entertainment industry are touting the mportance and cool factor of Blu-ray. Sure, it has a lot going for it. But if a comparison between the standard def and Blu-ray edition of 'Horton Hears a Who' is any indication, Blu-Ray isn't always all its cracked up to be. The major difference between the two is minor. But in the grand scheme of things, it's a big difference. What sets the Blu-Ray and Standard def of this classic animated feature apart from one another is that the Blu-Ray lacks one of the shorts included on the standard def edition. The short in question is the classic 'Horton Hatches The Egg.' It is included, though, in the Looney Tunes Golden Collection: Volume Six. Anyone lacking both of those is out of luck. However, anyone who already owns one or the other may feel some consternation over whether or not to buy the other. That's because it may force some people to question if its worth it to own the same feature in duplicate. So, having the standard def or Blu-Ray edition of this Dr. Suess classic isn't necessarily better than the other. That is, unless a person doesn't care about the extra features. If a person doesn't care about the bonus features, then owning the Blu-Ray edition is worth the money. Though, the standard def edition is just as worth the money in comparison to the recent CG-animated rendition that "boasts" actor Jim Carey as the voice of Horton. As noted in the bonus features of the recent release of Disney's 'Snow White...', it's far too easy for animators to make movies nowadays with the advancements in technology. Yes, Warner Brothers and Disney are two entirely different companies. But the argument holds water, even in this case, despite the companies being separate entities. 'Horton Hears a Who' is a great story not just for its genuine animation. It's also so enjoyable due to its dual educational content. On one level, Dr. Suess's stories teach the importance of literacy to kids. On another, they also teach important life lessons to children, in a manner that they can understand them. That's pointed out even more in the bonus feature "Searching For Seuss" Kathy Najimy (King of The Hill) leads an all-star cast that puts on a fun filled bio-of-sorts on Suess, outlining what led to the content of his stories. Luckily for fans who have either the Blu-Ray or standard def edition of the dvd, this bonus feature is included on both. Regardless of standard def or Blu-Ray--and the fact that it's already included on another dvd--'Horton Hears a Who' is a dvd worth owning for kids and kids at heart.