Three young pals plan to earn money by shooting an hardcore-porno movie. But is it really so easy to shoot some gang-banging with home-video equipment?

Three loser-type ex-students who earn too little money and don´t get laid as much as they want, try to change that by producing a home made porn movie starring themselves. They loan money from a pimp and begin casting the girls. When filming starts they find out that sex in front of the camera is hard work. Also you should know how to work a video camera. Frustration, relationship problems and cabin fever culminate in a dope induced garden orgy. But is it a film? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Adrian E (us) wrote: All testimony but little evidence. Risks aping the propaganda it targets.

Shawn M (it) wrote: Bahrani has proven with several movies that sometimes a director just has to let the camera follow a character around, and it will be interesting to the audience. You don't need action, history, or even a riveting plot... it works very well in his movies. 'Man Push Cart' is a depressing, yet very real, story of how difficult it can be trying to make it in America... and by make it, I mean make ends meet and support a family. Great acting and extremely moving.

Alysia V (fr) wrote: This is a film with very little dialogue. There were times when I thought I had accidentally muted the television because of the expansive silence. An extremely slow moving film that, at times, felt like I was looking at a still photograph. Schultze is loveable & his discovery of zydeco music is sweet, but this movie just didn't go anywhere, for me. I found myself continually thinking, "surely this will get better... surely it will pick me", but it never did. I could see as this film could be viewed as a very endearing story, but for me, I was left thinking, "huh.. is that it?"

Alex K (gb) wrote: Bill Plympton's Mutant Aliens may just be one of the oddest pieces of American animation I've ever had the pleasure to view. Plympton is a cult artist whose attracted a huge amount of attention due to his unique and bizarre cartoony style, as well as his racey themes and complete inability to view anything as taboo, or at least so it seems. As a result, his movies fucking rule. Mutant Aliens is the tale of an astronaut, sent to space and betrayed by his country in order to rally more funding for the space department. He returns to Earth some years later, telling a fantastic story about his experiences on a planet filled with human organs walking around, but it turns out that isn't the full truth. The plot is bizarre and completely ridiculous, but you can't fault Plympton for his writing skills. The movie progresses in a captivating fashion, giving us a great balance of suspense and investment in this completely bizarre tale. An homage to classic monster B-movies, Mutant Aliens is certainly full of gratuituous sexuality and over the top violence, accentuated by Plympton's choppy animation style, which reminds us constantly of his independent investment in his films. It really does feel like Plympton has drawn every frame of this feature himself, with no help at all. By the time we figure out what is going on, we're getting a little sick of everything though. The scenes start to drag out, and the inconsistancies of the frames start to wear on us when we're left with nothing but a bit of boring plot advancement to captivate us. But the craziness comes back, and at the end of the film, we are pretty satisfied that what we've just seen is probably pretty god damn fucked up.

Shanee S (us) wrote: I liked this movie as it was a love story and the songs of this movie touched my heart. I recomend everyone to watch this movie.

Dan B (ag) wrote: Couldn't finish it, hated it...

Quinn G (ag) wrote: Jack could have lived. Nope. We had to have a cry fest

Ashley M (ag) wrote: This movie may sound weird but you have to see it it is really funnnnny!!!!!

Countess N (kr) wrote: Good black and white movie.

Marcus W (fr) wrote: Can't decide if it wants to be a rom-com or a sports film and so fails at both.

Jesse K (au) wrote: 3.5/5 Oculus manages to craft a very interesting story, even if the scares aren't that great. The third act is very well-directed even if the climax isn't perfect. The horror lies in the concept, but not always what's presented to us.

Liana C (br) wrote: Didn't get to see this at the cinema, due to the distributor not wanting it in our region. Purchased on Blu-Ray and was very happy! Really enjoyed the comedic style and 4th wall moments. The soundtrack is fantastic and the trials and tribulations of Steven Stelfox are portrayed very well by Hoult. Worth a rent at the very least, if you are still undecided.