Slum Survivors

Slum Survivors


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:43 minutes
  • Release:2008
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Slum Survivors 2008 full movies, Slum Survivors torrents movie
  • Category:Short
  • Stars:
  • Uploader:FapDe
  • Country:Kenya
  • Director:David Gough
  • Writer:David Gough

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Slum Survivors torrent reviews

Michael L (jp) wrote: An ultra depressing French film designed to make audiences who sit through it think very highly of themselves. Well it worked; I do feel sophisticated.

Katherine (it) wrote: setelah nonton yg pertama...wajib untuk nonton yg kedua... lebih full action dan lebih seru. Kali ini lawannya bule narsis sombong yg pengen banget gw tendang, injak, bunuh berkali-kali...makin nonton nih film makin cinta ama Ip Man!! Luvvvv!!!

Hrant B (gb) wrote: This movie was supposed to be a horror flick but I thought otherwise. The script was poor, acting was at bay, I just give credit to the special effects. Don't waste your time with thus movie.

Kyle H (ru) wrote: A great independent drama, spun eloquently, well shot.

Donna M (fr) wrote: fricken funny!!!!! lmao!!!!

Jessica H (jp) wrote: The perfect film for Jennifer Love Hewit and that's not saying much for the rest of then film.

danny d (au) wrote: unfortunately this film is another example of godards style during this late part of his career over the past 30 years where he is sacrificing coherent story for stylistic elements, despite the fact that early in his career he was able to do both well. having said that, this is a much better example of this sort of filmmaking than godards 80's films. rather than a strait forward story this film plays out more like cultural and philosophical snap shots, and the flow of the film was helped out quite a bit by the influence of dante on the three act structure. i still miss godards dialogue and story telling mastery of the 1960's, but this is a great film for thinking through the world and nature of humanity.

Will B (ru) wrote: yes i know.... why oh why...I watched this with an open mind... very very low budget and the story is a weird sexual horror thing.... basically its shit i mean there aint many horror films out there that boasts a large latex fanny that gives birth to these creatures! but got to give the the guys and girls behind making this movie credit for there hard work making this movie (i watched the making of... on the extras of this DVD)

Daniel G (nl) wrote: Bjork's performance is absolutely riveting. This film is an emotive masterpiece and without question the most harrowing, beautiful, emotionally engaging musical I have ever seen.

William B (gb) wrote: i grew up watching this film over and over again when I was little so it's hard to not like the film even thought it has it's fair share of problems.

Nathaniel R (fr) wrote: it was ok i cant remember all of it so that has got to tell you something

Ian C (nl) wrote: Nero is so cool in this. He is like the front man of a 70's prog rock band on acid. The soundtrack is fucking mental. Great showdown and ending. It would make for a fantastic triple header feature with Sergio Corbucci's Navaja Joe (1966) and Michael Winner's Chato's Land (1972).

Corey C (ca) wrote: Brilliant. Godard's deconstructionist "musical" is deceptively light, masking an interesting examination of relationships, femininity, and Godard's weird "woman-as-prostitute" thing (and VIVRE SA VIE was still to come). Anna Karina's performance is a thing of beauty, and the closing pun may explain everything there is to know about women in Godard's work.

Dave R (kr) wrote: Well it was another cheaply done dino movie fake looking as always with B movies low bugget all the way its was just ok

Etier L (gb) wrote: final malo malo pero ella es muy buena actris

Steve D (fr) wrote: A little slow but a good cast makes this enjoyable. NOT LIKE THE BOOK at all.

Justine F (ru) wrote: Sweet little movie about two people adrift in the world of "grownups" who can't quite find careers, but at least find each other.