Slumber Party Massacre II

Slumber Party Massacre II

Courtney, the sister of a survivor from the 1st movie and the members of her rock band go to a condo for the weekend to play music and have fun with their boyfriends. Courtney's dreams are of her sister, who is in a mental institution, warning her of having sex, and the dreams begin to spill into real life, threatening Courtney and her friends as they begin experiencing an attrition problem.

Courtney, the younger sister of the "new girl across the street" in the first film is all grown up now, but suffers from nightmares about the Big Wet Incident. She and the other members of ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bruno V (es) wrote: Sometime the hating has to stop...Interesting good movie to see one time . I would have killed the Nagase -dude . nice

Ray S (nl) wrote: A very intelligent thriller that unfortunately suffers a lobotomy midway through the story. Then it becomes filled with car chases and indestructible characters. What's the point of watching Korean flicks just to see Hollywood crap?!!

Daniel M (jp) wrote: This was one horrendous piece of crap. We found this one on a two dollar rack, and to tell you the truth, It was over priced. Kristofferson continues to ruine his career with terriable role choices. The film was only 82 minutes, but It felt like an eternity, with all the random scenes that have little, If not anything to do with the plot. Bad acting, unfinished sub-plots, and two very cheaply shot explosions. The best lines were from the gaurds at the beginning, but then they get killed off right away. The budget of this film could've probably bought the filmakers two packs of gum, which after seeing this you wished that they would've done so. This Is one useless little pisher.

Ashley W (de) wrote: The acting lessons was spent on trying to be a zombie.. A bad movie, cheap, tacky, give it a miss

Anya S (it) wrote: I never used to watch documentaries but then I entered college and my writing teacher loved them and incorporated them into every lesson that we had. loudQUITEloud happened to be one of the first ones that we watched, and I just fell in love with the whole genre.

Don S (br) wrote: Wuhrer does another fine job picking up where she left off the last time, but the devil is so laid back and out of character here it just doesn't work for me. The story loses steam because of it, making this the worst of the five movies.

Jeff J (mx) wrote: I just can't give good reviews to movies with no plot or just too stupid to make sense. Really? Cavemen who never left the cave? That's not how evolution works especially when these blind cavemen still goes OUTSIDE to hunt b/c there are no food source in the cave!And they can kill wolves and other wild animals but can't fight a couple of chicks?

Lenny R (kr) wrote: Overall, it's probably the funniest of the trilogy, but lacks the narrative cohesion and sharper satirical edge of the first, and the Michael Caine-ness of the third. Mini Me is a work of twisted genius, Felicity is pretty damn shagadelic, and Fat Bastard is...there because comedy fat suits were all the rage back then?

Calyre Z (nl) wrote: "1942, Christophe Colomb"

Richard D (jp) wrote: Made during the heart of WWII, "Bataan" is definitely a propaganda piece, but one of the better ones. Robert Taylor is left to command a ragtag bunch of soldiers ordered to stall the Japanese at Bataan as long as they can when their captain is killed. The men include Thomas Mitchell, Desi Arnaz, a young Barry Nelson and an even younger Robert Walker. Lloyd Nolan stands out as the lazy and surly corporal who Taylor suspects is actually a fugitive from military justice. Like most war films from this period, history is distorted to favour the Americans and the Japanese are stereotyped mercilessly, but this film is one of the minor offenders in this regard. Taylor, who is really dull when he appears in swashbucklers, really shines in a role like this.

Nicholas C (fr) wrote: The cage really brings it in this legendary sequel for the books. I had make sure my son wasn't watching this movie just to master-bate so I've only seen it 478 times with him so far. Really loved how cage went back to his roots and brought the raw and emotional acting that this movie deserves. All the other actors are a little sub-par, but this is still a must see for anyone that loves America. I watched my boss sexual advance on a woman in the office today.

Addie A (mx) wrote: How have I not seen this before now? Love it!

Mark D (au) wrote: The definition of a Saturday afternoon flick. Sugar sweet and Dennis Quaid personifies that - but with a whole host of recognisable faces, this film transforms from barely watchable to decent. The pick of the bunch is Stanley Tucci who plays Muerte, that was inspired casting. Has its moments but its just a watchable flick - with a stand out supportive performance.