Slunce, seno a pár facek

Slunce, seno a pár facek


For a second time this film leads us to the village in South Bohemia. We meet again Konopnik family and Skopek family. Venca Konopnik is marrying Blazena Skopek but there is another woman Milada who is very jealous and she is spreading gossips about Venca Konopnik. Those gossips are so powerful that they lead to big fights between Konopnik and Skopek families. You will also see what a progress on milk-yielding-cows-project has been made. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Hugo Hernando C (kr) wrote: Very educational and interesting documentary. Not rocket science to realize eating right and getting the right nutrition to your body boosts your health and life in general; but this documentary open your eyes about other aspects including the business of pharmaceuticals.. Crazy!

Mago B (fr) wrote: El trailer destruy mis expectativas por completo.

Ri A (gb) wrote: Yash raj is always famous for giving breaks to new commers in industry. So why Ranbir kapoor has done his second movie with them plus he is son of Rishi Kapoor so he deserves to get top ranked movies after all he is youngster of Kapoor Family.The movie starts with good mood with very light jokes but it ends up with the entrance of Depika Padkone. And from then to till end the story flows like a stream without banks holding its direction. Ranbir has done same "THUMKA" kind of dance steps that he did in Sanwaiyra for which he got cheap fame plus he does makeup more than kareen kapoor. Although this movie was not a disaster flop but still it was a flop on hindi cinema screen.

Hameh S (ca) wrote: im a huge fan of resident evil games and this was really well done with animations

Jimilyn M (it) wrote: Re-watched this. Still a very endearing movie, but it suffers from being too long and having too many scenes it could do without. It's films like this that makes me wonder if the director just couldn't decide which scenes to cut and just ended up leaving the film unedited altogether.

John B (gb) wrote: Innocence is priceless!

Private U (ag) wrote: Quite interesting - has to do with traumatic events and memories.

Otherone 7 (es) wrote: These are two of my favorite musical of course I'm going to enjoy it. Classic stuff. RIP JG.

Pete S (mx) wrote: Great plot for a vampire flick. But it should be remade by showing that vampires die with wood spiked through their hearts and not by breaking their necks or shooting them in the head. A vampire gangster movie with comedy is unique.

Harry A (kr) wrote: An engaging early drama from Zhang that pulls no punches and seems comparable in many ways to the movie he was to make after it, Raise the Red Lantern, e.g. the symbolic use of red, some aspects of the plot. As good as it is, however, it never quite reaches the same heights as RTRL.

David J (ru) wrote: so so romantic comedy revolving around a mean politician and a principled reporter staring Rex Harrison and Vivien Leigh....

Sausages M (br) wrote: Clever, ancient film that shows its age but it nonetheless utterly charming. Even though they're totally different, the high temperature, urban setting reminded me of "Do The Right Thing". The acting is naturalistic and so a little clunky at times, but I think it kind of adds to the realism, in a way. Very entertaining considering it's 80 years old and probably even the kids that starred in this film are long dead.

Aiden A (de) wrote: Horribly acted, and boringly paced, this movie wasn't the b movie fun I was hoping for, I really didn't like this movie, it sucked.1/5

Will W (it) wrote: The perfect example of what a film should never be: too pretentious for its own good.

Alex r (us) wrote: a movie about a white rapper that has crazy visions. a couple cool visions from hell and a pretty creative story but not a lot of action in this flick.