Smaken av hund

Smaken av hund

A documentary about how the agricultural co-operatives in Norway through generations have placed themselves into a position where they decide not only what people in Norway eat, but also what they are thinking of the food they are eating.

A documentary about how the agricultural co-operatives in Norway through generations have placed themselves into a position where they decide not only what people in Norway eat, but also what they are thinking of the food they are eating. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Christian H (kr) wrote: Could have been better executed, interesting characters but not much in plot.

david s (it) wrote: Nice enough piece of movie-entertainment, better with the camera than the script. But a somewhat cheesy agenda, suppose the 'Formosa' name in the title made that predictable. The plot itself is anything but predictable, maybe it's just too current/controversial to get proper mainstream treatment. Some of the interesting effects would be lost if a conventional blockbuster budget and stars were imposed. Maybe one to see again.

Nikolas G (fr) wrote: a very brave film . with " tight " direction and very good scenic , Gavras , shows us the the mass murder of Jewish BUT from another most unknown point of view . this of Pop Pious , who tried to success 2 things the death of Jewish but also and the attack of Nazi against Stalin and Soviet Union ...dont forget that Russia was always Christian Orthodox . also worked in the way , so Croatia to leave Serbia alone against Nazi .. the film is again useful cause Vatican is prepossessing to name Pop Pious as Saint ....of course this is my analysis .....and i am not dogmatic

Ralph R (au) wrote: How many people can fit an onion up their nose?

Chuck Z (fr) wrote: Worthwhile only for the part where the dude's face falls off in the middle of a conversation.

Kyle L (ru) wrote: Although A Nightmare On Elm Street 5: The Dream Child was able to return to the roots of the original by being darker and a bit more serious than its predecessor this film does not hold a candle to the original Wes Craven classic or its second sequel A Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors, but despite all that this movie still worked well and I guess I'm the only person who gets to enjoy watching it since I already watched this film twice and I still appreciated it. The story of this film takes place after the events of The Dream Master where Alice and a couple of her friends are now finished with High School and are about to go to College next. But soon Alice's peaceful life is haunted once again when the burned face night stalking killer returns once again and this time he wants to be a father to Alice's unborn child and has plans to kill her and her child. Alice must find a way to get rid of Freddy Krueger once and for all with the help of Amanda Krueger Freddy's mother. As I said Nightmare 5 is a solid sequel to Nightmare 4 and it may have a lot of improvements over its predecessor the film seriously lacked the comprehensiveness of its predecessors and it has a lot of flaws when compared to the previous films but at least I still enjoyed this film as much as I enjoyed watching the previous films. One of the things I did like about A Nightmare On Elm Street 5: The Dream Child is that the movie was able to go back to the roots of the original Wes Craven classic. It had more themes and tones that are extremely heavy and very complicated and extremely dark and super serious at the same time. I love how this film deals with themes like abortion, teen pregnancy, rights of a mother, anorexia etc...... and it kind of gave the film a neat execution at one point. The other things I like about Nightmare 5 is that this film is filled with loads of extremely stunning settings and I love the settings of this film everything felt like you were in some fantasy dream sequence and the dream sequences are extremely hypnotic and very disorienting at the same time plus I love the use of blue filtered lighting cinematography in certain scenes because it gives the film a much more gothic feeling on the outside and a darker feel on the inside and it is just wonderful to see how the series can push the boundaries of imagination into an even further direction thanks to Stephen Hopkins collaborator Peter Levy the film looks extremely dark than anyone can expect. The other things I like about Nightmare 5 is that this movie is full of incredibly stunning scenes that are disorienting, surreal, frightening, haunting and scary as well(the dream sequences, the black and white comic book scene, the super gross birth scene of Freddy Krueger, the scene where we get to see how Amanda Krueger gets locked up in the asylum and gets raped by a thousand maniacs and the brooding and suspenceful finale) plus the suspense in certain scenes is so thrilling and very haunting at the same time. I also love the gruesome death scenes in this film and the death scenes in this movie are so gross and nasty plus very disgusting and sick at the same time(Dan and Greta's death) the only problem is if you watch the theatrical or DVD version of this movie you'll be disappointed because the death scenes were heavily cut by the MPAA and it really pissed me off that the theatrical version was way too heavily edited on the graphic scenes of this movie this could have been the most gruesome and the most graphic installment in the Nightmare On Elm Street series and the theatrical version didn't have as much impact as the uncut VHS version but luckily since I have an Internet I get to watch the uncut kills of this film in Youtube because seriously if you have a VHS player and you get a copy of this film you know what I am talking about. You will be able to see all those scenes uncut in the VHS version and they are so nauseating and very gross and sick to watch(check out the uncut version of Dan's death which is so sick and very graphic because you get to see the wires of the motorcycle enter his body including Greta's death which is so sick and very gross plus that scene will make you vomit at the same time) and it could have been really effective if they at least keep those scenes for the theatrical version. But the best thing about Nightmare 5 is that this film has the best special effects since Dream Warriors. Seriously all of the special effects here are grotesque, outstanding, sick, disorienting and more magical than the effects in The Dream Master(the baby Freddy Krueger, the sequence where Mark gets sucked into the comic book, Mark's death where he turns into a paper after Freddy slashed him, the super Freddy scene, the crazy sequence where Freddy comes out of Alice's body and the scene where Alice checks on her baby at the clinic and she gets to see Freddy feeding her son with her friends' souls) all the effects in this movie were so effective and very deliberate in my opinion and I love the effects done in this film. Now this film has a lot of issues when compared to its predecessor. While the movie is darker than its predecessor. The major issue with this film is that in certain parts of the film the movie goes into a more comical direction and its also harsh that Freddy became less scary and more comical in parts plus the overall movie looks rushed. I think Stephen Hopkins may have focused too much on the gothic and darker tone including the special effects but he seriously forgot about Freddy. This movie could have been better if Freddy was at least scary because Freddy became less scary as the film progress in the next and last half of the film and it was pretty understandable that the fans dislike this film and it received negative reviews plus it did not perform well in the box office. I think this movie could have been better and it could have been in line with Dream Warriors if it weren't for the issues surrounding the film but nevertheless I at least get to enjoy watching this film. Now the acting is great. While its nice to see the previous casts from part 4 reprise their roles in this film the new ones also did a great job with their performances in this film. Lisa Wilcox did a much better job with her performance in this film and hey she's hotter and prettier and of course more mature in her performance as Alice Johnson and I love how her character is more developed and a bit more darker than in part 4. Danny Hassel also did a good job in reprising his role as Alice's boyfriend Dan Jordan even the actor who portrayed Alice's father did a good job as well in reprising his role for this movie. While the new casts did a great job with their performances. The ever loyal Robert Englund did a solid job with his performance in this movie as the burned face night stalking killer Freddy Krueger but I hate how they made Freddy less scary in this film but I at least think that Robert Englund still did an amazing job with his performance in this movie. Director Stephen Hopkins did a neat and solid job with his work on this movie. The only thing is that he could have made Freddy scary since he focused too much on making the film's tone darker and more serious but he did a great job with his work on this film and the same can be said to screenwriter Leslie Bohem who created a great entry in the Nightmare On Elm Street series but has a lot of flaws and issues. Overall A Nightmare On Elm Street 5: The Dream Child is a solid sequel that works really well and in my honest opinion I describe this film as the real ending to the Nightmare On Elm Street films because the next two films(Freddy's Dead The Final Nightmare was more of an awful spoof of the Nightmare On Elm Street series that insulted fans in the worst possible way and Wes Craven's New Nightmare was more of a stand alone film that is more of an exploration to the mind of Horror Maestro Wes Craven filled with a much more terrifying execution than the other Nightmare On Elm Street sequels) are different to the first five Nightmare On Elm Street films. This movie gets a 7.0/10.

Bruce C (es) wrote: donnie yen played a ball-less dude, but his fight scene was pretty bad ass.

Cain L (gb) wrote: A fine sequel from Sergio Leone other film, A Fistful of Dollars, and another classic western film.

Scott R (us) wrote: a 100 minute film that seems much longer

Bryan F (ca) wrote: "I know her. She can't go home."

Jake P (ca) wrote: A funny satire of the early hip hop world. Chris Rock is funny as ever and helps makes this one good.

Sensay C (ag) wrote: Simply put, one of the greatest b-movies ever. Oliver Gruner is a poor mans Arnold Schwarzenegger and special notion to "Dollman" aka. Tim Thomerson

bill s (ca) wrote: The last real well done starring vehicle that Dreyfuss has driven since '95.The movies is sweet,touching and well acted without being overly melodramatic.