Small Apartments

Small Apartments

When a clumsy deadbeat accidentally kills his landlord, he must do everything in his power to hide the body, only to find that the distractions of lust, the death of his beloved brother, and a crew of misfit characters force him on a journey where a fortune awaits him.

A man is surrounded by strange events and odd neighbors in this adaptation of Chris Millis' novel. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Norbert M (gb) wrote: Troisime volet et probablement le plus dcevant... Difficile d'prouver une forme d'motion de retrouver runis les compres du 1er pisode, de loin le plus original. Tout est surjou et mme dans l'tat d'esprit du film, c'est un peu trop, voire trop clich (les tics de langage, les mimiques gestuelles ou les poncifs sur les magouilles des Chinois ou des Juifs). Il est difficile de trouver les acteurs crdibles, attendrissants, drles ou captivants. Sans conteste, G. Melki est le plus spontan et naturel et L. Drucker pour son regard. Le scnario est "gros" et bien trop bling-bling (comme le gnrique qui ressemble la fusion Casino Royale - Slumdog Millionnaire - Aladdin). Les petits clins d'oeil aux prcdents opus, eux, sont cocasses, mais prvisibles. A noter la prsence surprise de "guests" comme un certain mdecin bien connu de la TV ;). Sans s'ennuyer, difficile de rire aux clats ou d'tre captiv par l'intrigue. Petite mention aux loups de montage qui laissent transparatre des raccords maladroits (orientation des acteurs, squences de dialogues...). A voir pour la nostalgie des personnages, l'ambiance "Juifs commerants du Sentier", mais sans plus.

Mohd S (nl) wrote: Impressing me a lot.

Pa K (jp) wrote: horrible - and not in the good way.

Paul F (au) wrote: Such a beautiful telling of a horrific moment in history.

Timmy S (ru) wrote: I've neve even head of Sniper 1, why would I see 2?

Avree C (nl) wrote: SO SO BAAAAAAAAAAAD! I fell asleep and felt bad for the 45 min I lost...of my sleeping time!

Fernando C (ru) wrote: funny and descent comedy!, charming and with great performances from Ben stiller and De Niro.A man go tho spend a weekend with her girlfriend family, obiously some things will go wrong in some funny and hilarious ways.good and descent film to see in a sunday afternoon with friends or the family.

Maineutral R (de) wrote: The movie has several problems that would surely make me see the movie much worse in coming years, but as of today, i still find it very entertaining and much inspiration to creative minds.

Kay T (ag) wrote: i really enjoyed the movie. it was breathtakign and slowly-relax-middle east pace. beautiful hippie things, beautiful middle east, and i absolutely lved bilal, such a lveable man. the only problem i really had w it was the way it seemed to cut from one sceen near the end to another one, i feel as though maybe my movie didnt wrk right or i didnt catch something. i was confused those last 30 mins or so. not so sure. i'll have to rent it and watch it again, maybe netfix online messed up. later: i watched the last hr again and it makes sense now; if you miss 1 or 2 wrds at 2 key parts you'll be lost. in sh'allah means godwilling if you didnt know, and bilal says it to lucy. : )

Nisrin A (ru) wrote: Absolutely hilarious. This is the kind of mob humour that make me believe in comedies again.

Barry T (us) wrote: Not as good as Flamingos but still hilarious

Michael S (mx) wrote: God bless Billie Burke. She irritated me for years with her overly cheerfull way but when you see her in this, as well as the good witch is The Wizard of Oz and not least as Topper's wife, you realize what a gifted comedienne she was. This one even got her a well-deserved Oscar-nomination.

Peter P (au) wrote: A very uninspired fight movie. The acting is terrible, the fighting is pretty forgetable and the story is hard to watch for the most part. It gets 2 stars for having a few things that movies need, such as credits and I am pretty sure I saw a "Grip"s name listed, and some punches were thrown, although lamely. Overall, Skip it.

Charlie M (jp) wrote: Armored guard gets wrapped up in a deadly heist in this predictable action yarn.

Michelle G (mx) wrote: love it, great movie all around!