Small Change

Small Change

Various experiences of childhood are seen in several sequences that take place in the small town of Thiers, France. Vignettes include a boy's awakening interest in girls, couples double-dating at the movies, brothers giving their friend a haircut, a boy dealing with an abusive home life, a baby and a cat sitting by an open window, a child telling a dirty joke, and a boy who develops a crush on his friend's mother.

In the town of Thiers, summer of 1976, teachers and parents give their children skills, love, and attention. A teacher has his first child, a single mother hopes to meet Mr. Right, another ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Petri P (it) wrote: Aikas halpis meininkii, niinku kannesta nkee..

Matthew H (ru) wrote: A dull, easily forgettable little TV movie that has nothing really going for it, but is inoffensive.

Efren Q (jp) wrote: This movie is hilarious, I love everything about it. It is really funny since he is a comedian and he actually teaches you something about weed. I like how he actually ended up learning something in the end. I recommend this movie to just about everyone.

Devin L (es) wrote: Probably the best of the Bionicle film series--in my opinion. Along with the usual comedy and action, it's sure to satisfy young kids and even still *certain* adults. I still love LEGOs, so this is a film that I can put up with.

Katie B (us) wrote: Beautiful story. Simple as that.

Gabrielle M (fr) wrote: This film wasn't great but it certainly wasn't bad either. I think that movie had potential, unfortunately it was unable to reach that full potential.Stamp of Judgement: Decent

jimmi l (it) wrote: He He havde helt glemt denne lille perle. Glimrende med er gensyn efter hvad vel efterhAanden er 15 Aar :)

Alex D (it) wrote: this is the closest thing to heartwarming that im comfortable with. its about jews though, which is cool. also the dude is always trying to look at his cousin naked, which is double-cool. this is my chanukkah family movie pick.

John A (kr) wrote: Excellent Musical, Which Is A Sequel To The 1975 Hit The Rocky Horror Picture Show. This One See's Richard O'Brien, Patricia Quinn, Nell Campbell (Little Nell) & Charles Gray Return But Sadly Not As The Same Characters. Brad & Janet (Cliff De Young & Jessica Harper) Are Now Married & They Have Been Selected To Be Contestants On A Game Show, But They Become Held Captive By The TV Station Owner Farley Flavors (Cliff De Young). The Disappointments With This Film Is That Susan Sarandon & Barry Bostwick Did Not Reprise Their Roles As Brad & Janet. Another Is That I Personally Think Tim Curry Would Be Great In Barry Humphries' Role. The Great Parts About This Film Is The Musical Numbers & The Storyline, Which Seems To Get Darker As The Film Progresses.

Twisted Progress (ag) wrote: It was a twist from the Bram Stoker's Dracula with Winona Ryder & Keanu Reeves in it and the nature of some of the characters have changed but it was enjoyable. I am so vampire obsessed.

Barbara F (au) wrote: love this movie angelina is a great actress

Brad G (ru) wrote: Decent Early Hammer Horror tale. Kinda reminds me of The Blob. Kinda reminds me of The Monolith Monsters. VF.