Small Cuts

Small Cuts

PETITES COUPURES tells the story of Bruno (Daniel Auteuil), a communist newspaper journalist suffering a mid-life crisis. Torn between his wife Gaëlle ('Emmanuel Devos') and his young ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Isaias G (gb) wrote: Not perfect but it trumps the first film in every way.

David G (ca) wrote: the best Resident Evil film currently available.

Matthew C (it) wrote: I was really surprised by how much I enjoyed this low budget, made for TV feeling science fiction yarn. It reminded me some classic novels, like Andre Norton's Daybreak 2250 AD. A group of young people are just trying to survive in a world of mutants and plagues, where prehistoric monsters recreated by long dead scientists roam the forests. Can they recover the cure to the mutations? Can a brotherhood of heroes guide humanity back to civilization? It feels like the pilot for a show I(TM)d have loved to watch. But, it works all right as a stand alone.

Cancelled U (fr) wrote: Frankly I do like the premise, very promising but again its been directed by the most over-rated director in Bollywood! What one to to expect. Some chuckle here and there, nice song (though many are being cut grr..) and very nice performance by the lead actress; Vidya Balan. I really hate Akshay Kumar in comedy movie, he exaggerate and annoying as fuck! he should have stick to drama. An okay movie, not bad if you compare it to other Priyadarshan's movie or even some Hollywood B movie.

Regina P (fr) wrote: I really liked it. All the actors were good and the music was cool.

Adam R (jp) wrote: (First and only viewing - In my early twenties)

Chris M (ru) wrote: Rooney and Taylor. I'm in

Dee D (fr) wrote: All of these movies make me wish I could dance or at least tried dancing classes as a kid. On another note I really like the music choices. (: