Small Pond

Small Pond

A ne'er-do-well Shakespeare's Pizza employee explores the underbelly of downtown Columbia, Missouri.

A ne'er-do-well Shakespeare's Pizza employee explores the underbelly of downtown Columbia, Missouri. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jared H (kr) wrote: good movie. great actors

Marc L (mx) wrote: Le procede est connu : quand une reference de la litterature d'epouvante, en l'occurrence le classique et neanmoins efficace "Les enfants du mais" de Stephen King, a deja fait les frais d'une adaptation au cinema, le candidat eventuel a un reboot se sent oblige de prouver qu'il a tout compris a l'essence de l'ecrit en echafaudant un recit radicalement different sur la meme base. Mais cette nouvelle version (sous-titree "Genesis" alors qu'elle se deroule plus tard. Passons...) ne fait que reprendre piteusement quelques elements saillants (le couple en panne d'essence, la communaute agricole, ici reduite a une seule ferme), oublie ceux qui conferaient tous son cachet a la nouvelle (le fanatisme chretien et les prenoms bibliques, le fremissement des champs de mais,...) et se reduit peu ou prou a une version au rabais de "La malediction".

Jamie R (kr) wrote: Water Lilies (Naissance des Pieuvres, 2007) - evokes the fragile, inflated dramas of adolescence among three newly sexualized teenage girls. Every slight is the end of the world; every minor triumph feels like ecstasy. It's a world where every emotion feels like the earth moving, and where the shifting tectonics of young lust and friendship, along with the lifelong lessons of a broken heart, have never felt more real. It(TM)s a nice, watchable, attractive, minor work, but it titillates more than develops a convincing dynamic among the three 15-year olds. What it lacks is a sense of purpose, a commitment not just to its characters but also to its own reason for being. Girls grow up. They fumble in and out of bed, sometimes with one another. They cry. They laugh. They(TM)re unspeakable. And then they(TM)re adults. This is a film true to the existential current that runs deeply through French film.

Cindy V (us) wrote: Fans of typography will enjoy this doc.

Christopher H (ru) wrote: Embracing the nature of sibling rivalry and a desire to return to the familiar, The Duplass Brothers bring a dark comedy that lives and breathes reality with every passing event. Steve Zissis and Mark Kelly play brothers Mark and Jeremy who haven't communicated most of their lives but meet up one weekend when Mark and his wife and son visit their mother for his birthday weekend. With Mark stressed out and on medication, everyone sees Jeremy's presence as a bad thing. However, when he pitches the self-titled, made-up Do-Deca Pentathlon to Mark, which they did as kids with no clear winner, Mark is determined to beat his brother, at any cost necessary, including lying to his family, missing his birthday party, and causing multiple scenes. As much as the stakes are a little melodramatic at times, the comedy is there. With believable performances from Zissis and Kelly, the film stays on track for most of its run. Unclear as to the actual motives of the wife, Stephanie (Jennifer Lafleur) and her instant hatred for the competition, her part in the film feels derivative, a hindrance for the sake of hindrance. "The Do-Deca-Pentathlon" screams the styling of the Duplass Brothers, and continues their recent run with available, dark comedies. Still surprising that Jay and Mark did not star in the film, you have to wonder how much of this is autobiographical between the two.

Tasos L (gb) wrote: Lots of boobs and round butts in this horror.

Rania A (it) wrote: An extremely poor sequel to The Mask. I originally watched this movie because i enjoyed the first so much. The casting and storyline was poor.. thumbs down for this one

John W (kr) wrote: This movie was ok. I felt I learned something about an interesting time in both the US and Mexico's history.

Natasha M (nl) wrote: My favourite lesbian film of all time!

Ja R (au) wrote: Non che il film abbia qualcosa che non va... proprio la storia a non avermi presa pi di tanto!

Barry C (mx) wrote: This is every bit as horrible as it sounds. It looks like it was filmed with a camcorder on about a $2000 budget in the director's apartment staring his roommates. As a B-movie, the concept is entertaining, but it hovers on the line between so bad it is good and just plain bad.

Indra W (ag) wrote: It's an okay drama, unique story with non linear plot with flash-backs and forwards and heroic secret agent imaginations. This story is somewhat related to a later movie by Jaco Van Dormael, Le Huitime Jour (1996), which makes it more interesting, but of course we wouldn't know that in 1991.

Will D (ag) wrote: Now I see why Mark Kermode hates Julian Sands so much. Although on this evidence he should lump Richard E Grant onto his shitlist too. This is pretty bad.

Jacob M (jp) wrote: Yankee Doodle Dandy tells the true story of George Cohan, a legendary performer back in the old days. The film begins when Cohan (James Cagney) is called by The President (Jack Young), who's supposed to be FDR, to tell him his life story. Cohan recalls his birth on the 4th of July, his time as a selfish, child performer with his musical family, his solo success with longtime partner Sam Harris (Richard Whorf), his marriage to wife Mary (Joan Leslie), and his accomplishments at inspiring the troops during WWI with his song "Over There", which kind of became the theme song for that era. Other stars appearing in the film includes Walter Huston as George's dad, Rosemary De Camp as George's mom, Jeanne Cagney, Cagney's real life sister, playing George's sister, and Irene Manning as Fay Templeton, a Broadway star who gets the chance to star in one of George's show. When hearing the title Yankee Doodle Dandy, I figured that considering that this is the 4th of July weekend, this would be the perfect film to watch to celebrate the country of America. And boy, was I right. Yankee Doodle Dandy features an incredible sense of American patriotism, something lacking in America today, and an incredible performance by James Cagney. James Cagney, before playing this role, had been known for playing tough gangsters in the 1930's. But before his success, he was, in fact, a musical performer. When it was time for this film to be made, Cagney decided to return to his musical roots, a decision that shocked people believing him to be a tough guy. In the end, Cagney won an Oscar for his role of the American icon, and it's well deserved. Cagney's performance is the biggest highlight of the film. Now I'm not familiar with the real George Cohan, but Cagney's take on the character is a realistic performance. The musical numbers, which are all placed on a stage, are terrific, featuring Cagney performing incredible choreography, although Gene Kelly still tops him. The songs are also incredible. From the inspiring "Over There", to "45 Minutes from Broadway", "Mary", "You're a Grand Old Flag", and "Yankee Doodle Dandy", every song shows great American pride and could possibly move the American hearts. The final thing I have to mention is the performance of Joan Leslie as Cohan's wife. Cagney was in his 40's when doing the role, while Leslie was only 17. You'd think that the romance would be weird considering the odd age difference, but it actually works, cause Leslie was also a treat to watch in this film. While it's not Singin' in the Rain or The Music Man, Yankee Doodle Dandy is entertaining on its own way, with some high American spirit and James Cagney's performance. Recommended for anyone interested in Cohan or someone who is an admirer of America as a whole. "Ladies and gentleman. My father thanks you. My mother thanks you. My sister thanks you. And I thank you" for reading this review.

Ingmar A (us) wrote: At least shazza kept her legs closed for this one

Claudio G (ca) wrote: It was a good movie. It is not a bad or underwhelming picture nor is it the movie of the year. A rather nice movie with good laughs.

Kristina K (fr) wrote: When it comes to Romance and Drama in a movie i don't usually like the movie, but this production is very well made! Not to mention I'm not a fan of Anne Hathaway... still i give it 5 stars

Jacob A (ca) wrote: I love this movie' it deserves no hate. That also goes for all the prequels.

Dolores H (kr) wrote: Must watch this again as I was so tired that I slept through a lot of the movie. Lots of battle scenes!

Troy K (it) wrote: Starts out great, but then sputters along with confusing plot devices to fulfill its ho hum ending. I still enjoyed it though.