Small Tiger

Small Tiger

Ho Mei Fong is a young woman in trouble, running from a gang of criminals with something of importance hidden in her purse. She dies in Chien Chen's taxi while trying to escape, but not ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:102 minutes
  • Release:1973
  • Language:Mandarin
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   fight,   gangster,  

Ho Mei Fong is a young woman in trouble, running from a gang of criminals with something of importance hidden in her purse. She dies in Chien Chen's taxi while trying to escape, but not ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cest M (ru) wrote: That's a quite decent TV movie I would like to watch again.

Ken S (br) wrote: Excellent documentary about a tightrpe walker with a dream, who accomplished it even if his dream was almost entirely insane, illegal, and nearly impossible to accomplish. It is a truly mad story, and told with glee, joy, and a bit of whimsy...a great documentary for sure.

Regina P (nl) wrote: I thought it was a well-crafted film, fine acting all around and beautiful to behold. It actually made me look up Chanel's bio after I finished viewing it.... So I guess it was a good thing they ended the film before she became an anti-Semitic Nazi.

Lars P (it) wrote: Switch off your brain, get the popcorn out & enjoy. Stevie can not disappoint, since we all know he cannot act to save his life. And if you twitter at the same time at least part of your time was not completely wasted. Life has so MUCH to offer, but not this film.

Fbio M (ag) wrote: Mais um filme sobre o jovem gay saindo do armrio e encarando os conflitos com a famlia e a rejeio dos colegas. O filme no mostra nenhuma novidade nesse aspecto, mas tem como grande mrito - e por isso as trs estrelas - a relao do personagem principal com o "awsome" irmo mais novo, que bem mais maduro e parece compreender melhor o que ser diferente dos padres consvervadores do que o prprio gay da histria.

Collin R (de) wrote: ok fine the script is weak but this movie is very character driven also survives on its cameos and there isnt anything wrong with that at all its a blast to wattch and is hilarious every character does there role just simply perfect

FilmGrinder S (nl) wrote: The most blatant rip-off of ALIEN I have ever seen!. Cain (here we go) is a tough as nails military man teddy bear, who fights a CGI dragon. The CGI is the least of this movie's problems. There's overkill on the split screen action (at one point there's six differnt points of veiw) and the laughable weapons! A tranquilizer shotgun! What a contraption! I can go on but I'll cut it short. I tend to like these cheeseball flicks but this one takes itself to serious.

Emily D (de) wrote: I love everything about this movie.

Giffy G (ca) wrote: While this movie is rather unremarkable, I will never forget it for the simple fact that it was the first movie I saw on Netflix's "Watch Instantly" setting. The movie was cute, the plot was entertaining enough. The worst feature of the plot is that plot points that were given significant chunks of time (i.e.: the drag queens) never really panned out. Sadly, the movie--which seemed so intent on avoiding gay stereotypes--drank deep from the well of Italian, Sicilian, and rural American stereotypes. Most disappointingly, the two male leads were not believable as a gay couple. It's not because they were straight-acting and homophobic (which they were, but that was a part of the plot that worked), but because they never really showed much affection for each other. There was one moment with icing... but other than that, they seemed really disinterested in each other.

Rahul C (fr) wrote: it was funny the first time.... but it sucks more and more with each watching

Renee S (jp) wrote: I love anything SMG does...sorry! She's earned it after Buffy:)

Michael A (au) wrote: - I was amazed and shocked at the curse words and how mature some of the jokes were, such as "Man's best friends, his right hand." Although hilarious now that I'm older, going back and watching this now surprised me that this movie was only rated "PG" and was/is considered a 'kid's movie."- An interesting, captivating and unique story but brings up some elements of confusion.- A pueril comedy meant for kids (apparently o.O) but brings about few laughs even for a more mature audience.

Phil H (br) wrote: Amicus seemed to like anthology horror movies, this was their last picture in a series of six including the original 'Tales from the Crypt'. The basic outline is as you would predict, the common theme of four spooky tales sandwiched between a bookend plot which is kinda hosted by an eerie narrator type.The main character throughout the whole film is the horror maestro Peter Cushing who plays the owner of a small antiques store in London. One by one customers enter the store for bits of objet d'art but each one wrongs the shop owner in one way or another. Naturally this causes each person to suffer some kind of nasty cruel fate which appears as though the shop keeper may or may not be behind it...or at least knows of their fate.The first tale sees David Warner tricking the shop keeper into selling him an expensive mirror cheaply. When he then holds a seance (as you do) he is visited by a spirit from within the mirror who sort of brainwashes him into killing people so he may materialise and travel 'beyond the ultimate'. This is probably the most curious of the tales and is nicely spooky, not much is explained so you're left to make up your own minds which is cool...sorta. Personally I really wanted to know more about the background but the looping twist in the tale is smart.Up next is a strange one, a nice married man buys some matchsticks from an ex-serviceman (Donald Pleasence) to help him out. He then sees some shiny medals in Cushing's antique shop and wants to impress the serviceman by pretending to be ex-army himself. Unable to buy the medal because a certificate is required to prove you are a real ex-serviceman the man steals the medal. Impressed with the medal the serviceman invites the gent to tea and to meet his daughter (Angela Pleasence). Over time the gent has an affair with the young girl who seems to be some kind of witch. Eventually the kind gent and young girl end up cursing and killing his dominating wife then marrying, but the twist revolves around the gents young boy.I didn't really understand this one, the gent is a nice guy trying to help the ex-serviceman, he's bullied at home by his wife and gets no respect from his son, his life is a misery. It seems he finds happiness trying to mix with the poorer man, yeah sure he stole the medal but it wasn't a malicious act. He just wanted to make the ex-serviceman happy, feel comfortable around him...he just wanted to be one of the lads really, felt sorry for him. The whole thing with the daughter was just weird and ended up making no real sense, very off the wall, I'm still not really sure what she was, how, what her father had to do with it and why the pair did or do what they do.The elemental is based around demons or gremlins perhaps. Another posh well-to-do gent tricks the shop keeper into selling him something cheaper than it should be. On the way home a little batty old witch warns him of the elemental sitting on his one can see this creature but animals, small children and...errr other witches or crazy people. In time things happen that are totally out of the man's control and he seeks the assistance of the eccentric 'Madame Orloff'. I liked this short tale because the idea of an invisible little gremlin type thing perched on someones shoulder like a gargoyle and taking control is cool. I also think the short is boosted brilliantly by Margaret Leighton as Orloff who comes across like a character straight out of a Disney movie like 'Bedknobs and Broomsticks' or 'Mary Poppins'. Must just add that the ending is kinda evil though, the whole thing goes from a quirky olde worlde English country witch casting spells to a much darker place.Finally there is another almost charming ghoulish tale about a young man buying a very old highly detailed carved wooden door from the antique shop. This door of course opens up to another dimension or world where an evil occultist is trying to lure people so he can collect their souls? I think. Again the plot doesn't make much sense and isn't explained too well but its another visually fun tale in that typically old English manner with a large well decorated olde worlde house...suit of armour on display etc...This time the twist ending isn't a gloomy one though, that in itself is quite unique with these films.Overall its a good little collection of horror tales, three I liked with their old school visuals, quirky characters and stereotypically English gents (although not stereotypical at the time of course). The stars add much gravitas to the whole affair, what old 70's horror flick is complete without Cushing?! and on the whole the special effects aren't too bad considering. Charmingly old fashioned whilst not being too horrific, perfect Halloween fodder and great fun.

Chris T (ca) wrote: 2/25 - Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (Smith, 2001, Television): 6 2/26 - One Wonderful Sunday (Kurosawa, 1947, Rental): 7.5 2/27 - Rambo: First Blood (Kotcheff, 1982, Rental): 5.5 2/28 - Control (Corbijn, 2008, Download): 8.5 2/28 - There Will Be Blood (Anderson, 2007, Download): 9

Jo O (es) wrote: Garbo at her greatest. I respect the integrity of the film maker's vision, but I would really love to see this in color.

Nicolas B (es) wrote: You may call it silly, but you know what? I don't give a fuck. Jim Carrey is hilarious.

Zdravko P (ag) wrote: This movie blew me away. Steve Martin fucking wrote it I can't believe it. It doesn't suprise though that he would write something like this and not really draw too much...wait...NO attention to himself at all. It's a great story that quite frankly I thought some of the people in the theatre didn't really grasp and sit down and really tried to understand. An ex CIA operative is now a terrorist. Don Cheadle plays a TERRORIST how great is that. Today that's all we hear about on the news but we're confused..(didn't mean to do that) as to why these people do these things and I think this movie clearly tries to show why in a great way cause honestly if this was another one of those independent films like paradise now no one would give a crap but a famous actor wide release....very smart thinking... i would say this is on my list movies of 08... suck this movie didn't.

Ken T (mx) wrote: Sean Young when she wasn't drunk or high...Not a bad movie, the action between Tommy and Nick was good. Decent movie worth a one time look..."

Quella M (es) wrote: Great Concept.Modern Day Robin Hood!Biggest Pro: Re-watchableBiggest Con: More character development