Small Time

Small Time

Al Klein and his longtime friend, Ash Martini, own a used car lot and these two know every trick in the book when it comes to selling cars. Klein still pines for his ex-wife Barbara who left him years ago for a more successful man. After their son Freddy graduates from high school, he decides to forego college in favor of selling cars with his old man. But what’s good for Klein might not be the best thing for Freddy, as he quickly transforms from an innocent young man into a jaded car salesman, leaving Al with a tough decision to make.

A young man (Devon Bostick) decides to skip college and join his father (Christopher Meloni) as a used-car salesman. Despite his mother’s strong objections, he goes to work at the lot, quickly proving himself no slouch when it comes to manipulating customers. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Galen A (mx) wrote: This was recommended in a cracked article and while Sharknado was more ridiculous this was a bit more fun in a laugh out loud way.

scott j (ca) wrote: not a bad British film this one..good cast good story shame it's about football but don't let that put you off it tells a good story about never forget your past and the people in your past...worth a watch..

Dinesh P (mx) wrote: Random editing is confusing in the beginning but slowly the film gets more clearer. A Good film to watch.

Lisa D (de) wrote: Should have been offensive and hard to watch.. somehow it manages to be entertaining. What this actually says about the movie, I don't know, but if you're a Tarantino fan, you're likely to enjoy the style of this movie.

Randy P (it) wrote: I got half way into the film, I decided that 20 year olds with hats backward and saying dude over and over again. Sex and drugs and awful acting will not and I hope not entertain you.Please avoid like the STD these kids will contract.

Moe R (ca) wrote: I laughed when the lead woman tried to shoot the "Nightmare Man" and be tough, within close range too, but missed him by a few feet.

Raymond L (it) wrote: A movie about addiction and rehab setting in Beijing, with almost all of the actors playing themselves. The movie is powerful and you can really see how the main character struggled. I love how the director jumps in and out of stage once a while.

Amanda B (es) wrote: Saw this in 2002 when it opend in Sydney, and had forgotten how much it moved me. Watched parts of it again today on SBS, and balled my eyes out again! Beautiful film about the power of love and what it means to be a family.

King L (mx) wrote: When I first read Hamlet back I in high school I found it to be an excruciating bore but once I saw it acted on on stage and screen I appreciated and enjoyed Shakespeare's iconic play. I've seen various versions but I especially wanted to see this one because it had two actors from 2 of my favorite sci-fi shows, Doctor Who and Star Trek. David Tennant who was the 10th Doctor in Doctor Who played the title role of Hamlet and Patrick Stewart, Captain Picard of Star Trek: The Next Generation played the king of Denmark. What made it even more interesting was the cast dressed in modern and contemporary clothing instead of period costumes from late 16th or early 17th century. The only other Shakespearean play where I've seen them done this was Ian McKellen's version of Richard III.

Jer M (au) wrote: The makers of MY DINNER WITH ANDRE performing a play written by a Star Trek character? Yes, please!

John B (jp) wrote: When you break it down it's a bad movie, but its always been a go to nostalgic film from my child hood. If its your first time watching, you most likely will hate it but if you have a enjoyment for bad 80?s 90?s film then this is your movie.

Veniea T (gb) wrote: Don't care for Elvis and any others that have to do with him