A docu-drama that reports on a (fictitious) attack made by terrorist using the disease of small pox to attack the world. Starting in New York the attack is ruthlessly carried out by one man travelling around the city infecting people as he goes. Using hindsight and video diaries the film looks back on the global impact of a silent attack that affected the world.

A docu-drama that reports on a (fictitious) attack made by terrorist using the disease of small pox to attack the world. Starting in New York the attack is ruthlessly carried out by one man... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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(ru) wrote: I think it's either a hit or miss movie. He has quiet an issue to raise that I think is very interesting to explore, but at the end it is not so much about it anymore.

Sam B (us) wrote: Very gory and hard to follow

Brandon W (br) wrote: Deep Impact is directed by Mimi Leder, and it stars Ta Leoni in a science fiction disaster film about a comet that's coming towards Earth that'll destroy all of mankind, and so there are many attempts to destroy the comet. There was a time that disaster movies were everywhere during the 1990s, and in 1998, there were 2 disaster movies that has some similarities of the plot, this movie, and Armageddon. In terms of scientific accuracy and movie quality wise, Deep Impact is better than Armageddon. The movie does focus more on the characters than on the plot, which is nice, but I didn't find the characters that memorable. The acting is fine, and the effects, most of the time, look really good. I was interested to see where it was going, even if it's predictable at times, and the ending is a bit different than your average disaster film. The main problem that I have with it, is that Elijah Wood's character is honestly very pointless in the film, and that if the movie doesn't show that character, it would've made no difference whatsoever. Even though I was a bit negative on it, but I was entertained on it for a dumb film.

Rich F (ca) wrote: An excellent portrayal of Eddie Murphy's SNL days, the only dud being the overdrawn Buckwheat murder. Every other impression and skit had something the really clicked.

Tim M (mx) wrote: The Kids humor seems to work best in skit form. Death Comes to Town was a disappointment, as was this movie. It wasn't devoid of laughs, in fact there are a few very good parts, but it has not aged well at all. Fans of archaic foreign movies like Monty Python may enjoy it.

Reno V (ca) wrote: "The Law-enFARCEment saga continues"- 'Police Academy 3: Back in Training' is a 1986 comedy film directed by Jerry Paris (Police Academy 2) and the third installment of the popular Police Academy franchise. America's funniest police officers are back for action. I truly love the humor that is presented by the many likeable characters in these movies. With Steve Guttenburgh, George Gaynes, Bubba Smith, Leslie Easterbrook, Michael Winslow, David Graff, Art Metrano, Lance Kinsey and Marion Ramsey, and adding Bobcat Goldthwait and Tim Kazurinsky. New cadets, new hilarious training...Due to government savings, one of the two Police Schools will have to close down. In order to determine which one, the Academy of Commandant Mauser (Metrano) and the Academy of Commandant Lassard (Gaynes) will be evaluated by a jury. Mauser and his assistant Proctor (Kinsey) plan to make sure Lassard's school screws up. In the meantime, Lassard brings back his best officers, including the womanizing Sgt. Mahoney (Guttenburgh), the strong Sgt. Hightower (Smith), the seductive Lt. Callahan (Easterbrook), the imitating Sgt. Jones (Winslow), the gentle Sgt. Hooks (Ramsey) and the ready-to-shoot Sgt. Tackleberry (Graff) to train new recruits. But can they make real police officers out of the nerdish cadet Sweetchuck (Kazurinsky) or the rebellious cadet Zed (Goldthwait), and impress the jury?

Michael W (kr) wrote: Not quite STAR WARS-level entertainment but let's give props to the true star of this production--the uncredited costume designer for Caroline Munro's space attire, which is stellar throughout and spans several outfits. Solid cast of b-movie veterans like Tessier, Spinell and Gortner plus future Oscar winner Christopher Plummer. Seems to improve with multiple viewings.

Tim G (es) wrote: A really old movie that was okay in it's day. Steve McQueen's best western and probably his greatest film was 'Tom Horn'. One of my all-time favorite films!!!

James H (au) wrote: Low budget, and it shows it's age more than most films from the time. The castis good but the acting is uneven. I found it watchable, it's short length kept it from being too slow moving.

Shiela E (au) wrote: a very serious drama. you have to be in a certain mood to watch it. and if you are not used to the accent of individuals who had spanish as a first language is a little difficult to catch all the dialogue at times. still, a well-made, interesting, worthy film. javier bardem is marvelous as always, and, I won't give it away, but Johnny Depp finally proved what I knew all along, that he is so pretty he could make a good female.

Tommaso C (br) wrote: Paura. Capire un cazzo e paurissima per 180 minuti di fila.

Kathy F (it) wrote: Excellent movie. Hanks was on point. Riveting, real, great acting, superb directing and wonderful story line.