Smart House

Smart House

Ben Cooper and his family struggling to get a grip on household chores, school and work. Ben is the family caretaker. So when Ben sees that a Smart House is being given away, he enters the competition as often as he can. The family wins the house (named Pat). After moving in Pat's personality begins to radically change, the family starts to resent her.

A boy tries to stop his father from dating by programming their computerized house to be a surrogate mother. But soon the computer controlling it begins to take over and everything gets out of control. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Smart House torrent reviews

Ryan M (gb) wrote: Super funny comedy about the relationships between the sexes.

Jos C (au) wrote: Muy entretenida y divertida

Jennifer B (gb) wrote: WON for best animated short

Oliver H (br) wrote: that was pretty fuckin hillarious

Tom R (br) wrote: I felt somewhat uncomfortable watching this film, I was waiting for something important to be said and done, but the film never really pushes itself. It is only okay at best.

Ashlee P (gb) wrote: I remember watching this when I was younger. I'm sure I didn't understand it all but I did find it interesting.

Sid A (br) wrote: Violent, explosive and fast paced. Full Contact is Ringo Lam's tribute to Chang Cheh's 'One Armed Swordsman'. Revenge, betrayal and loyalty. An immorral yet fun ride.

Gimly M (nl) wrote: Far from Schumacher's worst film, and one that proves to be watchable. Kevin Bacon is certainly the best piece of this puzzle. Flatliners may from having a far stronger concept than execution, and the script is riddled with weaknesses, but it's not BAD, it's just not all that good. A middle of the road, okay-ish, tame sci-fi come horror/thriller.

Ryan W (kr) wrote: .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,h

Christopher B (ag) wrote: A self-obsessed mobster has his ultimate moment of clarity - a few hours too late. Hoskins portrays a results driven street thug who rewards those around him as long as he's recognized as the top dog of London. Watch closely for a young Pierce Brosnan, and Mirren's refreshing moll interpretation. Hint: she's got legs.

Joe F (ag) wrote: I hate these type of movies (marital arts) but I loved this. It looked like a ballet, but w punches.