Smart People

Smart People

Professor Lawrence Wetherhold (Dennis Quaid) might be imperiously brilliant, monumentally self-possessed and an intellectual giant -- but when it comes to solving the conundrums of love and family, he's as downright flummoxed as the next guy.

Into the life of a widowed professor comes a new love and an unexpected visit from his adopted brother. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Emily (mx) wrote: I only watched maybe 15 minutes of this HORRIBLE movie. I never ever turn off movies. It was horrible!

katsist (kr) wrote: The premise is something I have seen before, but it's done okay in this movie. Darkly humorous and find myself laughing once in a while. The acting could be improved a little, but over all it's pretty good.

Matt D (us) wrote: My god this is a beautifully shot movie. Watching it in HD today it looks as though it could have been shot and released this year! Stunning, stunning work on that front. The story itself doesn't grab me as hard as I may have wanted but it's hard to deny that this is an ultra engaging and at times humorous journey through the darker side of Rio.

Anthony C (ru) wrote: The worst Seagal i have seen. This film is pathetic beyond belief.

Page K (it) wrote: Definitely one of my favorite German films!

Ethan D (it) wrote: this is not a love song, it's a story about density, so no worry, finally we will meet again coz the earth is round, but sometimes life is just too short to wait.

Scott S (nl) wrote: A very good, dark drama featuring a great performance by Laird Cregar. Some say this movie is a remake of "The Lodger" (also starring Cregar), but it's really just a similar concept, not a direct remake. This movie is even slightly better than "The Lodger" -- it has the same exquisite photography and top-notch direction (both films were directed by John Brahm), but I like the characterization of the villain better this time around. The score is by Bernard Herrmann, who contributes immeasurably to the overall impact of the film, especially during the final 10-minute 'concerto macabre', where Cregar finishes his concerto while the building literally burns down around him. Love the ending. Also loved the bonfire sequence -- pretty sinister fare.

Tristan D (jp) wrote: There are some buggy lapses in logic but then again it is a comedy and a good one at that. Bud & Lou's first scare-comedy sees them taking on mobsters in the haunted house setting. Many memorable moments, classic humour and a very colourful cast of supporting players (I love seeing Richard Carlson playing the nerd).

Stephen S (gb) wrote: Shitty and really, really boring. I was watching this for its Nic Cage value, but he's neither over-the-top nor awful. He's actually pretty restrained here and does a decent job. It's the rest of the cast that's godawful. John Cusack delivers what is probably the worst performance of his career. He's so bad, and actually plays this role more like you'd expect from Nic Cage. Vanessa Hudgens is just as bad, and 50 Cent is even worse. So as bad as this movie is, none of this is Nicolas Cage's fault. I actually feel bad for him because he legitimately tried and did a pretty good acting job here.

Daniel D (au) wrote: Um rapaz que estava se formando em medicina recebe a notcia da morte de seus pais e que a casa onde morava estava penhorada para o banco, e assim o mesmo entra clandestinamente em um trem, que por acaso era de um circo e nesta histria ele vira o veterinrio do circo e se apaixona pela esposa do dono do circo, porm esse maluco vai arrumar problemas para ele...

Kristen K (de) wrote: weirdest worst movie i've even seen can't believe it got made so weird