Smile Orange

Smile Orange

At a Jamaican beach hotel, super-slick waiter and self-professed "stud" Ringo works the angles (and there are many) on the ever-presents knots of unsuspecting, trusting tourists. Hey, all's fair in love and business … especially when you're continuously on the hustle, like Ringo.

Based on the stage play by director Trevor Rhone, "Smile Orange" takes a humorous and somewhat acidic view of the tourism business, mostly from the point of view of Ringo, a hustler, con man and waiter. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kathy U (fr) wrote: The film plays with the idea of childhood innocence and the fragility of getting into adulthood. Many of the scenes might make certain viewers slightly uncomfortable, but that is where the film succeeds, and where it needs to go in order to explore the themes that it presents.

Nicholas L (ag) wrote: There is no reason anyone will not like "This means war". It is all good fun, ridiculous, with likeable leads and supporting cast. There is some police gun shots but compare to what's in the theatres, it is kindergarten stuff. Basically you can name this movie as "101 ways to woo a girl." Tom Hardy can actually smile? That is a revelation especially for fans who only knows him in Mad Max or Batman. He is very funny in an unassuming way. Are Chris Pine's electric blue eyes for real? Or is it some kind of special effects? Reese Witherspoon returns to what she does best (although she is a little too old for the part). Go and enjoy it.

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Michelle W (es) wrote: This was a cute little family movie

Katie M (us) wrote: Ok, it might not have been the most original comedy, but it was funny and sweet. The story was simple but left me smiling. Not amazing, but good and lighthearted. I'd recommend it.

Michael G (fr) wrote: There's really nothing I can say here that Lewis Black's act can't say for itself. The man's hilarious and brutally honest. He doesn't talk about relationships, the differences between black guys and white guys and doesn't end every joke with "what's up with that!?!?" If you don't like political humor or can't laugh at a world that's crumbling around you there's a sleeveless wannabe redneck you might get more amusement out of.

Asif K (mx) wrote: When a devoted mother and wife begins to experience a series of intensely terrifying visions, she soon begins to question her own sanity in a deeply unsettling psychological thriller from first-time feature filmmaker Ariel Vromen. By day Danika (Marisa Tomei) works at the local bank, and by night she assumes the role of loving family-woman to her husband Randy (Craig Bierko) and their three children Brian (Ridge Canipe), Kurt (Kyle Gallner), and Lauren (Nicki Prian). After experiencing a frighteningly vivid hallucination one day at work, the stressed-out twenty-five year old decides to quit her job and spend more time at home with the family. Though she soon opts to seek the help of a youthful therapist, Danika 's paranoia regarding the safety of her children grows increasingly intense as news stations begin to air a series of gruesome crime stories which all seem to concern the harming of young children. As paranoia rapidly morphs into panic and a series of premonitions leaves the fragile Danika an emotional disaster, the now-hysterical mother does her best to discern whether her continuing visions are the result of a deepening mental illness, or some unknown power from far beyond her realm of comprehension. ok this movie was extremely confusing, it was on TV last night i didn't even knew anything about it. the only reason i saw it was Marisa Tomei. this is very weird scary psychological movie with a twist and sad ending. i had tough time to decide whether i like or dislike this movie. it was not a good movie but not too bad. screenplay was not good. the twists and turns and scares were good. Marisa performed very well in it. it scared me.

Antwan J J (nl) wrote: A tramatic film piece Wow shows the harsh realities of what women go through in the prison system but it's not always like that but you'll have that one sex offender working within the system just skating by unnoticed and i must say that what a well done story, great ensemble cast and this movie leaves you with questions,answers, and a powerful message

Michael O (es) wrote: One of the most under-rated movies in my opinion. Bette Midler did get an Oscar nomination for her role. She has never been better. Very profound and believable epic...

robert p (fr) wrote: ok this movie was indeed bad, it was an old film and probably had some of the worst acting ive ever seen in a movie, however, the movie was great fun. There are parts that are so stupid u laugh to them but i dont care what anyone says there are parts when millions of worms are just spewing form every corner its gross and that is what makes the movie. To bad it dosent last all that long.

John M (ca) wrote: Doris Wishman is an under appreciated American institution. In a time when hipster culture rushes to embrace all forms of kitsch and irony, it's a mystery that Bad Girls Go to Hell and the rest of Wishman's catalog aren't more universally recognized as trash classics. Emphasizing period lingerie and decor and hilariously sending up 1960's social mores, Bad Girls is more a time capsule smashed with a whacko hammer than what most viewers expect from an exploitation movie. Wishman's overdubbing is certainly an acquired taste, but the flat, clipped dialogue spoken in voices that may or not be the actors' plays an integral part in the enjoyment of the film. Instead of psychedelic dance parties or drug trips, Wishman focuses instead in an almost instructional manner on "natural" looking women constantly taking on and off every garment imaginable. Controversial in its ambivalent, matter-of-fact depictions of sexual assault and abuse, Bad Girls Go to Hell is a master class on women's roles in society and is ripe for re-discovery.

Lee M (it) wrote: ??War Hunt?? is a clich-free, freshly original and involving drama. It makes a strong statement about war??s general destructive nature. This is a movie about survival and flawed idealism, not heroism and courage.

Noel V (nl) wrote: Filmmaker Sinha (played by Dutt himself) makes a ruinously extravagant folly to match this, Dutt's ruinously extravagant folly; art and artist crash and meld and Dutt as a consequence is finished as a filmmaker.But just look at this--sunbeams that flash and burn like pillars of fire; an opening sequence to rival that of 'Citizen Kane,' plus a closing sequence that may be more richly tragic; and in Waheeda Rehman's little scene--where she teaches a group of children--the most joyous musical number ever filmed. Who wouldn't sacrifice life and career to make a film like this?

Camille L (kr) wrote: Dave est un film extrmement divertissant sur le thme de l'idaliste qui devient une figure politique importante dans son pays. Du coup, il n'y a rien de bien original dans ce film d'Ivan Reitman, mais Dave reste extrmement sympathique grce une jolie interprtation de Kevin Kline et des trs nombreux seconds rles, entre Ving Rhames, Ben Kingsley ou encore Kevin Dunn. Un peu longuet et surtout un peu rptitif, Dave menace souvent de passer du ct mivre, mais parvient toujours s'en sortir grce une bonne blague. Dave est un parfait film du dimanche soir, familial, prvisible et sympathique.

Graeme H (nl) wrote: If I loved animals and Abigail Breslin this would be it for me. Otherwise, Jodie Foster was the only thing this had going for me, but her part was minimal. That's life, I guess.

Steve W (jp) wrote: Sightseers is a low budget indie dark "comedy", but its more just a dark movie and not much laughs. There are some nice themes slowly built in, but ultimately it doesn't go anywhere. It starts off good enough, but quickly runs out of steam, even though the attempt is admirable and the concept is quirky.