Smoke and Flesh

Smoke and Flesh

Turk, a "cool swinger", throws and wild sex and drugs party, but has trouble when three hoodlum friends of his crash the party and Turk resorts to drastic measures to remove them from the festivities.

Turk, a "cool swinger", throws and wild sex and drugs party, but has trouble when three hoodlum friends of his crash the party and Turk resorts to drastic measures to remove them from the festivities. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Emma P (ca) wrote: "One of the weirdest movies you'll ever see" and "El Topo meets 2001 Space Odyssey meets Nacho Libre meets a routine by Steven Wright or Eddie Izzard" are just some quotes used to describe Hitoshi Matsumotos second film Symbol (Shinboru) the word I've been using to describe it to people is just "weird". Symbol begins in Mexico where a family is eating breakfast. The father is wearing a wrestling mask and is soon picked up by a swearing Nun who has a severe case of road rage to take him to where he'll be fighting that night. The film then cuts to a Japanese man wearing spotty pjamas who wakes up in a large, completely white room. He doesn't know where he is or how he got there and he begins to search the room for any clues. He pushes what he thinks is a button and hundreds of laughing naked cherubs appear out of the walls, they soon dissapear back into the walls leaving nothing other than remnants of their tiny willies on the paintwork, the man starts to scream and the craziness begins! The man presses a willy and a toothbrush is thrown into the room from a wall, he continues to push many of them around the room and all sorts of objects appear, jars, sushi, magazines, a person who runs from one side of the room to another, a whole array of random objects. He soon realises that one of the willies reveals a door in the room but it always dissappears by the time he gets to it, what then unfolds is him trying to find a way to escape from the room using different objects for different purposes, it seems almost like a videogame. In Mexico everyone is doubting that the father wrestler who's stage name is Escargot Man will win the fight, but it's soon revealed that he's secretly got someone to help him in the fight. The film is set half in the white room and half in Mexico, during the film it appears the two stories have no relevance to one another but by the end they do. It's a very funny script and excellect acting by all characters but especially by director Hitoshi Matsumotos who plays the main unnamed Japanese character in the film. You have to have patience to watch this film, it takes quite a while to get into but once I got past the "What is going on?" stage but I really enjoyed it. It's quite silly in its jokes so don't go into the cinema thinking you're watching a serious arty film because it's anything but.

Carlton R (de) wrote: Dire, Comedown? Doesn't even get started, waste of time and money.

Kron A (br) wrote: it's more like a combination of Drumline and You Got Served. Young arrogant black kid that doesn't know as much as he thinks he knows, goes to a black college and doesn't get along with the leader of the group he joins because the leader wants to do old tired whack stuff, and the young guy is the ONLY innovative person on the planet with any sense of creativity. Young guy leaves group but in the final showdown he's allowed to comeback and basically has the team do his "new stuff" and pretty much ends with him getting the girl and doing a solo to win the competition. Now which film does this sound like...BOTH OF THEM!

Michael T (it) wrote: Great modern take on an old classic

Emile H (es) wrote: Hammer Horror films have a way of providing the horror film fan with much of the usual taboos: gore, sexiness, and a sense of maturity. Terrence Fisher's directing includes a great gothic background and real detail in every camera angle. But Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing are the real showstoppers. The former is a traditional gentleman with a sinister way of working, while the latter is a frustrated hero depending on wit to stop him. This is what the classic vampire has always been about, and Horror of Dracula provides such danger and suspense in this masterful film. It's an old game of cat and mouse brought to viewers in technicolor, so every drop of blood can be seen.

Ed C (it) wrote: One line summary: Ineffective mostly kid-safe horror film.---------------------- Five school friends (Sharon, Brad, Laurie, Ethan, Jim) organize to spend Halloween in or near the Jarvis Mine. The abandoned mine is said to be haunted by the ghosts of the Jarvis family, who were murdered so that greedy parties could steal the mine. They bring miner's hats and some climbing supplies (ropes, matches, food) to stay overnight. They make a short descent down a fairly shallow shaft. They find the Jarvis daughters' toys, plus dynamite, tarantulas, and all sorts of stuff. Things are going fine until someone burns through the heavy rope tied to their base at the level of the mine opening. They try to climb out the way that they came, but fail. So they try alternate routes. Jim is too large for some of the passages the group attempts, plus he is claustrophobic. So the party separates. Clever. Jim is stuck where he is until someone can extricate him from above, that is, the place where they came in. The remaining four push on and find more artifacts from the Jarvis family. They follow fresh air. At one juncture, Brad leaves his backpack behind, and goes back to get it. He falls (well, perhaps is pushed) to his apparent death. Sharon, Laurie, and Ethan rush on a bit too quickly. How many of the scares are Halloween pranks, how many are something unexpected?-----Scores----- Cinematography: 5/10 Varies considerably, from crisp and nicely shot to full-on shaky cam found-film nonsense. Sound: 4/10 There is a whole lot of mumbling going on, punctuated by loudness. Acting: z/10 I hate to fault the actors when the script is so bad. Screenplay: 0/10 Scary? No. Thrilling? No. Engaging? No.

Donna L (es) wrote: I wish it would have been more about the other earth, but it was still ok.

Christopher B (fr) wrote: I liked this one. Channing Tatum is very underrated and Steve was perfect as a creep.

Wes S (us) wrote: It brings back Rocky, some nostalgia for the first film, and it is one of the duller entries, but it does at least have heart. The same formula is there but it's not so apparent, and Stallone still carries the role. The final fight isn't the most exciting, but it helps the plot's main point.