Smokers Only

Smokers Only

A suicidal woman and a male prostitute connect in an ATM station and begin a tenuous affair.

A suicidal woman and a male prostitute connect in an ATM station and begin a tenuous affair. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Smokers Only torrent reviews

Karen F (it) wrote: What an awesome movie!!!! Cannot wait to see the next one, Jennifer Lawrence is beautiful and was great!!

Eliabeth L (gb) wrote: There is a lot of blanks . And i think its stupid how they say yo yo yo

Gordon C (kr) wrote: Liked the quiet pacing. Phoenix was amazing, as always.

Ray B (gb) wrote: Engrossing story with some unexpected twists. Liked Jennifer Pena in her role.

Michael H (mx) wrote: An utterly beautiful film from start to finish; more of a film that I regarded rather than found myself getting absorbed in, but even so, what a movie! There is a plot but I found myself increasingly staring above the subtitles more than reading them, as Than Anh Hung films his actors in such a way that captures those wonderful moments when it's not so much about the words they are saying but how the words make them feel, not unlike an Altman film. Underneath every scene and underlining every shot is simply the joy of being and feeling alive...what more could you want to feel from a film?

Sarah M (nl) wrote: I was not clear on whether this was a documentary or a mockumentary. So I couldn't decide if I hated it because I hated the main character so much or if I liked it and the filmmaker was a genius for creating such an unlikable character. Either way, the moral of the story is: There's someone out there for everyone... even complete assholes.

Larry Y (ag) wrote: curious to see if it's as bad as people say

Richard N (ru) wrote: Really the Peak of HK's comedy. I doubt the foreigner really can got the core of the fun?

David L (gb) wrote: Time of the Gypsies does have a lack of focus and is undone by its epic scope with some of the subplots and themes being rushed, but it is still such an immensely unique and interesting experience not only in its characters and story, but also in its mix of genres and amazing visuals. It is uneven, but nonetheless pretty good and containing many powerful scenes.

Neil A (ca) wrote: Barmy but interesting concept.

Sarah H (fr) wrote: This should be a great movie. It's not. All the elements are there - a great lead actor, a great villain, a great director. But the storyline is convoluted, slow, and most of all, totally boring. It's a thriller without any thrills at all.

Andrey B (mx) wrote: Strong realistic drama with theatrical acting, but remarkable performance from Ronald Reagan. Themes are important and i guess were timely at the time.

Gimly M (mx) wrote: My Plex account listed this movie as being a "Drama Romance Crime Thriller Horror Comedy". We laughed, but that's actually pretty accurate.

Mike N (us) wrote: i did not like it at all.