Smokey and the Bandit

Smokey and the Bandit

A race car driver tries to transport an illegal beer shipment from Texas to Atlanta in under 28 hours, picking up a reluctant bride-to-be on the way.

The Bandit, a maverick racecar driver, makes an 80,000-dollar bet to pick up a truckload of beer from Texas and return it to them within a specified amount of time within 28 hours. But it was illegal to sell the Coors brand east of the Mississippi River without a permit at that time. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Linda B (de) wrote: It's no "Mamma Mia" and it also scores quite high on the cheesy scale, Good singing from the two leading ladies. A very average movie.

Heather M (br) wrote: Helen Mirren was amazing. Her role in this movie is really the only reason to watch this. The plot is simple and easy to follow and the ending leaves room for improvement. Joe Pesci looks awful, but plays this role to perfection.

Lovro H (kr) wrote: Not as good as the first part, but still enjoyable and satisfying. The story continues right where the first one ended, and while it did seem very clicheish, I thought it to be fitting for such a movie. Prom night; drinking punch; infected water; kids getting the disease... It was quite fun, honestly. There were some really gross moments though, and I had to look away from the screen for a bit. I don't really mind gore, when it's presented in a way that you can't look away from a screen, here you just really want to look away from the screen and never look back! The acting is okay, there were some really weird scenes with the highschool kids and I had a feeling it was their first time acting in a movie. The characters aren't interesting, but then again, they never are in this kind of movies. All in all, a decent sequel that's not better than the original, but still has it's moments. Wouldn't recommend, unless you're a fan of the original Cabin Fever.

Frdric B (us) wrote: Amour ? amiti ? complicit ?... c'est compliqu ! Emmanuel Mouret nous explique cela la manire de Woody Allen dans un film la fois dsopilant, fin et lger.

Christopher L (de) wrote: This is a film, right alongside Carpenter's, that will become traditional viewing every year on All Hallow's Eve.

Simon S (ag) wrote: Technically superb but dramatically inconsistent, World Trade Center's schmaltzy script and parochial narrative keep it from being the emotional powerhouse it strives to be.

Mallory A (jp) wrote: Silly isn't always funny

Scott P (mx) wrote: Burnt By The Sun is the kind of thriller that minimal soundtrack makes the film more effective. The story follows Col. Sergei Kotov, a well respected man before Stalin's rise in power who lives with his family in a large country home until a former lover of his wife appears and he discovers that the mans return isn't exactly personal.Very well done. Its mostly a tragedy, but carries depths of emotion. The treatment of women, and the use of the orb seems to off-set the movie from great to good.

Kestutis K (fr) wrote: The attempt to shake up the series' status quo isn't bad by any means, but compared to the previous films, moving the mystery to small town America and forcing Nick to stay sober throughout takes some of the sparkle and edge out of the movie. Nick & Nora remain brilliant though, keeping this mistep from becoming tiresome.

Brandon S (ag) wrote: A skillful and hilarious exploration of the mystery of faith.

Ahmed M (br) wrote: It's entertaining, and the ending is good. Also, it isn't as good as its predecessors and even the story is mediocre at best.

FilmGrinder S (br) wrote: 66%"How do we know we're in voodoo Hell, does it look like the DMV?"-Aiden (Ryan Caltagirone)starts with a strong and disturbing opening, but quickly fizzles out.

Joy H (br) wrote: I think Pam Grier is one of the sexiest gals and any movie she's in, she ;makes it worth watching. She's not a bad actress either.