SMS - Sotto mentite spoglie

SMS - Sotto mentite spoglie

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Fawn O (us) wrote: Sometimes, when the mood is right, one can appreciate a charming chemistry between characters strung through some, otherwise, abhorrently shopworn romantic comedy tropes.C+ -- [65%]

George E (kr) wrote: I didn't like how this film tried to shove in F words in every line - it was done intentionally, seriously, so it can be listed in those 'movies with most F words' list.Anyway, this was a fun film. I liked the location at the end, reminded me of Halo - they could film it there.

Hum B (jp) wrote: its a very good filmthe dialogues are gr8 n the songs are very beautiful...

Jack S (us) wrote: Hints of David Lynch, Guy Maddin, Duncan Jones's "Moon," and "The American Astronaut," but not with the same level of success or enjoyment. Despite the low budget, they do create a feeling of being in outer space on a rundown space station. Steven Drozd's heroin-darkened eyes are difficult to look at, though they actually fit this exhausted, hallucinating character. Too bad he's not a strong actor. Fred Armisen and Adam Goldberg briefly show up. The Flaming Lips' soundtrack is nothing special. Wayne Coyne is a bit full of himself--why else make a movie?--and that shines through in his performance as a mute-alien-Santa-saviour.

Private U (ru) wrote: It was amusing, but very formulaic and pretty forgettable. Worth the watch, but not anything groundbreaking.

Spencer P (de) wrote: A very smart futuristic noir that, while it can disappoint those expecting a space movie, is still a sharply directed look at fraud, technology and the human condition.

Zayne R (fr) wrote: One of the weirdest bad movies to come out of the 1980s. It's vision of NYC as a hell hole is about on par with the Death Wish movies. Except, you know, it's supposed to be a sweet, light-hearted romantic comedy.

Augustine H (au) wrote: Staying ethical could be awfully difficult even with good intentions.

Angela L (br) wrote: Wow another cloverfield and skyline movie...I wonder how they are going to make this one different...