SMTown 3D Concert

SMTown 3D Concert


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2011
  • Language:Korean
  • Reference:Imdb
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SMTown 3D Concert torrent reviews

Andrew W (gb) wrote: It's a funny, weird, enjoyable movie. I give this a B-. Buts it's not better then the first.

Michael C (ag) wrote: I've seen this movie three times, enjoy it every time. One of those times was at Sundance '13 in an audience giving a standing ovation. Editing, Directing and Storytelling is gritty, real and disturbingly true! One of the best documentaries you could spend time watching. 5 Stars for this film!

Sunil J (mx) wrote: Always great. Probably his best outside of the roasts.

Neasa M (es) wrote: Loved this movie. Enough said

Robbie N (au) wrote: Very sad scenes, especially (:spoiler:) the death of his brother. The animation may be average, but it's a heartwarming tale and occasionally tragic tale. I don't understand the bad ratings, I actually really enjoyed this movie and always will.

James H (gb) wrote: Walt Price: [on phone] "We're in Waterford, Vermont. [pause] Where is it? That's were it is."David Mamet is not typically known for comedy - though his plays and films have mean, dark humorous steaks (and he did write the play Sexual Perversity in Chicago, the basis for About Last Night...) - yet State and Main is certainly ample proof that he has a knack for it. A movie crew is forced relocate to the small town of Waterford, Vermont after an "incident" involving its star, played marvelously by Alec Baldwin. Mamet expertly balances wonderful, light-hearted comedy with wicked jabs at Hollywood and the filmmaking industry. The film is replete with punchy, clever, and flat-out hilarious dialogue delivered by a terrific ensemble cast (yes, even Sarah Jessica Parker is tolerable).

Bruce B (mx) wrote: When Sam Elliot leaves this world we will say goodbye to the last of the real cowboy actors, as no one plays a western part better then him. Based on a true story Sam plays the part of Bill Tillman who leaves the law business to become an actor but when a town in Oklahoma is running wild with no law, he is asked by the towns people to come cleanup there town. So its back to being a lawmen, with many challenges, worth 4 1/2 stars.

Mark D (es) wrote: I enjoyed it. I literally shit my pants when Jackie Earle Haley graced the screen. It was almost as good as his Watchmen performance (*snigger*). Tim Thomerson is great as Brick for a highly entertaining cheap as fuck movie. Love the constant close ups to hide the bad scenery.

Ralph R (de) wrote: This film is excellent especially the part where Estevez is the video game expert. Great horror film.

Daniel M (fr) wrote: Absolute classic of parody films. The best there has ever been

bill s (ca) wrote: A decent lighthearted thriller that I wish was better as Hitchcok's finale.....pretty good but far far from great.

Stuart R (ru) wrote: Disappointingly slow & uninvolving spag western. Wallach tries to rehash his Tuco character from GB&U. Best scene is the set-up to the final shootout with the gunfighters shuffling into place, very surreal.

Alex K (us) wrote: I Like Edward G. Robinson's Performance As Rico Bandello.

Konrad A (fr) wrote: Thor is a interesting movie and a cool one Thor lives in his own world there are parts where Thor was being sarcastic Thor said please make it a Challenge for me because he was winning a fight. So as you can see he is funny and sarcastic. Thor is a good movie I like the fights he is in. People should see itI like when Thor is getting nominatedI like the music my favorite 2 are prologue and son of OdinI say this movie got 70%

Chris J (gb) wrote: The funniest part of this movie were the out-takes. This had serious potential.

Ian L (ca) wrote: I'm off to the pub .

Steve S (ru) wrote: ** (out of four) Some consider this the best of the Beach movies of the 1960's. I'm not sure I'd go out on a limb on that, but you do get what you expect with the typical romance from Frankie and Annette, plus lots of sun, and surfing.