Snakes and Earrings

Snakes and Earrings


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  • Length:123 minutes
  • Release:2008
  • Language:Japanese
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Based on the best-selling novel about a woman who decides that her one goal in life is to have her tongue split, this is the sexy body modification movie you’ve been waiting for. While alone in a nightclub, straight-laced Lui meets sensitive but troubled punk kid Ama (Kengo Kora of last year’s SAD VACATION). Mesmerized by his split tongue, she becomes obsessed with body modification and soon wants the same treatment. After Ama’s heavily-tattooed friend Shiba (Arata, 20th CENTURY BOYS) pierces her tongue, Lui finds herself inexorably drawn to both men – and to her growing list of desires, she now adds a tattoo. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Snakes and Earrings torrent reviews

Shatara L (mx) wrote: Two can play that game

Ellie L (it) wrote: so twisted... but give credit to the acting.

Drew D (us) wrote: feel like ive seen this before but mite have been amillion years ago.

Lucas N (fr) wrote: Delightful action comedy playing on common tropes of kung fu movies and eighties B-movies alike.

Joe K (ca) wrote: Usually when people describe something and say "on acid" they're trying to describe how weird it is. For this one, they're really on acid. It's THE HONEYMOONERS meets THE SOPRANOS on LSD. Not a great movie by any count, but doesn't deserve the drubbing it's gotten.

Dakumi D (es) wrote: I can't really say this movie is a masterpiece, but the visuals, including the gripping moments out on the racetrack and the beautiful depictions of the heart of America, plus brilliant performances by Cruise and Rooker, tie it together into an overall okay film.

Jamie I (ru) wrote: To be fair I have not seen Omega Man which I heard this is a remake of and oddly enough not the book I Am Legend. As a stand alone this film is pretty good. (I noticed gas is gonna be around $6 a gallon in 2012.) I don't care what anyone says about Will Smith that man is a phenomenal actor who has come a long way since "Fresh Prince." I swear I can't get through one of his recent flicks without getting misty. This time it happened when he decides to speak to the mannequin. That sounds weird I know but I don't want to spoil anything for you. I can't fathom being the only person on earth; I think I'd talk to anything and everything too. The Mummy mouthed "dark seekers" annoyed me. Any minute I anticipated flies coming from their mouths. They were much less interesting lacking basic vampire functions like speech and such compared to the vampires in the book who could talk and taunted Neville. But I guess technically these guys aren't vampires but only humans infected with a virus.

Bruno D (us) wrote: Underworld is honestly a really interesting concept but the film itself isn't very good just decent. It's muddled with a decent plot, mediocre character writing, mediocre film writing, etc. As a fan of werewolves this movie isn't vet good in that department. The werewolves in this film are basically just boring shape shifters with a mediocre design albeit pretty good practical effects. The series also is notorious for using the color blue for its main color palette which to be honest I do think fits pretty well with these movies but they over use it so much throughout all the films. Kate Beckinsale is pretty good in the leading role and delivers a solid performance. The whole cast gives a pretty good performance despite the script problems. Overall tho this is a decent albeit kinda boring action movie that brings the mythos of vampires and werewolves to modern day with some pretty good performances. practical effects and a somewhat decent plot. 2/5

Kayla D (jp) wrote: Well that was weird.

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