Ajayan is back home after a long time away and he is hoping to be with his mother for the rest of his life, but things go wrong when a young boy claims to be his son.

Ajayan is back home after a long time away and he is hoping to be with his mother for the rest of his life, but things go wrong when a young boy claims to be his son. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Panta O (kr) wrote: Something different... a movie which is supposedly Iranian in which we follow a life of a pretty girl Shireen (Sarah Kazemy) and her privileged classmate Atafeh, (Nikohl Boosheri). Their friendship turns erotic as they navigate a circuit of illicit parties offering drink, drugs, and dancing, loud Western music and banned films. The situation becomes even more complicated when Atafeh's troubled older brother, Mehran (Reza Sixo Safai), also falls in love with Shireen... First I'd love to clarify something: the director Maryam Keshavarz is actually American, Sarah Kazemy lives in France, Boosheri in Canada, Safai in California... claiming that the movie is Iranian (without Iranians) is a little bit too much... they all have Iranian background but the movie is definitely not IRANIAN even if events were supposedly happening in Iran. I actually found it extremely anti-Iranian (government). It was definitely made for exiles created by the Iranian revolution, not for people who live their everyday life in Iran. Made for less than $1 million with an international cast of Persian-speaking exiles, Circumstance is in many ways an achievement... but its mix of documentary detail and melodramatic plotting mixed with very yo-yo type paced scenes didn't do much for me. It seems that a screenplay was made controversial just for the sake of being controversial not for carrying some message for certain population (and to be honest with you guys, I am sick of the "gay rights" movies - everyone has a right to express what they think but going overboard with it usually reverses the effect of the actions). The screenplay was like a journal with notes on side: I did this... I pissed my father... My brother is a zealot... Why is my father against drugs?... Iranian government sucks... United Arab Emirates is the solution (hahahahahaha)... The funny things is that every actor was afraid that they won't be allowed back in Iran to visit the relatives... did you asked yourselves WHY? Probably for the same reason other countries (like Australia or UK or USA) do not allow foreign citizens to enter their countries - THEY BROKE THE LAW OF THAT COUNTRY WILLINGLY AND THEY ARE ON THE BLACK LIST. I wish I could watch this movie with less "political influence"... It wasn't a bad movie, but nothing special, either! Iranians have a great cinematography; it's petty that we don't have a chance to see the REAL DEAL!

Ola G (gb) wrote: The redheaded teen Remy (Olivier Barthelemy) cant seem to find a place in life. An outcast at home and an outcast on the soccerfield. The only person that wants to be in touch with him is supposedly a girl, Gaelle, he has gotten to know through World Of Warcraft. But, he hasnt met her in real life. After a final violent confrontation with his mother and sister, he flees his home. On his way to meet up with Gaelle, he bumps into the cynical psychotherapist Patrick (Vincent Cassel), also a redhead. Patrick looks upon Remy(TM)s sullen insolence with both sympathy and disdain and decides to toughen him up. The two redheads realize that they are out of place in twenty-first century France. They have no country, no people and no army. Together they plot to take on the world in a hallucinatory quest for a land of imagined freedom..This is controversial musicvideo maker Romain Gavras movie debut, mostly known for M.I.A.s "Born Free" video, in which redheads are persecuted by the military. "Notre Jour Viendra" is an extention of that video. Thus he continues to examine the notion of a tribe based on hair pigment and the politics of race and class in a world desperately clinging to its traditional way of life. When I saw the trailer, I felt that this was an interesting new take on the race issue, but I reckon Gavras lose himself a bit in the making, when the plot ends up dabbling with too many surreal situations and the storyline spirals out of control. And I guess as well, that you dont feel any direct sympathy for the lead characters. Their quest for freedom ends up in a blur of selfhatred and violence towards anyone who comes in their way. A nice try though.

Jack M (fr) wrote: This is a very strange movie, and just like Vanilla Sky in the same genre, you will love it or you will hate it. The first hour is quite boring, and there seems to be no real direction. But it comes alive for the last 30 minutes, with a big twist in the tail that will leave you trying to understand it for quite a while. To be honest the ending doesn't really add up. And that's the big problem with it. The film is about paranoia. How one man mistakes everything he sees for danger, and it begins to overrun his life, until he finally snaps and events take a turn for the worse, placing a huge strain between husband and wife. It's an interesting ending, as I've already said, but it does have holes, and that's where a lot of people will lose interest, if they haven't already done in the first hour. I think it's decent, but I'm perfectly willing to accept that people could find this absolutely brilliant or absolutely terrible, so from that point of view I don't really think this is a film that people should listen to critics for, and make their own mind up about it.

Noname (us) wrote: Pretty okey crime movie with a bit of comedy. Simon Pegg (Shaun of the dead) is in this one and David schwimmer (Friends) so they take care of that part. They want to make some fast big money but they gets in problem directly.. Worth seeing

Lee M (nl) wrote: See it with your over-sensitive friends and revel in the Pepsi propelled out of their nose during key sequences

Cindy B (jp) wrote: another movie i want to see but can't find here

yuii s (gb) wrote: not really good... and pretty much confusing.

Lisa J (ru) wrote: Good, although I didn't really like the ending.

Alex K (kr) wrote: My Favorite Horror Film Is 1973's The Exorcist.

Marvyl S (au) wrote: Outstanding film, my second view! I work with Foster Kids and my heart never stops aching nor do I ever stop reaching out to these children.

Wil K (kr) wrote: Monkeys can't even entice me for this.

David R (mx) wrote: entertaining but not a classic

Megan J (br) wrote: More proof that the line between fantasy and reality is forever blurred. powerful film making

Alfonso S (kr) wrote: Good old Charlton Heston and an interesting sci-fi plot. Goes a bit over the top in its dystopian vision but its entertaining none the less. I am surprised Harry Harrison or Warner Brothers have not sued the new Soylent drink that came out recently. Seems like a rip off from this movie.

Brett C (ca) wrote: Review In A Nutshell:As a male, I am not ashamed to say that I do have an attraction for romantic stories or relationships, even more so if it was handled in such a way that demonstrates excellent chemistry and interesting character development. Love Story is one of those films that feels perfect to me on paper, but once I actually sat down and took in its one hour and 40 minutes, I was for the most part, left unimpressed. A film of this nature relies on the chemistry of its characters, if we are to follow a couple's entire life together; if done poorly, it would leave audiences bored or tired of watching unappealing characters interact on screen. The two central characters in this film are definitely written with enough detail that make them convincingly human, but the execution of fleshing out these characters and their relationship was just too heavy handed. The characters feel like they are trying too hard to impress its audience with their intelligent quirks and the films seems to try so hard to balance out sentimentality with pretentious romance in an off-balance beat. It also did not help that Ali MacGraw's performance was pushy, especially in regards to her delivery of dialogue. Ryan O'Neal thankfully does a decent job in the role, playing his role with a bit of ease, making it much easier to like his character. Right from the beginning, the film informs its audience that Jenny, MacGraw's character passes away; which to me is not a spoiler because it plainly tells you right from the get-go. Love Story attempts so forcefully to create tearful drama, but by the time misfortune strikes, I felt nothing for the characters that are suffering; the same goes for the clich dysfunctional relationship between Oliver and his father, which lingers almost throughout the entire film. Films like Terms of Endearment achieves effortlessly that Love Story simply was unable to grasp; managing to tell a melodramatic tale and blending it with romantic elements, that rarely leaves one cringing and instead places them in a state of genuine sadness and admiration. Love Story is not a catastrophe but it does come close; it is thankfully saved by O'Neal's natural performance and the memorable musical score by Francis Lai.

Matthew C (br) wrote: Lethal Weapon begins with a young girl jumping off a building, and appearing to commit suicide. But, once new partners Roger Murtaugh and Martin Riggs begin looking into the case they learn that the girl was actually poisoned and murdered. So, they begin investigating and learn that this case is far more dangerous than they initially thought. Overall. Lethal Weapon is a fun 80s action movie that features two terrific characters, fun action, comedic moments, and times that the film has a more serious tone that make it more than just a cheesy action movie.

Diego Martn (ag) wrote: Muy buena,muy entretenida,recomendable8/10