Sniadanie do lózka

Sniadanie do lózka


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Timm S (mx) wrote: Not An Exemplary "Action" Flick, Rather A Bunch Of Old Guys Getting Even On All Sorts Of Random Vendettas. No Solid Story, Confusing Shifts Of Plot....Pretty Crap.

Bruno V (mx) wrote: AKA Niko 2 Little happy movie

Michael B (nl) wrote: if you are a fan of the music, you will like this movie, otherwise, it's not so hot.

Carrie T (ru) wrote: It's a great part of the Disney fairies collection, with a great message, wonderful story, filled with touching moments.

Nancy B (ca) wrote: Rather odd spectacle period piece for the star-studded cast. Very sad in a hopeless kind of way. Thurman is beautiful and tragic. Roth is deliciously evil. Character development is good

Lucas Lima B (mx) wrote: Excelente Filme De Fico Cintifica,Bem Violento tima Histria,Bem Pensado E Planejado Com Performances Slidas De Van Damme E Dolph Lundgren E tima Performance De Ally Walker A Reprter

Justin W (ru) wrote:'s alright. boring at times...neat-o at other times. i dunno how they managed to make a movie about a giant, hairy murderer boring in parts, but they did. luckily, the neat parts are pretty good...this movie is worth a watch if you like 80's horror...otherwise, you'll probably find nothing worthwhile here.

Yrsa F (kr) wrote: Very hardcore. Beautiful music, sets. There is a scene (if you watch the film you will know) that is simply amazing. I had to go for a two hour walk ON MY OWN after watching this one.