Sniper: Legacy

Sniper: Legacy

A rogue gunman is assassinating high-ranking military officers one by one. When Gunnery Sgt. Brandon Beckett is informed his father, legendary shooter Thomas Beckett has been killed, Brandon springs into action to take out the perpetrator. But when his father rescues him from an ambush, Brandon realizes he's a pawn being played by his superiors to draw out the killer. It's up to the two men, bound by blood, to bring an end to the carnage.

The film is about an assassin who is trying to detect the mystery in his father’s death. He gropes the track of murderers and he realizes that his father is still alive, and he is used as bait. Where is the truth? How must he do? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Sniper: Legacy torrent reviews

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DA Z (jp) wrote: The Future is really a life-affirming film, once you look past its deep undertones of self-loathing and despair.

Francis M (jp) wrote: good one. i saw the trailer

Duygu A (nl) wrote: This is a very disappointing movie! I usually like teen movies a lot, but this is just awful. It's probably the worst teen movie I have ever seen..

Michael W (ca) wrote: It isn't so much that there is something blatantly wrong with it. I mean, I'm sure that this has an audience out there. Psychology aficionados, and/or speech pathologists, and/or people who like long emotional dramas, they might love it. I however personally found it boring.

Charlie E (gb) wrote: very great flick as it never gets old.

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