Snoop Dogg Presents: The Bad Girls of Comedy

Snoop Dogg Presents: The Bad Girls of Comedy

Need we say more? Hilarious veteran women of comedy are hand picked by Snoop for their rare and raw true comedy talent and Bad Girl perspective, starring; Tiffany Haddish, April Macie, Cookie Hull, Monique Marvez and Luenell

Need we say more? Hilarious veteran women of comedy are hand picked by Snoop for their rare and raw true comedy talent and Bad Girl perspective| starring; Tiffany
Haddish| April Macie| Cookie Hull| Monique Marvez and Luenell . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Snoop Dogg Presents: The Bad Girls of Comedy torrent reviews

Steven G (gb) wrote: Pretty good war film. only thing I hated about it was the acting though, but other than that the action was great.

Donna R (kr) wrote: I watched this and it wasn't bad. I found it to be interesting and rather fast moving. There were times where I had my finger on the button to change the channel, but I couldn't, as I wanted to find out the ending. The ending really disappointed me.

Pierre J (kr) wrote: one of the worst 10 movies ever made.the whole crew can't act and the script seems really like something romeo wrote.i had high hope for this movie,too bad,i can't get that time wasted back

Aimee R (it) wrote: Not sure about this one.

Private U (ca) wrote: This movie was so good. It was funny and very interesting.

Ryan W (es) wrote: .,,,

Kris P (gb) wrote: I've started up my reviews again. They won't be as eloquently written and wannabe pretentious as were my old reviews (from high school or whatever, rofl). They will now be trashily written unless I find the film mind blowingly awesome. If you're looking for grammar, descriptiveness, and competent writing, gtfo. You're dumb. Before you read this, take into the consideration the rating of this film. I didn't like it. If you liked it, you will probably be grossly offended by the content of this entry. It's more of a summary FILLED WITH MASSIVE SPOILERS than an actual review. So. You have been warned. so i was watching this movie last night called gloomy sunday about that hungarian suicide song. i like that urban legend shit so i thought it would be neat. no. it was a really awful romance. BUT NOT JUST ANY AWFUL ROMANCE. anyway it took place in hungary imagine that. but they all speak german there is in fact no hungarian in the movie at all. it takes place in like 1930 and goes through almost-the-end-of-ww2 (ruh roh). so this woman (we'll call her schlampe) works with man1 at some diner. they take bathes together and eat fondou or wahtever. so then this pianist comes into the story, we'll call him man2. the woman falls in love with man2. i was thinking well isn't she with man1. no. and yes. she ends up being with both of them and they are both okay with it and so there are all these awkward scenes of them having orgies and being gross and they're really kind of seedy looking so it makes it even worse. so man1, man2, and the woman are together and they're happy. man2 writes gloomy sunday and says it's for the woman and everyone is all n_n lets play it at the diner. anyways before ww2 this nice german man comes into the diner regularly and falls in love with the lady too. well he really likes these beef rolls so he keeps coming in and is like bffls with man1 (who is jewish, you see where this is going. no. no you don't). so man2 starts playing the piano and pays gloomy sunday and afterward german man proposes to the lady and she is like lol no. and he is sad so he throws himself off a bridge well man1 dives in and saves him and they are like friends for life. except not really. he goes back to germany. so they live their happy orgy life and man2 plays the piano all the time at the diner and everyone starts killing themselves. it's ridiculous. they're like the song speaks to me. and then they kill themselves. it's dumb. so man2 gets really sad and starts to throw his song over a bridge and the lady and man1 tell him NOO STOOOOOP. so he keeps playing his song and people keep killing themselves. a bunch of years later they are still having their orgy life but the war starts and the german man is now a nazi. well fuck. but man1 has no fear and they are still bffls and he's a nice nazi and saves people. now we all know that's impossible. so after a bunch of tldr filler happens german man comes into the diner and is like. PLAY MY FAV SONG. and man2 is like no O_O. and the lady is like yes and starts singing?????? they don't give a translation but she just starts singing for no reason so man2 plays the piano and then shoots himself right after. man2 is now dead. so the schlampe ends up sleeping with the german man who is turning out to be a really huge asswipe and sends man1 to a concentration camp. actually he doesn't send him there but he doesn't save him and ends up saving some old guy instead and is like heh fool and walks off. what a jerk. so he slept with the schlampe and didn't save her man. fucker. the lady gets pregnant with SOMEBODY'S baby god only knows who. oh yeah. throughout the movie they keep passing this little vial of poison around just in case one of them wants to kill themselves. well man2 obviously used a gun and man1 is gone and left the vial for the lady but she doesn't use it. this is relevant. a gazillion years later (like present day) it is this german man's bday and everyone things he's a hero so he goes to his fav diner where some other guy is working now (we don't know who) and he's like omg play the famous song so a bunch of people start playing gloomy sunday and the german guy has a heart attack and dies. and the guy at the diner is like THIS SONG IS CURSED. AURGH. and so they just bring a coffin into the diner (a whole coffin. not a stretcher or anything) and put the guy in it and take him off. CUT TO man working at the diner going in the back and omg guess whose there. the lady and she's a billion years old now and she's washing out the poison vial which is now empty because HO HO HO she dumped it in that guy's beefroll. and the new diner guy is her son. and everyone lives happily ever after. the end. 50% for effort, ridiculousness, and poisoned beef rolls

Frank v (kr) wrote: A decent enough movie, until it falls apart toward the end.

Brandon W (es) wrote: Moonstruck is an enjoyable movie that is mostly because of the two main character's chemistry. Cher in her first movie performance is really great, and Nicolas Cage is great in this that he doesn't do his cagiest performance, and he wasn't acting like he didn't care either. Their chemistry is really funny and I would've thought that it wouldn't work between them, but it actually did. The writing is really good, and the characters are interesting to watch. Moonstruck does seem like a standard love story, but it's a love story that really works and stand out.

Steve R (gb) wrote: More naff nonsense with some fun bits.

Betty T (ag) wrote: "Rion! 'Riooonnn!!"' Hahaha I'm in stitches just thinkin' about it!! Dean Jones is always a hoot.

Mark L (br) wrote: May not be his best, but even then it is still a good movie. This guy never made a bad movie. Ever. Some scenes seemed a bit out of place, but it is Hitchcock, so he had to have had his reasons.

Russell S (kr) wrote: Though rather dated now, this is actually a decent bunch of tales strung together by a cat who appears in each one. The final story brings the cat front and centre who becomes the hero of the peice. No classic but it's quite good nonetheless.

TheMumblelover (gb) wrote: A film that could of been better than it actually is but saying that it entertains and gets the message across beauty is skin deep. While the central performances are very good and engaging it lacks that quality to make it a love story, Good but not perfect.

Orlok W (fr) wrote: Have a little sense of humor--Enjoyable Fun!!

Danny M (nl) wrote: Alright, nothing special I found the premise a bit meh. But the cast really work hard to make this work. Still an alright film though

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