Snow Cake

Snow Cake

A drama focused on the friendship between a high-functioning autistic woman and a man who is traumatized after a fatal car accident.

A drama focused on the friendship between a high-functioning autistic woman and a man who is traumatized after a fatal car accident. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Daniel P (es) wrote: Essentially a modern take on East is East, but with rather less comedy, this is an obviously low-budget British drama, in which a young DJ struggles to balance the traditional values of his family with his hedonistic lifestyle, but, despite shortcomings, it portrays the clubbing experience surprisingly well.

Sakib R (kr) wrote: Amazing Film, Prosenjit Chatterjee did a fantastic job on his character of film maker & Ripto Ghosh the director did a excellent job on directing this film

Bruce B (ru) wrote: The Movie Sells For One Cent On Amazon, does that tell you anything.This movie isn't outright terrible, but it certainly is the very core definition of what a 'B-Movie' is. While the special effects are okay, the script is borderline terrible. I know Treach, a rapper, is supposed to be playing a convict turned elite government agent, and yet, he still talks and curses like a typical rapper! I find that hilarious! And so does his mentor, the bad guy of the movie, Brooks. Nia Peeples is a mix of brains and beauty, and yet, her character progressively gets dumber as the movie goes on. And Treach is playing himself more than anything. A " 'hood James Bond," really. It's like this whole script was written by the worst student in film school; the aspiring rapper turned screenwright.To sum it up: Connors lost his eyesight via an explosion during a botched mission to save the First Lady from terrorists. He's recruited three years later by his old boss, Brooks, for one last mission, in which, he'll be able to get his eyesight back via some technology that involves a rabbit and cats' "eyes glowing in the dark because of a mirror behind their retinas" technique. Basically, light will refract back into his eyes with this procedure and he'll be able to see again, but only temporarally. Once Connors steals a thermos from a military base and hands it to his old boss Brooks, agents put out a hit on him and Dr. Amanda and they go on the run, to find out the truth, which is Connors' hero, mentor, and former boss, got fired by the government and has gone on an insane revenge plot to kill everyone with a secret bioweapon, which Connors' JUST gave to him! Now, it's up to him, Dr. Amanda, and Connors old Secret Service arch rival to stop Brooks' revenge plot before Connors loses his eyesight and everyone dies. And that's basically it. The end is kind of lame, but at least, less than predictable. Blu Mankuma as Brooks, although kind of a Ghetto old man, probably gives the best performance and his character is kind of Ghetto, but he's also very intelligent and meticulous, as well.All in all, this was a funny 90 minutes, and aside the unprofessionalism of everyone's characters who are supposed 'professionals', this was entertaining enough. A good B-Movie.2 1/2 Stars 1-15-13

Youssef H (au) wrote: At first, I have to admit (& warn) that the film have offensive scenes & content. However, I found this strange, chaotic & yet mesmerizing journey quite an interesting & unique film experience which kept haunting me. As usual, Isabelle Huppert delivers refined & masterful performance, alongside the talented Louis Garrel in one of his best performances. If you found Bertulloci's "The Dreamers" offensive, then stay away of this film, otherwise Enjoy!

Chemi G (fr) wrote: No es una de las mejores peliculas de Sayles, sobre todo porque parece incompleta, media hora mas le hubiera dado mas profundidad a algunos personajes interesantes que aqui solo se ezbosan, excelentes todas las actrices sobre todo Rita Moreno y Marcia Gay Harden

Danny C (fr) wrote: Back to the grindstone with these movies. Just checked out Desert Heat and man was it a good one. JCVD plays Eddie Lomax, a suicidal alcoholic biker. Just when Eddie is about to pull the trigger on himself in the middle of the desert, three brothers come out of nowhere and jump him, leaving him for dead and they also take Eddie's prized motorcycle. Eddie delays his suicide to retrieve his cycle and take vengeance on the ones who stole it. JCVD once again proves his talents as he plays the depressed Eddie. He's haunted by the memories of his troubled past. It's never fully explained but Eddie and his best friend Johnny (Danny Trejo) kept mentioning they have reoccuring memories of the murders. Desert Heat is a bit corny with the atrocious southern accents but Van Damme saves it with a warm and heartfelt role. I loved the old western feel to it as well. It was pretty cool to see JCVD rocking a cowboy hat while kicking these dudes asses. 79% From me

Private U (us) wrote: i LOVED this movie as a kid!

Zed L (nl) wrote: Loved it when I saw it as a kid.

Scott C (jp) wrote: Okay, another Indiana Jones rip off from hell. It's so trashy that it's kinda good.

Cameron J (es) wrote: Man, if I was a dog, I would yell over, and over, and over, and over, and over again, stink, drool profusely, jump on people, and have people think that I'm more intelligent than cats because I humor their orders. No, I'm kidding... because I'm too smart to ever be a dog, although I would make one dynamite cat, and if you have something to say about that, well, you clearly don't go for a lot of walks in the suburbs which you're hoping might actually be peaceful. Man, even if it's just symbolic, this kid must have a tough life being some stinky, ugly little mutt. ...Yeah, the fact that he's a little off, and has to move in with his extended family because his cruel mother is dying is sad and all, but his being the definitive example that ignorance begets bliss is really what's depressing about this film. Well, this film can't be too sad for too long, because we are talking about a film by Lasse Hallstrm, a guy well-known for taking sad stories, and then ultimately lifting you up at the end, after he spent so much bumming you out, although, to be fair, we are talking about Swedish entertainment in the '80s. I don't know how into the black metal movement the guy who went on to make "What's Eating Gilbert Grape?" was, but if this was the '90s, with The Flower Kings, this would be strictly upbeat Swedish entertainment. As it stands, this film challenges, and yet, as decent as it is, it stands to compel a little bit more, and would have if it wasn't for certain aspects. A somewhat experimental drama, this film hits a few genuinely refreshing moments, and when it doesn't, through contrast with the unique touches, the conventions are glaring, particularly when they take the form of sentimentality. Lasse Hallstrm even showcased high tenderness in the homeland, before he came to America to make more commercially successful melodramas, and just like many of his American projects, this film's genuinely effective touches break up a rather cheesily sentimental atmosphere which isn't exactly a height in the film's overblown extremes in fluffiness. The film can get carried away with its dramatics, and it can get carried away with its moments of relief, hitting some cornball filler, some of which isn't even especially believable in its trying so hard to liven things up. Still, no matter how much the writers try to color things up, Hallstrm incorporates his trademark thoughtfulness, which simply devolves to blandness upon running out of material to soak up, an occurrence which is common, due to repetitious filler that at least pads out the individual segments to a point of aimlessness. The film is structured a little episodically, and it certainly feels that way, as its structure is a little uneven, and it's not as though all of the layers blend together into an especially grand plot or anything like that. This is a minimalist coming-of-age drama, and it doesn't exactly offer a great deal of potential, yet there's still enough of it lost through tropes, sentimentality and unevenness in pacing and structure to secure the final product as borderline forgettable. Hallstrm has done better, but you can feel his heart in this passion project, particularly when it comes to his plays on tasteful aesthetic elements. For my fellow fans of "What's Eating Gilbert Grape?", I note the presence of score composer Bjrn Isflt, whose classic, if a tad formulaic taste in subtle and lovely whimsy adds to the taste of the film, like cinematography by Jrgen Persson which is honestly not especially special on the whole, but haunting in its stressing of dreamy lighting that immerses you in the imaginativeness of this film's subject matter. Now, in terms of scale and a sense of weight, not much imagination is put into novelist Reidar Jnsson's semi-autobiographical tale, but there is still a lot of heart and honesty in this coming-of-age opus about a boy of imagination and ignorance coming to terms with harsh realities. There is some potential to this story concept, and Lasse Hallstrm, Brasse Brnnstrm and Per Berglund do what they can to do it justice with a script that, despite the conventions, cheese and bloatings, offers plenty of colorful set pieces and humanly heartfelt characterization that, honestly, might be a little lacking in dynamicity. It's hard to realize this, as the performances are so rich, with just about everyone delivering on some sort of charm, or some sort of dramatic resonance, to define his or her character as well-rounded. Even young lead Anton Glanzelius, in spite of not exactly being a show-stealer, does a fine job of driving the show, with a tender and often moving vulnerability which makes him more than efficient as a cog in the system of telling a heavy story through the eyes of an innocent lad. Of course, Hallstrm does about as much as anyone to keep the heart of this drama pumping, getting either blandly subdued or near-cheesily sentimental, but only because his delicate touches go met with questionable material, the highlights of which are glazed with Hallstrm's tastefulness, charged by subtle style which smoothly immerses and resonates, resulting in some powerful moments to break up recurrent entertainment value. I can't see this film coming to the level of, say, "The Cider House Rules", much less, "What's Eating Gilbert Grape?", but I do wish this was a more consistent showcase of Hallstrm's abilities, and yet, with that said, there's enough heart to keep this effort pumping, even if it's for only so far. When it's time for the dog to lay, occasions of conventions, moments of sentimentality, and plenty of cheese throughout a sometimes bland, uneven and overlong telling of a thin story secure the final product as underwhelming, while tasteful score work and cinematography, worthy subject matter, and heartfelt scripting, acting and direction make Lasse Hallstrm's "My Life as a Dog" an entertaining and often touching, if forgettable coming-of-age drama. 2.5/5 - Fair

Jeans P (us) wrote: This much style ought to be illegal

Dave N (mx) wrote: Very overrated. No way could a level of public hazing exist where so many Senior jocks would want to hurt so many incoming freshman. Just ridiculous.

lisa s (ag) wrote: over the top action film guilty pleasure