Snow Day

Snow Day

When a school in upstate New York is snowed in, a group of students hi-jack a plow to keep the school closed..

When a school in upstate New York is snowed in, a group of students hi-jack a plow to keep the school closed. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Snow Day torrent reviews

Gobinath M (de) wrote: Not extra ordinary but did not disappointed .. Was entertainin

Alex K (ru) wrote: I Like The 18 Certificate From The BBFC.

Roman R (jp) wrote: Dicen que detrs de todo gran hombre hay una gran mujer. Detrs de un dictador hay una mujer en sufrimiento; en el caso de Benito Mussolini haba una mujer llamada Ida Dalser quien lo amo desde el principio y tuvo su hijo. En vez de ser correspondida (Mussolini estaba casado con otra mujer) esta fue encerrada en un manicomio por muchos aos alejada de su hijo y su familia. "Vincere" es un drama envolvente que goza de una excepcional produccin. Esta nos transporta al contexto politico y social de la Italia de los 20s en pleno fascismo y se enfoca en dos personajes destinados a vivir bajo la sombra de un monstruo. El reparto es muy bueno pero Giovanna Mezzogiorno sobresale en el rol de una mujer destinada al sufrimiento. Sin duda es una propuesta valiosa de cine de arte italiano.

Alexander Z (jp) wrote: This movie is objectively shit. It's fun shit, but shit nonetheless.

Jay K (ag) wrote: Water Lilies - or Birth of the Octopuses in it's superior original title - is the debut film of writer-director Cline Sciamma. Telling the story of three teenage girls in a Paris suburb, it's a stripped-down (literally at times) exploration of adolescent sexuality and the pain of growing up. It's well shot, touches on true beauty at times and successful conveys a sense of never-ending ennui at others. By and large the young cast are natural and convincing, but whilst Sciamma clearly knows her characters and has created a very realistic coming-of-age snapshot, there remains a strange emptiness to the story, interrupted only occasionally by moments of insight.

Gwen H (fr) wrote: Strong performances from entire cast - especially Woody Harrelson. Has some suspense altho could have been more tightly told.

Steve W (jp) wrote: Crazy action with barely any plot, what else could you ask for?

Joe H (ag) wrote: Featuring some of the best, worst dialogue in film. A wonderfully horrible B-movie.

Bob F (ca) wrote: Ridiculous, disjointed, period flick set during the Civil War. Yvonne De Carlo (Lily Munster) plays a ultra light-skinned black woman (ha ha) sold into slavery and purchased by a nice-guy slave owner Hamish Bond (Clark Gable). Of course she falls in love with him, for he really is a nice "master". Bond is like a savior of the blacks he owns. Later we learn he is making up for his evil past as a slave trader. Bond flees the "carpet-bagging" nothern soldiers, and goes into hiding. Sidney Portier plays Raru, a freed ex-slave of Bond's, who is temporarily angered by his history with Bond. In the end he realizes the error in his judgement and helps Bond escape with De Carlo. This film is rife with stereo-types and plenty of bias against the "Blue Bellies". There are negative portrayals of nearly every Union soldier. And plenty of stereotyped cartoon character blacks and southern whites. Efrem Zimbalist Jr makes a cameo.

Paul C (ca) wrote: The first of the 'Road' movies and a great start to the series with all the familiar elements. Not quite as funny as some of the later entries, but still an ideal Sunday afternoon movie matinee.

Frances H (mx) wrote: Not John Ford's best, despite a good performance by Will Rodgers. This film is very dated and reflects the racial stereotypes of its time period, as well as showing the South through nostalgic rose colored glasses.

Rhea H (gb) wrote: What garbage. Boring, stupid plot, unoriginal story, clich as hell and some of the worst acting I've ever seen. This unnecessary spin off to the vastly superior "The Conjuring" is a giant waste of time.

Oscar S (fr) wrote: Revolutions are the locomotives of history. -- Karl Marx

Stephen B (fr) wrote: This film is a great testament to why film should be preserved. I wish it would have gone a bit deeper into the process of preservation of film. The National Film Registry is truly a gift to the nation and the world. As with most documentaries from America, it is highly patriotic and romanticizes American Film. It touches on a lot of fantastic films. In the last fifteen minutes of the film it becomes a doc about the power of film: the good and the bad. Which is brilliant, but seems to be a different doc altogether. Definitely a great watch, but a little slow.