Snow Dogs

Snow Dogs

When a Miami dentist inherits a team of sled dogs, he's got to learn the trade or lose his pack to a crusty mountain man.

Ted Brooks, a Florida-dwelling dentist with a successful chain of offices and a comfy, poolside lifestyle. All this changes, however, when he finds out that he was actually adopted as a child, and that his birth mother has died and left him an inheritance in her home state of Alaska, of all places. After arriving in the snow-bound clime, Ted learns that he has been willed a pack of cutely named sled dogs: Demon, Diesel, Dutchess, Nana, Mack, Scooper, Sniff, and Yodel. Problem is, the town's premiere sled-dogger, Thunder Jack, wants the pack for himself, and encourages Ted to go back to his tropical environs. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Vignesh Nagaraj R (jp) wrote: good film...but somewhat boring..last 20 minutes of the film is nice

Dennis F (mx) wrote: I can only think that the critics who don't like this film should see it again. I loved it. Brought the private person to life for me. I re-read Catcher in the Rye and To Esme With Love and Squalor and other short stories. I can understand the tone and mood of his writing knowing his experiences in the war and the importance of literature to him. Five Stars. Highly recommend this.

Dan B (br) wrote: Dull addition to a recent low budget horror trend that blends tired slasher tropes with extreme sports (in this case, mountain biking). The most interesting thing here is the creative use of product placement and sponsorship to raise the (presumably) low budget, though lack of funds does not excuse the weakness of the storytelling. Poor.

Ian M (ru) wrote: This is actually a really good concept for a vampire flick and it makegs it completely original. It's also very well done. I would definitely check it out! There is a little something lacking but other than that a very good and original vampire flick.

Nick R (gb) wrote: What does your count taste like.....HEAVEN!

Frederick v (br) wrote: Quatro histrias de robs integrados ao dia a dia banal das pessoas. A primeira histria a mais impactante: uma mulher precisa aprender a cuidar de um rob beb para receber um beb de verdade se provar sua capacidade.

Robyn M (fr) wrote: Don't bother, it's not remotely close in comparison to the orignal...The storyline is complete far-fetched junk that drags. A man searches for "The Candyman" who destroyed his family, ironically also framed him for murder when he got to close. His sister trys to prove he doesn't exsist by calling his name only to erupt havoc over her life and any other Non-believer. I'm a Non-believer for the shelf life to the flick.

Darrel T (us) wrote: Just saw this movie on TV and its lame enough to begin with. There's not much horror or suspense. Unnecessary scenes and plot lines thrown in. and the ending makes you go, "so.. that's it?"

seudge723 (gb) wrote: i love the idea of doing, saying and not giving a crap of the things that we usually don't and will never do.

James T (ca) wrote: Richard Attenborough did a good job directing this. I know how he won some Oscars at the 1983 Oscars ceremony.R.I.P. Richard Attenborough. Director, and Actor.

John R (br) wrote: I really enjoyed this movie and how optimus prime dies is brutal