Snow Falling on Cedars

Snow Falling on Cedars

A Japanese-American fisherman may have killed his neighbor Carl at sea. In the 1950s, race figures in the trial. So does reporter Ishmael.

A Japanese-American fisherman may have killed his neighbor Carl at sea. In the 1950's, race figures in the trial. So does reporter Ishmael. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Harry W (ca) wrote: As a fan of the Wayans Brothers but not a fan of dance films, I didn't know what to really expect from Dance Flick.Although parody movies are often very stupid, since Dance Flick is a parody of a genre which is already ridiculously stupid, it has a lot of comedic potential, as well as the fact that it has major participation from the Wayans Brothers who are some of the funniest people to have happened to spoof humour in a long time. But despite their best efforts, Dance Flick eventually succumbs to its wounds and falls into the same bland and humourless territory that many other spoof films do these days.Dance Flick has a very funny opening scene due to capitalising on the over the top nature of Wayans Brothers style of over the top humour which puts a lot of comic emphasis on African American stereotypes. But soon after the intro, it becomes a generic story about Megan White, a girl whose has lost her mother, moved in with her alcoholic father and started at an inner city school for performing arts while she tries to leave dance behind. Unfortunately, Megan White is not an interesting character and Shoshanna Bush is not that funny in the role. I mean her performance is ok because considering the stupidity of the material presented to her and she does have a certain charm to her, but she isn't funny. Her character is a whiny and repetitive one who isn't nearly as funny as Cindy Campbell from Scary Movie. Dance Flick puts way too much focus into her and not enough into the Wayans Brothers who are the best source of comedy in the film. So unfortunately, much of Dance Flick is wasted potential.The general structure of Dance Flick is that it is a story about a girl trying to achieve her dreams while breaking away at random points to deal with subplots which feel like a series of comedic sketches. And for most of the time, the sketches are the funny parts while the main plot simply isn't. While Dance Flick could have spoofed dance battle movies, it keeps its focus a lot more on legitimate dance films instead. Of the two, dance battle films are a lot more ridiculous and as the film reveals in its opening scene, its form of parodying the genre is pretty hilarious at times. But soon after this gets reduced simply to a series of moments that detract from the actual intentions of the film. Dance Flick fails because it goes into territory which is inferior to what it could have been going into, and the jokes aren't funny because they only feature inconsistent appearances by the Wayans Brothers who are the only consistently funny element of the film and that is because of their over the top nature. Since they are absent from the spotlight in the film most of the time, Dance Flick ends up being an underwhelming film which just misses the mark and goes into dull and repetitive territory which has its gags getting stale pretty fast and failing to make the comedic impact that it really wants to. You can tell that with Dance Flick the five Wayans who have written the film had the best intentions and really tried, but a lot of the material just isnt funny and it is pretty bland when it could be hilarious. I mean the intro scene of the film was great because of its over the top nature and ridiculous parodying of dance battle films, but once it turns into the story about one girl's journey to prove herself and achieve her dreams, it just loses its edge. Dance Flick is better for its subplots than it is for its central plots, and it contains many unfunny female characters while featuring a lot of hilarious male African American characters. So despite having five writers collaborating, the communication occurring between them must not have been that strong. They were smart enough to ensure that the story was not reliant fully on pop culture references and that it was parodying genres as a whole and not just specific films. But it parodied the wrong dance genres and misused a hilarious cast by focusing on restrained humour instead of over the top jokes. A spoof film house to be out there and really excessive with how it lays down the thick headed and stupid humour, but Dance Flick is so cheap and so tame that it doesn't seem as if the filmmakers were really trying. Dance Flick does not achieve the same heights as the better spoof films and although it is far from one of the worst, it had potential to be a lot better which is wasted on tame jokes. Although Dance Flick is directed by a Wayans and written by several Wayans family members, the humour does not adapt to their iconic style and tries too hard to appeal to a wider audience by not boxing the film in. Unfortunately, the tame humour and uninspiring dance story make it a lot more female oriented without even poking much fun at how the genre is very female focused. Despite appearances by Marlon Wayans who makes a brief but hilarious presence during his short period of time on screen, Shawn Wayans' series of small appearances which are essentially one laugh after another and the consistently funny lead performance of Damon Wayans Jr. in his first leading role in a comedy, Dance Flick is only sporadically funny at best and is more focused on storytelling than originality and over the top humour, so it simply is not enough to do.So despite the efforts of the Wayans Brothers and a few really funny moments, Dance Flick is too tame for its own good and spoofs the wrong dance movies a bit too often so that its jokes to not reach the grasp needed to succeed as Wayans Brother quality humour in the best sense.

Cristi B (gb) wrote: povestea cam caotica

Eliabeth H (br) wrote: What? I don't remember why this was on our netflix queue. But I was looking forward to seeing the Mediterranean cruise. It highlights some places I've been and places I want to go with educational mother/daughter dialog (in Portuguese). Then on the ship it got all crazy (in a slow boring way). John Malkovich!!! as captain and three ladies chat in different languages about love and politics and then the ship blows up. Where in the world did that come from?!?! It was like watching three movies in one or something.

Mohammad H (mx) wrote: she appears in all plans.she chalanges for her work and doesn't stop.wonderful Palm d'or!!! when there is no hope left...

David O (us) wrote: same just like the rest, not as good as no1

Roy C (ag) wrote: Who shot Abraham Lincoln? Some guy with a gun. Klingons. The Penguin.

Robbie V (de) wrote: Schmaltzy sentimental real life story blah blah. Sound terrible? It isn't.

Grayson D (au) wrote: Poor remake of a 70's comedy.

Sean H (fr) wrote: Neorealism and avant garde film make a bizarre marriage in this engrossing film. A man is thrown into a sandpit with a woman living in a house where she spends her nights digging up the sand to prevent being buried by the constantly-shifting sand.Sound interesting? I didn't think so either. Yet I found this oddly hypnotic and rather tragic in the end. The director, whose art of choice was sculpture before film, conveys the textures of skin, sand, and water brilliantly. It's like watching an ASMR video on Valium.

Bruno V (gb) wrote: I gues the fat Chris was a bit funny , and the small one making love story nr 4544454588 . Predictable offcorse .

Gretta v (ag) wrote: film ceste koja nema kraja :)

Des S (kr) wrote: Really love watching the rock in these hero roles.