Snow White: A Deadly Summer

Snow White: A Deadly Summer

A troubled teenage girl finds herself in a web of lies and deceit when her stepmother attempts to murder her by sending her to a discipline camp.

A troubled teenage girl finds herself in a web of lies and deceit when her stepmother attempts to murder her by sending her to a discipline camp. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nick W (jp) wrote: Not bad as Bollywood films about Bollywood go

Yann F (gb) wrote: Un bon polar, avec une intrigue plutot bien ficelee, construite autour de faux semblants et d'un double-jeu. C'est l'histoire d'un flic (Tony Leung) qui butte sauvagement son beau-pere quelques jours seulement apres son mariage. Il a soigneusement prepare son crime et masque les indices, mais son meilleur ami, detective prive depressif et alcoolique (Takeshi Kaneshiro), va enqueter sur l'affaire et bouleverser ses plans. Alan Mak et Andrew Lau traitent avec beaucoup d'elegance et de sensibilite l'amitie qui lie les deux protagonistes, leur detresse respective, leurs tiraillements. Mais il manque le souffle epique, la tension et le rythme qui faisaient toute la saveur de leur precedente trilogie, "Infernal Affairs", dont Scorsese avait realise le remake avec "les Infiltres". "Confession of Pain" devrait avoir droit egalement a son remake hollywoodien, puisque Leonardo Di Caprio en aurait rachete les droits d'adaptation.

Thomas P (de) wrote: Forgot how great this movie is freaking classic movie

Boris M (gb) wrote: Time travel unlike ever before. When he finds his dad's old ham radio, Johnie turns it on for memory's sake. Polar lights serve as a medium to connect Johnie with his dad 30 years into the past. Unbeknownst to them at first, but they change the course of time for their city and their family.

Amethyst v (gb) wrote: Sad movie about a young girls aristocratic life, Her fall from riches lost in the Russian revolution to an irdinary life after fleeing to America.

Kelli R (ca) wrote: This was the classic film and probably the first lesbian film came out in the mid- 80's. I didn't learn this until later... It was okay.

Ryan V (au) wrote: Kind of gets forgotten today. Possibly it's because this came out in the same year as An American Werewolf in London and The Howling. Still, this is a solid werewolf movie in its own right.

Linda K (gb) wrote: Touching and beautiful

Private U (jp) wrote: Great, great movie. Very realistic and relevent!

Valentina K (ca) wrote: Some scenes seemed to drag on forever, but I won't be too critical of one of the most innovative films of American motion picture history. Yes, it's not relevant to today's audiences and yes, it's very long. The music gets annoying and repetitive at times. But the storyline was compelling enough to at least keep me awake.

Javier S (jp) wrote: La pelicula de la paternidad critiana contada desde el punto de vista de 4 policias de un pueblito que se enfrenan al reto de la paternidad de diferentes maneras.Desafortunadamente la manita del director es tan pesada que el mensaje verdaderamente positivo y cristiano se siente tan forzado que es en verdad dificil de tomar

Whiskey P (ag) wrote: Caren Kaye is why I sought this film out nearly twenty-five years after seeing an edited and clean version on public television. It never occurred to me that the film was a typical 80's wannabe "Porky's" teen sex romp until recently seeing it pop up as being available on Netflix. Shocked, I watched it and finally, unexpectedly, got to see Kaye's titties in their entirety. Sad but true, that's really all I've got to say about this film. Kaye was primarily a TV actress, so seeing her virtually naked is a bit mind boggling. Oh, and did Crispen Glover look goofy or what? Well, everyone did. It was the 80's...

Ken S (mx) wrote: A fine coming of age film about 3 teens who decide to run away and build their own house in the woods. The film happened to be shot around where I live, which was nice to see. The young cast is entertaining to watch, as is the supporting cast of parents and siblings that include Nick Offerman, Allison Brie, and Megan Mullally. The movie was quirky and fun, a solid film about that awkward time in life that felt rather timeless.

Frankie P (gb) wrote: Lillian Gish is really endearing, and the movie is overall pretty fun, but it's way too damned long, and the characters are SO flat.My favorite bits were the Kate/Professor side story. (Go figure. :P)