In this made for TV film, an enormous and angry bigfoot creature begins to terrorize a Colorado Ski Resort during a winter carnival, by eating several skiers. At first everyone insists it is just a bear, until ski patrolman Tony Rill sees a white shadowy beastly shape disappearing into the woods. Although Tony's grandmother Mrs. Carrie Rill, who owns the Ski Resort and the town sheriff, Sheriff Paraday disagree, it soon becomes clear when the creature finally attacks the town.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:86 minutes
  • Release:1977
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:gun,   bear,   sheriff,  

A Colorado ski resort is besieged by a sub-human beast that commits brutal murders on the slopes. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mike M (au) wrote: It feels like I'm watching a B-movie.

An L (jp) wrote: i've always love George Lopez!

Ryan D (nl) wrote: It's crazy how underrated this movie is. It's a fast paced crime thriller/comedy that still caters to Richie's earlier style of filming. Everyone is in this movie and they rock their roles to the tee. Fans of Snatch could agree!

Oscar L (es) wrote: A very interesting look at the tension between people in the public face and the those that openly criticism them. Until watching this movie on netflix I had never really thought much about this issue. The sad thing is the internet has allowed every joker to create a platform for them to take shots at other people. I often get the impression that the people who make these non-constructive criticisms have nothing else to offer the world and feel that their meaningless lives will some how blossom if only they can show other people that they are the pathetic losers they really are. If your aspiration in life is to cut people down then owning a computer and a modem will get you there quickly.

Felipe P (nl) wrote: um filme no mnimo peculiar.... Meio exagerado mas legal de se assistir

Abby T (jp) wrote: Halle Berry outdid herself. This psychological thriller was creepy, engrossing, and ten years later, very memorable.

Patrick D (mx) wrote: There seems to be a whole genre of Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels rip-offs. Nothing to see here, move along.

Kaleb S (de) wrote: Malkovich Malkovich! Malkovich Malkovich Malkovich Malkovich.

Jen M (au) wrote: Great sequel isn't quite as good as original, but pretty close. Ages 6+

Jon C (de) wrote: this is surely one of the weirdest horror movies I've ever watchedjust watching all of this crazy imagery and tricked-out lighting really plays around with your psychebut Dario Argento is still the man when it comes to classic horrorhe still relies heavily on atmosphere; all the dark shadows, eerie music and gothic-like surroundingsthe plot is just another typical killer-on-the-loose scenarioand a very young Jennifer Connelly as the main lead discovering she has insect telepathy and with the help of Pleasance as an entromologist try to track down the killerthe bad: the music is so out of place particularly when they blast the soundtrack constantly during serious and scary scenes which is uneeded, the editing is all over the place shifting from reality to fantasy and only 3 murders take place totalbut I really love that chimpanzee, he's a lovable ally and Connelly is never boringthere's creepiness, blood and twists and turns at every corner which makes the whole thing unsettling

Fernando G (br) wrote: al pacino, tenias hambre y no tenias dinero seguramente

MArk B (kr) wrote: somewhere forgotten... Somewhere between the later episodes of The Prisoner and the early films of Donald cammell and something somewhere altogether 'other' which we can only suppose blossomed very briefly in the late 60s and was trampled down more quickly still: Herostratus! The weirdest of all British psychedelic films - now thankfully available again on a BFI DVD. Wonder of wonders. Weird. Unclassifiable. Weird and forgotten. Wondrous and forgotten.

Michelle H (nl) wrote: Watched as a kid with my Nana. Totally love it. Esther Williams is thoroughly entertaining!

Drew R (ru) wrote: I truly enjoyed this film, despite the dark subject because it has some great performances, good heart, clever quips, and doesn't glorify suicide.

Kevin R (br) wrote: If I am a dog, beware of my fangs.A Shakespearean actor and his supporting cast are frustrated with the reviews they are receiving from movie critics. They do not feel their competition compares to the quality of their they take their frustrations out on the very critics responsible for their bad reviews...killing them one by one. Can the local detective track down the band of killers or will the traveling group finally receive the positive feedback they feel they deserve?"You slept like a drunken hog through one of my best performances."Douglas Hickox, director of Zulu Dawn, Blackout, Brannigan, Sky Riders, It's All Over Town, Sitting Target, and the Giant Behemoth, delivers Theatre of Blood. The storyline for this picture is pretty straight forward and reminded me slight of The House of Wax (in a way). The plot is mediocre and some of the sequences are ridiculous but the murder scenes are awesome. The acting is better than average and the cast includes Vincent Price, Diana Rigg, Ian Hendry, Harry Andrews, and Jack Hawkins."Here comes my executioners."I watched this picture off Netflix because it starred one of my favorite actors, Vincent Price. This is far from one of my favorite Price movies as the storyline was fairly mediocre; however, the kill scenes were very good and I thought the conclusion was pretty good. Overall, I recommend seeing this if you enjoy classic horrors but I wouldn't add it to my DVD collection."There is no power in the tongue of men."Grade: B

Joe E (de) wrote: somewhat better interpretation.. but still lousy